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Displacement Calculator

Write down either velocity, time, or acceleration and the calculator will instantly calculate the displacement of a body using the physical displacement equation.


Find Displacement By Using...


Average Velocity (av)


Time (t)


Initial Velocity (u)


Final Velocity (v)


Acceleration (a)










































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An online displacement calculator helps to calculate displacement (distance traveled) by an object using the average, initial, final velocities, acceleration, and time. The calculator uses displacement formula physics to find the displacement of something.

Here we will help you to understand how to find displacement with examples, its basic definition, equations for displacement, and much more!

Also, you can try our online velocity calculator that helps you to find the speed/velocity of the moving object.

Read on!

What is Displacement (Physics)?

In physics, displacement is referred to as the shortest distance from the initial position to the final position. Thus, it is a measurement of distance and not an “end-point.” For example: if a student moves to the right relative to a whiteboard, or a passenger ahead toward the rear of an airplane, then it’s clear that the object’s position changes. It implies that an object has moved, or has been displaced. If the starting & ending point is the same, then the displacement is zero. It is represented as “s” or “Δs” having SI unit meter (m). However, people often confused with the terms of distance and displacement, let’s to get the clarification between these physics terms.

Difference between distance and displacement:

Distance is referred “how far ways something has traveled from another object”, while displacement indicates “how far something is from the other object.” Displacement is a well-known vector quantity, unlike distance.

The difference between distance & displacement can be clear from the following diagram:

displacement calculator

The formulas used by this calculator for the displacement calculations are discussed-below.

Displacement Equations Used by this Calculator:

The formulas used for the calculations of shortest distance between two points are as follows:

\( S = ut + 1/2at^2\)

\( S = 1/2(v + u)t \)

\( S = v * t \)

\( S = 1/n (v_0t_0+v_1t_1+…….+v_{10}t_{10}) \)


u = initial velocity

v = final velocity

t = time taken

a = acceleration

s = displacment

To find acceleration, try the online acceleration calculator that helps you to determine the acceleration of the body in the motion.

How to Find Displacement (Step-by-Step):

Our displacement calculator performs the calculations for the following physics-related terms:

  • Average velocity & Time
  • Initial velocity, Final velocity & Time
  • Initial velocity, Acceleration & Time

Now, let us show the solved example problems for these terms:

Example 1:

If the car moves with the average velocity of 40ms-1 for 120s, how much the car covers?


To find displacement from velocity, the formula is:

\(S = v * t\)


\(v = 40ms^-1\)

\(t = 120s\)


\(S = 40 * 120\)

\(S = 4800m\)

Example 2:

A body starts moving from the rest and gains the velocity of 80ms-1 after 30s. Find the displacement of the body?


The formula used is:

\(S = 1/2(v + u)t\)


\(u = 0ms^-1\)

\(v = 80ms^-1\)

\(t = 30s\)


\(S = 1/2(80 + 0)30\)

\(S = 1/2(80)30\)

\(S = 1/2(2400)\)

\(S = 1200m\)

For ease, you can try our time calculator which can readily calculates the time between the two events or happening.

Example 3:

The car having initial velocity of 20ms-1, after 15s find the displacement of car having acceleration of 2ms-2?


The formula used for these input parameters is:

\(S = ut + 1/2at^2\)


\(u = 20ms^-1\)

\(a = 2ms^-2\)

\(t = 15s\)


\(S = (20)(15) + ½(2)(15)^2\)

\(S = 300 + ½(2)(225)\)

\(S = 300 + ½(450)\)

\(S = 300 + 225\)

\(S = 525m\)

You can try this online displacement calculator to verify all these example accurately, as this tool consider these equations for calculating displacement.

How to Use Displacement Calculator:

The calculator helps you to calculate displacement of a moving object by using different equations. Take a look at a step-step-guide that helps you in calculating displacement:


  • First of all, you need to choose the physics equation through which you need to find displacement
  • Then, you fill the fields with the values corresponding to the selected equation
  • Lastly, hit the calculate button.


The calculator for displacement calculates:

  • Displacement of the moving object in the required unit
  • The displacement formula to be used for the calculation
  • The entered input values


Can you have negative displacement?

Remember that displacement can either be positive, negative, and even zero.

Can displacement be greater than distance?

No, since the displacement of an object can be either equal to or even less than the distance traveled by the object.

Let’s Wind it Up:

The displacement of moving object determines the final position of the object with direction & magnitude of displacement. It is used in our daily life & helpful to solve the different problems related to our real world. When it comes to the calculations, simply try this online displacement calculator that helps you to determine the displacement cover by the moving object.


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