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The calculator will calculate the fuel economy, fuel consumption per gallon, and distance covered by the car.





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An online MPG calculator assists you to determine fuel consumption per gallon of a car. Since you are planning a trip, now you will probably desire to know how many miles per gallon you need before you start your journey. Whether you are curious about your gas mileage throughout a particular distance, you can use our gas MPG calculator to perform calculations swiftly.

What is MPG (miles per gallon)?

“MPG is the primary measurement of a car’s fuel efficiency during travelling” In simple, we can say that MPG is the distance covered by a car per gallon of fuel and measured in miles. The car’s MPG is higher, the more fuel-efficient will be it.You can check the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by the Gas Calculator.

How to calculate MPG?

Generally, official fuel economy data can be calculated based on WLTP testing (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). This is accomplished in a lab to simulate real-world driving techniques. If you are curious to find out the actual MPG of your current car is performing, the wide range of new cars will give you an option to read out its current MPG on the driver’s display system. Formula: Let’s look at the formula (imperial) to calculate the fuel efficiency of a car. MPG = distance (miles) / average gas consumption (gallons) In the metric system, the formula is given as: MPG = distance (km) x average gas consumption (litres) / 100 km Example: A car that returns 70mpg and its fuel tank has one gallon of petrol or diesel in it, the car travels 70 miles before the car runs out of fuel. However, it’s much easier and more reliable to use our online miles per gallon calculator that uses the same formula mentioned above to carry out instant and precise calculations.

Why does every car have multiple MPG figures?

To stimulate the particular types of driving, WLTP tests are conducted in different “phases”. Since each phase gets its own stated figure with a final combined figure that provides an average on all systems. Following are the figures that you will most likely see advertised.

Low speed:

In urban areas, the driving will be simulated at speeds up to 56.5km/h (about 35mph)

Medium speed:

In suburban areas, the car will drive at the speeds up to 76.6km/h (about 48mph)

High speed:

In rural areas, the car will run at the speeds up to 97.4km/h (about 61mph)

Extra high speed:

On motorways, the car will drive at speeds up to 131.3km/h (about 82mph)

Combined speed:

A mixture of all given above values is the most prominent figure in advertising. Besides, you can also estimate fuel cost covered by the distance of a trip, the fuel efficiency of the car, and the price of gas using various units by using miles to gallon calculator.

Solved Example:

A car covers a 14 Km distance. The fuel used by the car is up to 5 litres and the fuel price is given 60 $ per litre. How to calculate miles per gallon? Solution: As we have: Distance= 14 Km Fuel used by the car = 5 litres Fuel price = 60 $ Fuel used in US gallon = 0.528 Miles per gallon = 0.44 Fuel cost per gallon = 120.013

How does the MPG calculator work?

Our online miles per gallon calculator is friendly to users, you can make the calculations on the basis of the number of kilometres covered by the distance and the average consumption of fuel easily. Let’s find out how! Input: First of all, select the parameter you want to calculate i.e., simple or advanced For simple calculations enter the values of the following:
  • Distance with various units
  • Fuel used with various units
  • Fuel economy with various units
For advanced calculations:
  • Enter the values of trip start to trip end
  • Fuel use in various units
  • Fuel price in various units
Now hit the “calculate” button and wait for a second. Output: The mile per gallon calculator determines the following results:
  • Distance in units
  • Fuel economy in unit
  • Cost of petrol or diesel


What is a good MPG?

A good MPG mainly depends on the type of car and fuel type, but it is always said that the higher the number, the MPG will better.

Can my driving style affect my car’s MPG?

Whether your driving style has a major effect on your MPG. Smoother driving tends to have a higher figure of MPG, on the other hand, jerky reactions and aggressive acceleration will have a lower figure of MPG value.

Is 42 MPG good?

No, the accepted standard MPG consumes around about 8.1 to 7.1 litres per 100km (around 60 miles) (35-40mpg) in the past to more like 5.6 to 5.1 litres (50-55mpg)

Are 31 miles per gallon good?

Yes, commonly a normal petrol engine has old gasoline and no advanced electric motors. Example: Prius gets around 60 mpg, but sometimes it gets at least 30 mpg which might classify as good.

What car has the best MPG?

Most Fuel-Efficient Midsized Cars are given below in the table:
Rank  Make & Model  Highway MPG 
1 Honda Accord Hybrid EX 52
2 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE 53
3 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid SEL 51
4 Kia K5 LXS 52

Does any car get 50 mpg?

Despite advances in technology, the modern cars that get around 50 mpg in any facet of EPA testing are still exceedingly rare. Generally, these cars don't run on “gallons” of anything and they use electricity and alternative fuels.

What car gets 65 mpg?

Ford's ECOnetic Fiesta is a modern type of car that gets 65 MPG.

Are 25 miles per gallon good?

No, nowadays a good rule of thumb for MPG is to make sure that to get at least 23 MPG combined both for city and highway.

Is it possible to get 70 mpg?

Generally, a 60-70 MPG is currently ideal, but a 70-80 mpg modern equivalent with better sound insulation, the extra surge and response of a more powerful hybrid system would be better.

What is a good MPG for a used car?

More specifically for using a car, a good MPG is at least 35 MPG. What is the average MPG of a car? Generally, 25.7 is the average miles per gallon of a car for the model 2020.


While you are purchasing a vehicle, it is crucial to know about the MPG of the vehicle. It tells you how many miles to the gallon in the vehicle are needed. If you want to calculate the MPG of your vehicle, we suggest you use our MPG Calculator to proceed with calculations. Moreover, you can also determine how much you will spend on fuel at different price levels that depend on how much distance is covered on a regular basis.


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