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River Rock Calculator

River Rock Calculator

Select the material type and enter all required values to get river rock volume, weight, and total cost.

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The river rock calculator helps you to estimate the amount of river rock that is needed to cover a certain land area. You may also obtain the total volume, weight, and cost of the river rock for your landscape project with this landscape rock calculator.

How Much River Rock Do I Need?

It depends upon the dimensions of the area you need to cover with river rock. However, the following points will certainly assist you to estimate your river rock need:

  • First of all, calculate the area of land using length and width measure
  • Now measure the depth of the area for which you need the river rock
  • Multiply this depth by area to get the overall rock volume
  • Finally, multiply the density of the material by volume to get the total weight you may need

For cost estimation of the entire project, you may better give this river rock calculator coverage a try. It gives you instant calculations of how costly the river rock landscaping project will be.


How much is river rock needed if:

  • River rock material is Cotswold bold
  • The length of the area is 124 feet
  • The width of the area is 120 feet
  • Depth is approximately 2 feet


Step 1:

Area = Length * Width

Area = 124 feet * 120 feet

Area = 14880 square feet

You may also get square meters corresponding to the above area with another square meter calculator.

Step 2:

Volume = Area * Depth Measured

Volume = 14880 square feet * 2 feet

Volume = 29760 cubic feet

Step 3:

Weight = Cotswold bold * Volume

The density of Cotswold Bold is about 1670 kg/m^3

Weight = 1670 kg/m^3 * 29760 cubic feet

Weight = 1480000 kg

Which is the required weight of the river rock you need and can also be rechecked with this river rock calculator in seconds.

Working of River Rock Calculator:

Our landscaping rock calculator is loaded with a simple interface that lets you enter the required parameters and calculate rock coverage. Let’s see how it works!


  • Select the river rock type
  • Enter the length, width, and depth of the area in respective fields
  • Enter the wastage percent (If any)
  • Enter the cost per unit of mass (Optional)
  • Tap Calculate


  • Volume & weight of the river rock needed
  • Total area of the land
  • Price per unit volume (in different units)
  • The total cost of the landscape project


How Deep Should You Put River Rock?

It depends upon the volume of river stones!

  • Keep depth as 2 inches if the stone size is ½ or less
  • Keep depth as 3 inches if the stone size is ¾ – 1 inch

However, you may also use the river rock coverage calculator that tells you the depth of the area to get the job done right.

Do River Rocks Hold Heat?

Yes! River rocks absorb a lot of heat in the summer season. Whereas, this heat absorption becomes less during the winter season.

Are River Rocks Renewable?

Yes of course! River rocks are a renewable source.

River Rock Density:

River rock is a type of gravel that is used to make the landscaping project look catchy. The rocks are also very durable and last for a long time. Let us examine the densities of river rock materials below!

Rock type Density (kg/m³)
Standard river rock 1425
Bank gravel 1483
Cheshire pink gravel 1545
Congo River rock 1314
Cotswold buff 1670
Cotswold Gold gravel 2098
Crushed asphalt 721
Crushed granite 1320
Crushed stone 1602
Crystal River rock 1522
Dolomite gravel 1865
Granite 2650
Ivory Coast gravel 1506
Pea gravel 1788
Peace River rock 1490
Quartzite 2700
Regular gravel 1346
Sunset gold gravel 1505
White marble chips 1430


From the source Wikipedia: River gravel