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Square Meter Calculator

Square Meter Calculator

Enter the length, width, and per unit cost in the square meter calculator and the tool will estimate the area in square meters along with the total cost of the project.






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The square meter calculator calculates the area and the total cost of the project of any given region. 

Why Calculate Square Meters?

You need to calculate the area in square meters of a place and the project cost per square meter. Then it is easy to how to calculate square meters area of a room, home, or landscape project by multiplying the length and width.

If you are able to find the per square meter cost, then multiply it by the area to compute the total cost of the project. If you are finding any difficulty in estimating the per square meter cost of construction, use our m2 calculator UK to do so. 

How to Work Out Square Metres?

A square meter or m^2 is the unit of the area. And you can calculate it by following the steps mentioned as under:

  • Measure Length and Width

To calculate square meters area, you must know the dimension first which includes the length and width of the place.

  • Find Area

To calculate square meters of a shape, measure the length and width. 

For example, in the given shape the length is 4m and the width is 2m. Then:

Area = Length ×  width 

Area = 4m ×  2m 

Area = 8m^2

If you have measured the area then multiply it by the per unit cost.

Project cost = Total area × cost per square meter 

You can estimate the project cost with the square meter calculator and can manage project costs.


Let us discuss an example! Peter wants to calculate the project cost of an area 10 m by 5 m and the per square meter cost is $100, then find what is the total cost and area of the region:


To calculate square meters use the formula:

Square Area = Length ×  width

Square Area = 10m ×  5m

Square Area = 50 m^2

Then how to calculate the square meters cost of the project, if the area is 50 m^2 and the per square cost is $100:

Project cost = Total area × cost per square meter 

Project cost = 50 m^2× $100

Project cost = $5000

Being an operation manager, you can estimate the project cost and overheads with the square metre calculator. It will assist in generating alternatives and planning the project cost and budget.

Working of the Square Meter Calculator:

The sq meter calculator requires the following input values to calculate the area and price per unit area:


  • Enter the length and width I their designated fields
  • Enter price per unit area (optional)
  • Hit the Calculate Button


  • Area in square meters 
  • Price of the project


Are Square Meters and Meters the Same?

The square meter is the unit of area in two dimensions, whereas the meter is the unit of length in one dimension. You can calculate square meters of the two-dimensional region with the sqm calculator by entering the length and width of the area.

Why Calculate Meters Squared Area Cost?

In project management, it is quite essential to figure project area in square meters and its per unit cost. You can find the total cost of the project by multiplying the per-square-meter cost. 

How Many Square Meters Is a 10×10 Room?

The 10 m x 10 m has an area precisely equal to the 100 square meters when measured by the square meter calculator

Area =10 m × 10 m = 100 sq m

Conversion Table of Square Meter:

For converting the square meter into other metric and imperial units, follow the table below:

Area Unit Area Converted Units
1 Square Meter Square MilliMeter = 1000000
1 Square Meter Square CentiMeter =10000
1 Square Meter Square Inches = 1550
1 Square Meter Square foot = 10.7639
1 Square Meter Square Yard = 1.19599

The square meters calculator UK evaluates the area of the region in the various metric and imperial units that are commonly used.


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