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Bishop Score Calculator

Enter relative fields in the Bishop score calculator and know your Bishop score for labor.

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The bishop score calculator evaluates the specific bishop score of a pregnant woman along with the clinical advice. This is critical to know about the probability of normal delivery in women or C-sections.

What is a Bishop Score?

The Bishop scores pregnancy test is used to predict how close you are to labor. 

Gynecologists actually examine your cervix and determine your Bishop score. If your final bishop score is within the range, then it will lead to a successful normal birth. What is a Bishop Score?

Bishop Score Range:

The bishop score range is between 0 to 13, here 0 means you are not ready for induction and 13 means better chances of induction. 

This means a lot to the women's expected labor and interest in the normal birth of babies. You can say Bishop's score range is a simple recognition of fetal position and drawing an evaluation of the fetal station chart.

Factors of Bishop Score Pregnancy:

The healthcare provider utilizes these 5 factors to calculate your Bishop score:

  • Dilation of the Cervix: 

Dilation refers to how open your cervix is and how ready for the labor process and pains. The bishop score for induction indicates the dilation size and a fully dilated cervix is about 10 centimeters. 

Dilation is measured with fingers, then translated to centimeters and it can be painful for women. Better to use the bishop score calculator to know your cervix condition.

  • Effacement of the Cervix:

 Effacement is related to the size of the cervix and can be defined as how thin or short your cervix is. It is quite amazing a fully effaced or 100% effaced means your cervix is paper thin and is tested by the bishop pregnancy score.

  • Consistency of the Cervix:

It refers to how tough your cervix is. Women having a softer, more flexible cervix are more likely to dilate and can expect labor pains naturally. Can compare the hardness and softness of the cervix by the tip of your nose to the softness of your lips.

  • Position of the Cervix: 

Near to the labor, the position of the cervix moves closer to the birth canal.

Position can be 

  • Anterior
  • Posterior

Fetal Position (or Fetal Station): 

Fetal position measures the position of the baby's head in relation to the ischial spine located in the pelvis. 

Fetal Station Chart:

The factors in the Bishop score chart have either 3 or 4 options related to how favorable the cervix is.

Dilation of cervix Position of cervix Effacement of cervix Consistency of cervix Fetal position Number of Points
Closed Posterior 0% - 30% Firm -3 0
1-2 cm Middle 40% - 50% Medium -2 1
3-4 cm Anterior 60% - 70% Soft -1, 0 2
5+ cm -- 80% -- +1, +2 3
Working of Bishop Score Calculator:

The bishop score for induction can be calculated by the online tool as follows:


  • Select the range of effacement
  • Choose Cervix consistency 
  • Choose the Fetal station type
  • Enter the head position
  • Enter the dilation size
  • Tap calculate


  • Bishop score 
  • Clinical advice relative to Bishop score 


What Is a Good Bishop Score?

A higher score means that labor is closer and that induction has a good chance of being successful. A good Bishop score is eight or higher.

What Does a Bishop Score of 10 Mean?

A Bishop score of 10 means you may go into labor soon. It also means that if you were to be induced, a successful normal delivery is highly likely.

Why Is It Called Bishop Score?

The Bishop score is named after Edward Bishop. He created the score in 1964 to help predict the success of inducing labor using five criteria.

What Is a Modified Bishop Score?

A modified bishop score means your healthcare provider is considering three factors instead of five. 


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