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end point Calculator

Endpoint Calculator

Enter the coordinates of starting and midpoint and the tool will take instants to calculate endpoint coordinates.

Starting Point Coordinates



Midpoint Point Coordinates




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Our endpoint calculator allows you to find the endpoint of the line segment by knowing the starting point and the midpoint of the line. In other words, this endpoint finder finds the missing endpoints and plot start point, midpoint, and endpoint on graph.

What is Endpoint Definition?

An endpoint is a point on either end of a line segment or one end of the ray. In the line segment, the line does not extend the endpoints similarly in ray a line has one endpoint and the line goes in one direction. Therefore, it is defined as ”A point where a line ends or stops”.

What is Endpoint Formula?

If you have the line segment having the starting endpoint (x1,x2). Now we will explain how to find the endpoint (x2,y2) if we know the midpoint (x,y)of the line segment.

This missing endpoint formula helps to calculate endpoint from midpoint and other endpoint.

x2 = 2*x – x1

y2 = 2*y – y1


  • (x2,y2) are the coordinates of the endpoint which you want to calculate.
  • (x1,y1) are the coordinate points of the starting point.
  • (x,y) are the coordinates of the midpoint.

How to Use Endpoint Calculator

You can easily and accurately find the endpoint of the line segment in coordinate geometry with this online tool.


  • First of all, you have to put the coordinates of the starting point in the designated field of x1 and y1.
  • Next, enter the coordinate values of the midpoint of the line segment.
  • Lastly, hit the calculate button.


  • The coordinates of the endpoint.
  • Step-by-Step calculation to find the endpoint.
  • Distance between the two endpoints.
  • Step-by-Step calculation for distance calculation.
  • Graph of the line segment.

How to find endpoint of line segment (Step-by-Step)?

Our endpoint formula calculator uses the same above-mentioned formula for accurate calculations. So, here we have a manual calculation to find the endpoint of the line segment.


If you have the starting point (5,-2) and the midpoint of the line segment is (-9,5), then find out the endpoint of the line segment?



Let we suppose,

The starting point coordinates, x1 = 5 , y1 = -2

The midpoint coordinates, x = -9 , y = 5

Step 2:

The formula for endpoint coordinates is,

x2 = 2*x – x1

x2 = 2*-9 – 5

x2 = -18 – 5

x2 = -23

Step 3:

y2 = 2*y – y1

y2 = 2*5 – (-2)

y2 = 10 + 2

y2 = 12

Step 4:

So,the coordinate points of the endpoint are (-23,12).

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s):

What is the length of a segment when the coordinates of its endpoints are (- 4 5 ) and (- 6 9)?

The length of a line segment of the given coordinates calculated by the distance formula is 4.47.

How do you find the difference between two points?

You can find the difference between the two points with the assistance of the distance formula. The distance formula is the square root of the sum of squared values of x-axis distance and y-axis distance.

How many endpoints does a line segment have?

The line segment has only two endpoints. In a line segment, there are many points enclosed in between the two endpoints.


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