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 Friction Calculator

Friction Calculator

The calculator will use a friction equation to compute the friction force, normal force, and coefficient of friction between object and the ground. Enter any two values and the tool will calculate the third one.


I want to calculate:

Friction coefficient (μ)

Normal Force (N)


Friction (F)


Mass of body (m)


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This friction calculator helps you to calculate frictional force, coefficient of friction, and normal force applied to an object. There are many assumptions made regarding this physical phenomenon. That is why we have arranged the content below to throw a light on it so you may not feel difficulty in understanding. Furthermore, we would also discuss how you could determine these parameters by using this best friction coefficient calculator.

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What Is Frictional Force?

“The particular force that acts on an object to cease its motion is known as the form of friction or simply the friction”

frictional force

Friction Force Formula:

The basic force of friction equation that lets you estimate the maximum opposition to an object’s movement is given as follows:

F = µ*N


F = Friction

µ = Coefficient of the frictional force

N = Normal Force applied on an object

The free force of friction calculator also takes into consideration the use of the above mentioned frictional force formula to make instant calculations.

Types of Friction:

Following are the most common types of friction mentioned:

Static Friction:

This kind of friction comes into action when an object is lying on a surface (Stationary Condition).

You can determine this particular friction by using either static friction equation or static friction calculator.

Kinetic Friction:

When an object continues to move having some acceleration, then the opposing force acted on it to stop is the kinetic friction.

With that, you can also analyse the object’s kinetic motion by using our another kinetic energy calculator.

Rolling Friction:

Whenever a circular body rolls over a surface, then the retarding force acted by the surface to stop it is rolling friction.

rolling friction

Sliding Friction:

The friction between a couple of objects sliding against one another is called the sliding friction.

sliding friction

Fluid Friction:

The force of opposition between different layers of a flowing fluid is known as the fluid friction.

fluid friction

Here the interesting fact to consider is that this free coefficient of friction calculator helps you in determining the frictional effect for all types aforementioned. How does it sound to you?

How To Calculate The Force of Friction?

Let’s resolve some examples to get a firm grip over the concept. Just stay focused!

Example # 01:

An object bears a surface friction of about 76N after being moved by applying a force of 36N. How to find coefficient of static friction?


Here we are going to find coefficient of friction:

µ = F/N

µ = 36/76

µ = 0.473

Example # 02:

How to find friction force for a couple of objects which are displaced over each other by applying a normal force of 44N and bearing a frictional coefficient as 3N?


Here we are heading to calculate force of friction as follows:

F = µ*N

F = 3 * 44

F = 132N

How Friction Force Calculator Works?

If you are interested in determining the friction and its related parameters, then you must give a read to the usage guide of this coefficient of kinetic friction calculator. Give a read!


  • From the first drop-down list, select what you are interesting in determining in
  • After you make selection, go for entering the required parameters in their designated fields
  • Also, select the units against each parameters
  • At last, tap the calculate button


The free friction force calculator does the following calculations for you:

  • Coefficient of friction
  • Frictional force
  • Friction alone
  • Normal force applied on an object to displace it


What causes friction?

Following are the factors that actually cause friction

  • Molecular adhesion
  • Roughness in the surface
  • Deformation of the object

Moreover, the friction force calculator also takes into consideration the resistance offered to any object’s motion.

What are the effects of friction?

Below here we have enlisted some effects of the friction:

  • Power loss due to opposing force
  • Heating of the object’s parts
  • Noise production

What is friction law?

In the context of physics, there are three laws of the friction which are as follows:

First law:

“The amount of friction is proportional to the normal force exerted between the

Second law:

“Friction does not depend on the area of contact between the object and the surface.”

Third law:

“Friction force also depends on the nature of the surfaces in contact.”

Whatever the law you consider, this friction calculator will immediately imply them to the calculations.

What is the magnitude of the force of friction?

The magnitude of the frictional force is exactly equal to that of the normal force applied but in the opposite direction to it. You can also determine it by using the free frictional force calculator.

How can we reduce friction?

You can lessen the friction by adopting the following precautions:

  • Making the surface of contact smooth enough
  • Use lubrication for reducing the roughness of the object and the surface connection
  • Making the shape of the surface streamline that allows the fluid or air flow smoothly without any distortion
  • Making the normal force acting on the object smaller also

How is friction used today?

Many uses are there of friction due to which we are able to perform various tasks like writing on a paper, driving a car or any other ride, walking on the ground. In short, frictional force is the most basic and important factor that lets us resolve various daily based tasks smoothly.

Does water increase friction?

Here we have a couple of cases. Sometimes, water increases the friction in between two surfaces. While sometimes, it reduces the friction.

For example:

When it rains, the water reduces the friction between the road and tires and that is why drivers need to be very careful in such a situation. On the other hand, if you are lifting a heavy plastic sheet, then getting your hands wet will increase the grip on the sheet. This happens due to the increased frictional force.


The phenomenon of friction in the physical world is of great importance. This is because it is involved in almost every daily based acts. Also, it has wide applications in the field of medical and engineering science. And this is why we have developed this free force of friction calculator to carry out fast fledged calculations to understand the behaviour of friction.


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