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Literal Equations Calculator

Literal Equations Calculator

Enter the literal formula and select the unknown variable from the next list to calculate its value through this tool.

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This literal equations calculator will solve literal equations with both variables and numbers. With this online multi-step literal equations calculator, whether it is an open sentence or one containing a combination of algebraic variables with consonants, you need to follow a couple of steps to reduce them to the most simplified sentence.

What Is a Literal Equation?

A literal equation is a particular type of equation that is written in such a way that one variable is expressed on the basis of another variable.

Example of Literal Equation:

For your instance, let us consider an illustration here. Consider the calculations for the perimeter of a square. The basic formula is as below:

P = 4 * s

Now, if you throw an eye on the above expression, you will see that there are a couple of parameters that assist in determining the perimeter of the square. These are P and S (side of the square).

Now coming to the point, you can never compute the value for the parameter here unless or until the side length s is unknown. It means that P is dependent on the s for the complete calculations.

This equation is thereby known as the literal equation and can easily be resolved by using this solving literal equations calculator with fractions.

Tips To Resolve Literal Equations:

If you are interested in resolving the literal equations, you need to follow the steps below:

  • You need to look for the variable the value of which needs to be computed and separate it to the left side of the equation.
  • After you do that, go for considering all the other variables and consonants as the numbers only.
  • The next step is to perform variable addition, subtraction, or multiplication.
  • Also, keep in mind that you can go for dividing the expression with a variable in case it does not make the equation infinity.
  • Always keep in mind the strategy that you need to isolate the variable whose value is unknown. This will help you to make the solution much easier. And to get instant results, you may better subject yourself to the multi-step literal equations calculator.

Mathematical Problem:

How do you solve a literal equation for x given below:

3x+8y-1 = 21+x


You can solve the literal equations like this:

3x+8y-1 = 21+x

3x – x + 8y = 21 + 1

2x + 8y = 22

2x = 22 – 8y

x = (22 – 8y)/2

x = 11 – 4y

How Does This Literal Equation Calculator Work?

By following the below-mentioned steps, you can use this literal equations calculator with steps without trouble!


  • Enter the literal equation in the input field of this single-step literal equations calculator
  • Select the dependent variable for which you wish to solve for
  • Hit the “Calculate” button to get the simplified answer


This solve equation calculator does the following calculations:

  • Solve literal equations
  • Display the step-by-step solution

Example Equations to Solve Using a Literal Equations Calculator:

Here are some of the sample equations that can be solved by using this literal equation solver. You can solve these equations and the equations similar to them.

  • V = xyz
  • 2b=3a/4c
  • 3z + 9a = 3b + 5c – 9d
  • 2a+6b=4c+5d solve for a
  • x/a = b
  • 3y*2x=12 solve for x
  • 2(y+b) = 4a


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