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Rent Split Calculator

Rent Split Calculator

Enter the total area, room square footage, and total rent in designated fields. The tool will instantly let you know what proportion of the rent each person has to contribute for a room.

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Total Area (ft2):


No. of Bedrooms:

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The rent split calculator quickly splits the total rent of a room among the roommates. You can figure out the fair rent amount you need to pay for the space you occupy in a room.

How To Split Rent?

After you share a room with other friends, splitting rent is the factor that may seem challenging to you. But if you divide it evenly among all tenants, you will face no difficulty.

Now consider a case in which your room has extra facilities like private bathrooms, windows, etc in your room. In this condition, rent splitting becomes tricky as you can not share it evenly.

Factors Included In Rent Split Calculations:

The splitwise rent calculator considers the following factors before calculating the exact rent portion you are required to pay your landlord. These include:

  • Total rent of the house
  • Number of people residing
  • Shared or private bathrooms
  • Total square footage and that occupied by each person in the room


Reshaeel and Harry have to share a house with a room having a shared bathroom. They have to pay a total rent of $100 for the whole house. There is a room of area 354 sq ft in the house which is being shared by both the mates. Now if the total square footage of the hostel is 1000 sq ft, how to split rent between both the mates?


First of all, we will calculate the price per square footage of the property.

Rent per square footage = Total Rent/Total Area – Common Area

Rent per square footage = $100/1000 sq ft – 0

Rent per square footage = $0.1

Now we have to determine the rent of the room depending upon its square footage:

Rent if the Room = Rent per square footage * Room Square Footage

Rent if the Room = 0.1 * 354

Rent if the Room = $70.08

How Does Rent Split Calculator Work?

Our rent splitter makes your rent-splitting task quite simpler, faster, and more accurate. Let’s find out how it functions!


  • Enter the total rent in the designated field and select the currency
  • Provide total square footage
  • Now enter the number of rooms and new pop-ups will appear beneath
  • Enter the square footage of rooms and the number of persons in each room
  • Select the type of bathroom in the room
  • Click on calculate button


  • Split rent amount that each tenant has to pay for a shared room


What Does 2.5 Times the Rent Mean?

This rule is particularly announced for inhabitants residing in San Diego. According to the rule, the person living on rent must have his/her net pay 2.5 times the rent of the house.

What are 3 Ways to Split Rent?

Following are the three most popular ways to do rent split calculations:

  • Rent split by income and space
  • Rent is split on an even basis
  • Use of rent split calculator which is the most preferred due to accuracy

How Do You Calculate Fair Rental Days?

Fair Rental days are the exact number of days for which a person rented out his/her property. The days for which the property was available for rent are not included in this category.


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