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Point Slope Form Calculator

Point Slope Form Calculator




Slope (m)


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The point slope form calculator helps you to calculate point slope form of a line equation by using line’s slope and point on it. Get step by step calculations and graph of the equation to check the position of the point slope form coordinates on a 2D plane.

What is Point Slope Form Formula (Equation)?

The point slope form equation is given as,

$$ y-y1=m (x-x1) $$

Here, \(y1\) and \(x1\) are the coordinate points in the cartesian coordinate plane.

And \((m)\) represents the slope of the line. Our point slope equation calculator also performs calculations according to this formula.

What is an Equation of a straight line?

The equation of any straight line called the linear equation and it is written as,

$$ y=mx+b $$


\(m\) is the slope of the line.

\(b\) is the \(y-intercept\) of the line. It is the point where a line crosses the \(y-axis\).

How Our Calculator Works:

This point slope form calculator uses the simple equation for performing point slope calculations precisely. Simply, follow the given steps to figure out the exact equation:

Read on!


  • First of all, you have to enter the coordinate point for \(x1\) into the designated field.
  • Then, you have to enter the coordinate point \(y1\) into the designated field.
  • Now, you have to enter the coefficient of slope \((m)\) into the given field of this tool
  • Finally, itโ€™s time to make a click on calculate button to get precise measurements


The point slope formula calculator will show you:

  • Point slope equation according to given inputs.
  • General form of point slope.
  • Step-by-step calculations to find point slope form for the given inputs.
  • Graphical representation of the point slope equation.

How to solve point slope form manually (step-by-step)?

This formula used to find out the point slope form is as follows,

$$ y-y1= m (x-x1) $$

Apart from this formula, you can use point slope form calculator to perform instant calculations.

Read on!

For example:

The slope of a line is given as 7 and the point is (2,5). Find out the slope point form?


Here the \(x coordinate\) is 2 and \(y coordinate\) is 5, slope is 7.

$$ x1=2 $$

$$ y1=5 $$

$$ m=7 $$

By putting the values in the point slope equation,

$$ y-5 = 7(x-2) $$

$$ y-5 = 7x-14 $$

$$ y = 7x-14+5 $$

$$ y = 7x-9 $$

$$ 7x-y-9 = 0 $$

This point slope formula solver does calculations according to this formula.


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