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Frictional Force Calculator

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The frictional force calculator determines the magnitude of the frictional force depending on the mass of the body and the inclined plane. The frictional force is different for every surface, as it has a specific coefficient for each surface.

What is Frictional Force?

Friction is a force that resists the sliding or rolling of one object over another. The frictional force depends upon the nature of the sources and the magnitude of the force. The angle of inclination can also be a factor in the production of friction.  The factors affecting friction are:
  • The magnitude of the Force
  • Mass of Objects
  • Nature of Surfaces

How to Find Frictional Force?

Consider an object of mass 13 kg and an inclined plane is 30 degrees. Find out the frictional force if the coefficient of friction is μ = 0.2. The friction force formula is: \(F_{friction} = μ \times m \times [g] \times cos(θ)\) Given: \(text{μ - Friction coefficient = 0.2}\) \(text{m - Mass of body =  13 kg}\) \(text{g - Acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 m/s²}\) \(text{cos(θ) - Inclination of Plane = 30 Deg => 0.866 Rad}\) Solution: The force of friction equation contains the values of “μ” and the angle of inclination “θ”. \(F_{friction} = {μ\times m \times [g] \times cos(θ)}\) F_friction = 0.213*9.81* 0.866 F_friction = 22.09N

How to Find Friction Coefficient?

The coefficient of friction is the number or ratio of a resistive force and the normal force acting perpendicular to the object. It is represented by the force of friction equation. Let the frictional force is 13 N and the normal force is also 13 N. Then what is the coefficient of friction? \(text{μ = F / N}\) Given: F = Fraction = 13 N N = Normal Force =13N Solution: \(text{μ =} \dfrac{F}{N}\) \(text{μ} = \dfrac{13 }{13}\) \(text{μ} = 1\) The friction force formula for the frictional coefficient is gathered by dividing the frictional force by the normal acting force. You can find the coefficient of friction of various surfaces by the coefficient of friction calculator.

How to Find Normal Friction?

Let the frictional coefficient is 0.2 and the friction force be 13 N. Then how to calculate frictional force which is normal to actual frictional force? The normal friction force formula is: \(text{N =}\dfrac{F}{μ}\) Given: \(text{F - Friction = 13 N}\) \(text{μ - Friction coefficient = 0.2}\) Solution: \(text{N =}\dfrac{F}{μ}\) \(text{N =}\dfrac{13 }{0.2}\) \(text{N =65N}\) The normal frictional force is acting perpendicular to the actual frictional force. The kinetic friction force calculator is a simple way to identify what is the normal force acting on the object when rolling it through a particular surface.

How to Find the Force of Friction?

A normal force of 20 N is acting on an object and the coefficient of the friction is μ = 0.2. \(text{F = N} \times \text{μ}\) \(text{N - Normal Force  = 13 N}\) \(text{μ - Friction coefficient = 0.2}\) Solution:  \(text{F = N} \times \text{μ}\) \(text{F = 13} \times \text{0.2}\) \(text{F = 2.6}\) The friction is F = 2.6 when the normal force is 20 N and the coefficient of friction is 0.2. 

Working of Frictional Force Calculator: 

The force of the friction calculator working is uncomplicated and you need a couple of steps to follow. Let's see how to find friction. Input 
  • From the first drop-down list, select what you are measuring
  • Enter the required parameters in their designated fields
  • Tap the Calculate Button
  • Frictional force
  • Friction coefficient 
  • Normal Force
  • Friction


What Are The Various Types of Friction:

The common types of friction are:
  • Static Friction
  • Kinetic Friction
  • Rolling Friction
  • Sliding Friction
  • Fluid Friction

What Is the SI Unit of Friction?

The SI unit of friction is Newton and it is equal to 1 kg·m·s⁻². 

Why Is the Coefficient of Friction Dimensionless?

The coefficient of friction is dimensionless as it is the ratio of two quantities

What Is the Difference Between Static Friction and Dynamic Friction?

When objects are not moving with respect to each other, it is known as static friction. If surfaces are moving to each other then it is dynamic friction. Our dynamic and static friction calculator enables you to find the friction of various bodies.


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