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Slope Intercept Form Calculator

Input the required parameters into the calculator and it will readily calculate the equation of the line in slope-intercept form.

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The slope intercept form calculator finds the equation of the straight line based on the given two points, one point, or the intercept & slope data.  With it, you can also find the slope and y-intercept of any linear equation, enhancing precision and bringing clarity in your mathematical calculations.

What Is Slope Intercept Form?

The slope intercept form of the linear equation is y = mx + c that is constructed with y-intercept and slope of the line “m”. This form of the linear equations is known as the slope intercept form. The slope signifies the degree of incline or steepness of a line.

Slope Intercept Formula:

The formula that is used to find the slope intercept form equation is outlined below:

 y = mx+c


  • m = Slope of line 
  • x = x- coordinate of the line 
  • y = y-coordinate of the line 
  • c = y-intercept of the line 

The “m”  is the change in y and along with the x coordinates at any point of intersection of “x” and “y” You can also find the x-intercept of a line with the help of the above formula. The x-intercept is the value of the x at which the line crosses the x-axis.

How To Find The Slope Intercept Form (Equation of A Straight Line)?

Follow the below mentioned example to find the equation of slope intercept:

Practical Example:

Find the slope intercept form of the line with a slope is “2” and the y-intercept “5”. Solution:

Step 1:

Slope of the line = m =  2 y-intercept = c = 5

Step 2:

The slope intercept form of linear equations is: 

y = mx+c

m = 2 and c = 5

⇒ y  = 2x +5

By putting the given values in slope intercept formula you will get the slope intercept form equation in which y = 2x + 5. Graph of y = 2x + 5 Slope Intercept Form Grpah Also, consider this simple slope calculator that finds the slope of a line passing through the two given points. Keep in mind that all equations are not the same, some formulas describe curves that may never intercept the y-axis, the x-axis, or both of them.

Examples of Slope-Intercept Form:

In the following table, we have provided some examples so that you can easily understand how you can write the linear equations in slope intercept form.

Questions Results
Points(-2,-4) has a slope of 4 Answer slope intercept form y = 4x+4 Step-by-step solution: y + 4 = 4 (x+2) y + 4 = 4x+8 y = 4x+8-4 y = 4x+4
Slope = m= ?, points are (5,-5) Answer m = 1 Step-by-step solution: solve for slope "m" m = 0 – 5 /-5 – 0 m = -5 /-5 m = 1
Slope = m = 5 y-intercepts form = 8 Find the equation Answer y = 5x + 8 Step-by-step solution: Now substitute the values of “m” and “c” to find the slope intercept form y = mx + b equation of slope intercept = y = 5x + 8
Find “c”=? of equation 2(0-1) ^2 + 5 Answer y =9 Step-by-step solution: = 2(0-1) ^2 + 5 = 2(-1) ^2 + 5 = (-2) ^2 + 5 = 4 + 5 = 9

How To Find Slope Intercept Form With Calculator?

Let’s follow these steps to change the linear equations into slope intercept form instantly! Inputs: You have three options to do calculations including:
  • Two points
  • One point and slope (m)
  • Intercept (c) & slope (m)
Well, come to the point:
  • First of all, you have to choose one of the given options
  • Very next, you need to enter the remaining missing values into the designated fields according to the selected options for finding the slope intercept form
  • Once done, the time comes to hit the calculate button
Output: The calculator helps to find:
  • Slope intercept form of linear equations
  • The slope of a line
  • the x-intercept & y-intercepts of the line
  • Percentage Grade
  • The angle of a line with the x-axis
  • Change in x (Δx) and change in y (Δy)
  • Distance between two points


Is Slope Intercept Form The Same As Standard Form?

No, because they are two different ways of defining a straight line. 
  • Slope intercept form equation = y = mx +b
  • Standard form =  Ax + By + C = 0

How Do You Find The Slope Between Two Points?

To find the equation of a line having two points, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Determine the slope using the following formula, m = (y₂ - y₁) / (x₂ - x₁)
  • After that use the point-slope to get the equation of the straight line as below:
  • y - y₁ = m(x₂ - x₁).


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