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Arrow Speed Calculator

Arrow Speed Calculator

Enter the required parameters and the calculator will try to calculate the arrow speed, its kinetic energy, and momentum.

Bow IBO Rating:


Draw length of the Bow:


Peak Draw Weight:


Arrow Weight:


Additional Weight on String:



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Arrow speed calculator is specifically programmed to calculate bow/arrow speed. Yes, this arrow calculator does calculations as per the rules set by the International Bowhunting Organization to estimate how fast the arrow being shot by your bow can travel.

Bow Speed IBO Characteristics:

The International Bowhunting Organization has set particular computations that help you know how to calculate arrow speed for various bow types. These include:

  • Draw weight that should be approximately 70 lb
  • A 30 inches long the length of arrow
  • The weight of the arrow that should be at least 350 grains

Here one thing matters that is nothing but the weight of the arrow itself. It affects the speed of the arrow. The more the weight of the arrow, the more the speed will be and vice versa. And to check how speedily a particular arrow will move with its weight, you may subject to this free arrow weight calculator to perform immediate calculations.

Arrow Speed Formula:

You can determine the speed of the arrow along with other crucial parameters by using the following arrow speed equation:

v = IBO+(L−30)×10−W/3 + min(0,−(A−5D/3)


v = Actual Arrow speed in feet per second (ft/s)

IBO = Speed of the arrow according to the IBO specifications

L = Draw length measured in inches

W = Additional weight that is increased for a bowstring

A = Weight of arrow in grains

D = Weight of draw in pounds

All of these entities affect the speed of the arrow that can instantly be figured out by employing the online archery kinetic energy calculator.

How Archery Arrow Speed Calculator Works?

Let’s go through the guide below that highlights what parameters you need to calculate arrow speed instantly with the help of the free archery speed calculator.


  • In first couple of fields, enter Bow IBO rating and Draw Length of the bow
  • Similarly, put in the values of peak draw weight and arrow weight in the respective fields
  • At last, mention the additional weight to be put on string if any
  • After you are done, hit the calculate button


The free bow speed calculator determines:

  • Arrow speed
  • Momentum of the arrow
  • Kinetic energy of the arrow

Moreover, you can also calculate the kinetic and potential energies of any moving object with the assistance of our free to use kinetic energy calculator and potential energy calculator.


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