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Basis Point Calculator

Basis Point Calculator
What is x bps of y?

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What is x bps of y?

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The Basis Point Calculator  is used to find the interest rate and percentage. We use the basis point term to find the percentage change in the financial statements.

Generally, we take one base point equal to the 1/100 the all the assets. The BPS to percentage can be represented as 0.01%, of total owners' equity.

What is a Basis Point?

“The base point is a unit of measurement equal to 1/100 or 1% or 0.01”.

We need a basis point converter to exactly find the value of the basis point.

How many basis points is 1 percent?

The value of 1 base point=1/100

100 bps= 1%

“The basis point is the standard measurement for calculating the interest rates and the percentage in finance”.

Benefits of Basis Points?

There are different reasons why investors use the basic points are:

The bps conversion is used by the investors to find the incremental changes in the securities and the interest rate reporting,BPS calculation can also be useful to avoid any ambiguity regarding the interest rate. Companies try to calculate BPS ,to find the performance of their competitor. When dealing with stock market business, basis point conversion is critical when you are identifying the share price. A basis point converter is essential for estimating the stock price.

Why do Investors use BPS Points?

The Basis point calculator incremental interest rate changes for securities and interest rate reporting. You can marginalize ambiguity and confusion when discussing relative and absolute interest rates. Especially when the rate difference is less than 1 percent, but the amount has material importance. The basis point is critical when optimizing an options trade in the stock market and using an options calculator for purchasing shares can make your trade a profitable one.

For example, when discussing an interest rate that has increased from 11% to 12%, some may use the absolute method stating there is a 1% increase in the interest rate. In comparison, some may use the relative method stating a 9.09% increase in the interest rate. Using a basis points calculator eliminates this confusion by stating that there is an increase in the interest rate of 100 basis points. The basis point calculator helps to find the exact values to take corrective actions.

The application of the Basis Point: 

The bps conversion is applied to yield the interest rate, but there are significant applications of Basis points in the various financial sectors. The most important is to determine the stock value and index the share value. The other application of the Basis points in the Treasury bonds, and Corporate bonds.

The equity securities, such as common stock, are determined by the Basis point.The main purpose of the Basis point is to find the exact value to pay to the investors. For example, if a company wants to find the bond yield, the yield is 20 Basis points equal to the difference of 7.45% to 7.65%. The percent to basis points is an instrument for finding the exact yield.

How to Calculate Basis Point Value in  Decimal?

We can convert the basis points to decimal values by first converting them to the percentage point, then to the decimal value.

The bps conversion from the Basis point to the decimal value is given below:

1 Basis points=1/100=0.01%=0.0001 

The standard conversion from the Basis point to the decimal value is given below in the table:  

Basis Points Percentage Points Decimal Value
1 0.01% ​0.0001
5 0.05% 0.0005
10 0.1% 0.001
​50 0.5% 0.005
100 1% ​0.01
1000 10% 0.1
10000 ​100% 1


Practical Example?

What is meant by 50 Basis Points and how can we describe it into the decimal value?

We know that:

1 Basis Point is equal to 0.01 %

Let B be a basis point

Therefore, B x 100 = 50

B = 50/100

B = 0.5

We can take more accurate actions due to the basis point calculator

Working of Basis Point Calculator:

Enter the following values in the BPS calculator:


  • Enter the value of Decimal point, 
  • Enter Percent (%)
  • Enter Permille ()
  • Hit the calculate button to find the basis point


Basis points calculator displays:

  • The Basis point is calculated


How much is 0.6 Basis Points?

The difference between the interest rate of 9.85 percent and 9.36 percent is 0.6 percent. When we are using the basis point calculator, we can determine it is equal to 60 basis points.

Can we convert Dollars into Basis Points?

We need to divide the sale value by 100 to find 100 basis points. We can sell our stock option for $150000, so 100 bps is $150 for our given values. The bps calculator can be a good way to find the values in percentage.

How much is 100 Basis Points?

The 100 basis points are equal to 1%, the Basis measured  to percentage by the BPS converter.

How much is 150 Basis Points?

You can find the percentage by multiplying the basis points with 0.0001 (150 × 0.0001 = 0.015). As such, the decimal and percentage equivalent of your mortgage basis points is 0.015 or 1.5%.


The basis points are the deciding factors for the investors who are willing to invest their money in any financial instrument of any kind like bond securities, or to calculate the interest rates. We are also able to find the profit margins accurately by the basis point. The basis point calculator can be a great estimation  for finding our profit margins and the share price.


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