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STP Calculator

STP Calculator

Enter the volume, temperature, and pressure in their respective fields and tool will calculate the STP volume and moles of substance.





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The  STP calculator is an efficient tool to represent the number of moles and the volume of a substance at the standard temperature and pressure.

What is STP?

The STP stands for the standard temperature and pressure of the substance. In chemistry STP is used to calculate the volume of a substance at STP, the standard STP is 273 K or 0° Celsius at the 1 atmospheric pressure. Certain properties of matter and substances also vary with changes in temperature or pressure. The online free volume at STP calculator is a simple way to identify the density, melting, and boiling point of a substance at STP (Standard Temperature and pressure).

These effects of STP on the behavior of the substance include the following:

  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Melting point
  • Boiling point

The STP Formula:

You can find the STP volume of the substance at the STP or at the standard temperature and pressure.

The STP formula for calculating the volume of a substance in any given unit. 

\(V_{STP} = V \times (\dfrac{273.15}{T}) \times (\dfrac{P}{760})\)

The STP is the volume enclosed by 1 mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure. Our volume of gas at the volume of gas at STP calculator chemistry indicates it is around 22.4 liters enclosed in 1 mole of gas.

How to Find STP?

Let there be 5 liters of a gas at the temperature of 100 and at 1mmHg. Then what are the volume and the number of moles of gas at STP conditions?

Volume of gas = 5 liters

Temperature = 100 C°

STP volume =?

The STP formula for the given values of the gas:

\(V_{STP} = V \times (\dfrac{273.15}{T}) \times (\dfrac{P}{760})\)


Volume [V] = 5 L

temperature [T] = 373.15 K

pressure [P] = 1 Torr

The Volume of the Gas:

\(V_{STP} = V \times (\dfrac{273.15}{T}) \times (\dfrac{P}{760})\)

\(V_{STP} = 5 \times (\dfrac{273.15}{373.15}) \times (\dfrac{1}{760})\)

\(V_{STP} = 5 \times (0.732) \times (0.0013)\)

\(V_{STP} = 0.005 L\)

The standard temperature and pressure calculator is specifically designed to measure and find what is STP of a substance. The STP temperature is 273.15 K (0°C or 32°F) and the STP conversion is based on standard temperature and pressure.

Number of Moles of  the Gas:

\(Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{V_{STP} }{ 22.4}\)

\(Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{0 }{ 22.4}\)

\(Moles_{STP} = 0\)

The STP is essential to estimate the number of moles as the density and volume are changed by surrounding conditions. In the laboratory, the STP chemistry calculator is necessary to use to find the density and volume at STP.

Working of STP calculator:

Let’s have a look at the simple working of the standard temperature and pressure calculator!


  • Enter the volume, temperature, and pressure in their respective fields
  • Hit the calculate button 


  • Volume and number of moles 


What Is the Relation Between STP and Ideal Gas Laws?

The standard condition at  STP is based on ideal gas law. You can find the standard STP volume and melting point of a substance with the ideal combined gas law calculator.


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