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distance formula Calculator

Distance Formula Calculator

Type in the coordinates of the points and the calculator will calculate the distance between them in one to four-dimensional space using latitude and longitude of angles.




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This distance formula calculator assists you to computes the distance among any two points, parallel or straight lines that have coordinates (x, y, z, k) in one to four dimensions.

This calculator can deal with positive/negative numbers as well as with decimals.

About Distance:

Before knowing the details about the calculations of distances, we must know what is distance. In most simple words it can be defined as the space between any two points or lines. While explaining it we can say that it is a volume of space among two objects. As an example, it commonly denotes physical space between your home and parking.

Some basic rules to find the distance:

  • Whenever you go for distance calculation there should present two points.
  • Such points are always defined by their coordinates (x and y).
  • For each point, there are always going to be two elements or centers that are uniquely connected to that point.
  • The formula for distance takes account of each coordinate of every point very precisely.

What is the Distance Formula?

The Distance Formula always act as a useful distance finder tool whenever it comes to finding the distance among any two given points.

Distance Equation: D = =√(x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)2

In the above formula term “(x2 – x1)” represents the change in x where the term “(y2 – y1)” represents the change in y.

How to Use the Distance Formula?

Horizontal lines represent the X values and vertical lines represent the Y values. The distance between these horizontal X values and vertical Y values can be evaluated with either distance formula or calculator. Now just assume a right triangle. Consider that a horizontal portion of a line is one side of a right triangle, and a portion of vertical line as the second side of a right triangle.

Now All you require is to observe both coordinates. Let’s just assume a line in two coordinates and use endpoints as follows:

  • X coordinate; X1 = 1 and X2 = 7
  • Y coordinate; Y1 3 and Y2 = 6

Now all you have to do is to use the above-mentioned distance equation. The calculation is as follows:

  • D = (7 – 1)2 + (6 – 3)2
  • D = (6)2 + (3)2
  • D = 36 + 9
  • D = 45

Now take the square root

  • D ≅ 6.7085

Note: distance formula is the application of a well-known Pythagoras theorem that is: a2 + b2 = c2 where’s

  • A= any vertical or horizontal side of the right triangle.
  • B = another side of the right triangle.
  • C= hypotenuse of the right triangle.

Also, use this free endpoint calculator online that enables you to find midpoint when midpoint and other endpoint (start-point) are given.

About Distance Formula Calculator:

With the help of this math’s calculator find the distance between points and you can readily calculate the distance in the following conditions:

  • This distance finder has a built-in feature to calculate the distance between any two points with ease.
  • Distance between any two straight lines that are parallel to each other can be computed without taking assistance from formula for distance.
  • It provides assistance to avoid nerve wrenching manual calculation followed by distance equation while calculating the distance between points in space.
  • Distance calculator math provides the option of dealing with 1D, 2D, 3D, or 4D as per requirement.

There is an additional feature to express 3 unlike points in space. In such a situation you will get 3 different sets of distances. Therefore, while dealing with more than 2 points it will save you time. However, by using the distance formula calculator we can get a very straightforward and step-by-step solution to compute the space. To find the distance between each pair of points, this tool is much feasible than using the distance formula manually.

How to Find the Distance Using Distance Formula Calculator?

To find the distance between two 2 points 3 points straight or parallel lines with the x and y coordinates value follow some simple steps of the distance between two points calculator:


  • Very first, select the type of points from the drop-down menu among which you want to calculate the distance.
  • Very next, you have to select the dimension from the drop-down menu. It might be 1, 2, 3 or 4 dimensions.
  • Enter the values of 2 coordinates (X1 and X2) in case of 1 dimension
  • Enter the values of 4 coordinates (X1,X2,Y1 and Y2) in the case of 2 dimensions.
  • Enter the values of 6 coordinates (X1,X2, Y1,Y2, Z1,Z2) in case of 3 dimensions.
  • Enter the values of 8 coordinates (X1, X2, Y1,Y2, Z1, Z2, K1, K2) in the case of 4 dimensions.
  • Just hit the calculate button.


  • You will have a total distance.
  • You will have a complete solution according to the distance equation.
  • To find the distance between any other two points with a calculator just hit the recalculate button.

How Do You Find The Distance Between Two Points?

All you need to have are two points. Let’s just assume that you have two sides of a right triangle. In this way, there are four coordinates i.e. two x coordinates and two y coordinates. A calculation will be as follows:

Example 1:

  • X1 = 4
  • X2 = -2
  • Y1 = 1
  • Y2 = 10

Now just recall the formula for distance:

  • D=√(x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)2

Put the values in the above-mentioned equation

Values of coordinates: (-2, 4)2 and (10, 1)2

  • D = (10 – -2)2 + (1 – 4)2
  • D = (12)2 + (-3)2
  • D = 144 + 9
  • D = 153

Now take the square root:

Result: Calculated distance will be: 153 ≅ 12.369

Example 2:

If you have two points along with their coordinates how will you find the distance among them?

Let’s assume two points:

  • Point 1: (–3, 2) (–3,2)
  • Point 2: (3, 5) (3,5)

First of all, we will label the pints as follows:

  • X1 = -3
  • X2 = 3
  • Y1 = 2
  • Y2 = 5

Let’s just put the values in the formula:

  • D=√(x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)
  • D=√ (6)2+(3)2
  • D=√36 + 9
  • D=√45
  • D=√9. √5
  • D=3√5

Result: hence, the distance between two points (–3, 2) and (3, 5) is = 3√5


What is the distance between two points called?

The shortest or the direct distance among any two points that can be present is called a geodesic. If we consider a sphere, then geodesic will only be the little segment of a huge circle that contains two points.

How do you calculate height and distance?

The height of any item can be computed just by taking measurements of the distance form item and the angle of altitude from the top. The curve of the angle is the object height that is divided by the distance from that item. A distance calculator is the common means to calcite the distance

What is the shortest distance between 2 points?

The shortest distance is the length of the line that connects the two points. Such a line cannot be curved or bend. It must be straight. If we talk about the shortest distance between two points theoretically then it will be zero for sure. You can begin the two-point from the same location and create an Einstein Rosen bridge. Also, try the above smart calculator to find the distance between two points.

What is the distance in physics?

There are two quantities in physics. The one is vector and the other is scaler. Distance is placed in the category of scalar quantity physics define the distance as follows:

“The volume of the earth or space that is covered by any object at any time while moving”

Why is distance not negative?

The distance can never be negative and it is a very common phenomenon. Anyone can easily understand the fact that no one cannot travel less distance than they already are. On the other side if we talk about displacement then it can be negative for sure.

What is the distance in navigation?

In the case of navigation, Distance will be calculated on the latitude scale.

  • 1-minute latitude = 1 nautical mile on the same latitude.
  • 1 nautical mile = 1852 m.

What is the distance between points 2 5 and 5 7?

If there are two given points, then we will have four coordinates. In this case coordinates 2, 7) and 5, -5. With the help of distance calculator coordinates or distance equation, it will be 13. Well, account the above calculator to find distance between 2 points within seconds.

What is straight line distance?

Measuring a straight line distance among any two points is just the same act as measuring the distance among two points on a paper with the help of a measuring ruler.

Why is distance S?

In the Latin language word, “spatium” is commonly used to define the distance. Based on this fact distance s is used to represent the distance between two or more objects and displacements as well.


This online distance formula calculator will support you to calculate the distance from any point to a line that is present in one to four dimensions. All you need to do is to enter the values of the respective coordinates. It eliminates the risk of error and makes calculation simple and easy.


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