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Point Slope Form Calculator

Point Slope Form Calculator

Determine the point slope form of a straight line equation by entering either one point (x1, y1) and slope (m), or two points (x1, y1)(x2, y2). Get complete solution with graphical view to understand the problem better.

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Point slope form calculator functions to calculate the equation of a line from a point and its slope.

Enter the coordinates of the points and get step by step solution with the help of the graphical interpretation to determine the point-slope equation of the straight line.

Slope of Line:

Slope is the measure of the steepness of a line. It tells you rise over run ratio of a straight line on a graph.

Point Slope Form Calculator example

  • Slope intercept of a line represented by the symbol m
  • If the slope equation of a line is positive, the graph is a straight rising line
  • If the slope equation of a line is negative, the graph is a straight downward line

What Is Point-Slope Form?

Point-slope form of a linear equation is it particular notation and is used to express the equation of a line in point-slope to standard form.

It is written in the form of below formula:


Where, m is the point-slope and \(x_1\) and \(y_1\) are the coordinates of the point lying on the line.

How To Find Point Slope Form of Equation?

Case # 01: When One Point 7 Slope Is Given

Data Given:

  • \(\text{Coordinates of points} = (2, 5)\)
  • \(Point-Slope = m = 2\)


Step 1: Write down the values




Step 2: Point-slope-intercept form formula


Step 3: Perform Calculations

Put values in point-slope-intercept form formula:






Which is the required point slope equation of a line with point and slope given.

Case # 02: When Two Points Are Given

Data Given:

\(Point_1=(2, 5)\)
\(Point_2=(6, 2)\)


Step 1: Write the Coordinates


Step 2: Determine The Point-Slope





Step 3: Determine The Point Slope Form

Using the point-slope formula:






What Is An Equation of a Straight Line?

The equation of any straight line called the linear equation and it is written as below formula,



  • \(m\) is the slope of the line.
  • \(b\) is the \(y-intercept\) of the line. It is the point where a line crosses the \(y-axis\).

What Are Different Forms of Equation?

  • Standard Form: \(Ax+By=C\)
  • Point Slope Form: \((y-y_1)=m(x-x_1)\)
  • Slope-Intercept Form: \(y=mx+c\)

How Do I Convert The Point-Slope To Slope Intercept?

To convert the point-slope equation, follow the below steps;

Step 1: Write equation in point slope form and y-intercept:

y – b = m(x – a)


  • m _ Slope with one point
  • a _ Y-intercept
  • b _ X-intercept

Step 2: Now multiply m with coordinates inside bracket:

y – b = mx – ma

Step 3: Make addition of y-intercept on both the sides

y = mx – ma + b

Which is the converted slope-intercept form of the equation.


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