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X and Y Intercepts Calculator

X and Y Intercepts Calculator

Enter a function,expression or equation :


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Our x and y intercept calculator will calculate the value of x and y intercepts for a straight-line equation, function, or expression. Simply input the function and the tool will let you know what coordinates are linked with it that will assist you to draw its graph.

What are Intercepts?

Particular points on a graph from which a straight line passes are known as intercept(s).

Coefficients of X and Y Intercepts:

Suppose you have the following linear function:

Ax + By = C

Here we have:

  • A as coefficient of x intercept
  • B as the coefficient of y intercept
  • When it comes to C, it’s a constant term

How To Find Intercepts?

To find the x intercept, you can use an x-intercept calculator, and same as for finding y, you can take the assistance of a y-intercept calculator. Let us suppose the following equation below:



The x intercept calculator Puts y = 0 in above expression to determine this coordinate:






Put x = 0 in the given equation:





The required intercepts are:

x-intercept: \(\dfrac{1}{2}, 0\)

y-intercept: \(0, \dfrac{2}{7}\)

How Does X and Y Intercept Calculator Work?

Our x and y intercepts calculator is specially intended to solve for the coordinates that define the slope and a linear line on the graph.

Let’s discuss how you can use it!


  • Input your function, equation, or expression in the field and hit the calculate button


  • X and y intercepts
  • Displays the graph containing the determined points


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