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Gas Calculator

Gas Calculator

Enter trip type, distance, gas price, and fuel efficiency in the input fields to estimate the fuel cost per trip.



Trip type:

Trip Distance:


Days driven per week:

Division of payment

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Number of people: (Optional)

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The gas calculator instantly estimates how much gas you require to cover a certain road trip between two destinations. The tool also calculates how much it will cost you to travel between locations.

Why Calculate Gas Cost Mileage?

When it comes to gas mileage, it is important to find out how much your vehicle is costing you. The Miles Per Gallon (MPG) is a simple way to find the cost per trip. However, there are certainly other ways to calculate gas cost per trip which include:

  • Calculate the MPG or Miles Per Gallon 
  • Measure the trip distance
  • The fuel efficiency of the vehicle 
  • Figure out the price per Gallon/liter
  • Calculate the price of the Gas

However, if your goal comes up with near-to-exact estimations, then our gas calculator is the only option you are left to choose. This is because the tool can instantly figure out each and every parameter mentioned above.

How Much Gas Per Trip?

You can calculate the gas cost of the trip by the gas trip calculator in simple steps:

  1. First, to calculate gas for the trip, find out the distance you need to cover on the trip.
  2. Then work out the quantity of gas required per Km
  3. Now to calculate gas combustion multiply the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by the mileage per Km.
  4. In the end, multiply the answer by the cost of gasoline per liter.
  5. Now figure out the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, you are driving as different vehicles have different mileage.

You can estimate the gas cost and the mileage per 100 Km of your ride with the gas mileage calculator. It will help you reduce your overall consumption of gasoline and can cut the annual cost of fuel.

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose you need to travel 300 Km and the price of per liter petrol is $0.903, and the fuel efficiency is around 10 Km/liter. Then calculate the gas cost for the road trip and the consumption of gasoline. The gas calculator trip is a simple way to estimate the consumption of fuel for the trip.


Total distance = 300 Km

Fuel efficiency = 10 Km/liter

Fuel Consumption = Distance / Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Consumption = 300Km/10 Km/liter

Fuel Consumption = 30 Liters

Price of the Petrol = (30 Liters)($0.903)

Price of the Petrol = (30 Liters)($0.903)

Price of the Petrol = $27.09 Daily

When you are able to calculate the gas cost, it is possible for us to save the cost, according to the relative efficiency of the vehicle. 

How Much Gas Price For Common Vehicles?

We have given the gas price consumption for the common vehicles in the table below. Let’s go through these! (Remember that the gas prices may alter due to certain factors like inflation, etc. In our case, we have considered the current gas cost of $3.418 per gallon.)If you are going on a trip you need to use the gas calculator for trip to find the per-kilometer mileage of your car.

Vehicle Miles Per Gallon Gas Price, Per Mile
Dodge Ram 1500 11 $0.31
Ford Expedition 12 $0.28
Jeep Wrangler 14 $0.24
Toyota Sequoia 14 $0.24
Dodge Ram 1500 15 $0.23
GMC Envoy 15 $0.23
BMW X5 17 $0.20
Ford Escape 18 $0.19
Mercedes-Benz S-Class 18 $0.19
Lexus LS430 19 $0.18
Honda Odyssey 19 $0.18
Volvo V50 20 $0.17
Audi S4 20 $0.17
Cadillac CTS 20 $0.17
Pontiac Grand Prix 20 $0.17
Mazda6 I 20 $0.17
Honda CR-V 21 $0.16
Subaru Outback 21 $0.16
Chrysler Sebring 21 $0.16
Porsche Boxster 22 $0.15
PT Cruiser 22 $0.15
Ford Taurus 22 $0.15

Use this gas mileage calculator to easily calculate fuel costs and the miles a car will run for the specified gas quantity.

How Does Gas Calculator Work?

The road trip gas calculator assists you to manage the cost of gas per trip by taking simple inputs. Let’s check!


  • Select the trip type and enter the distance and days driven per week
  • Enter the gas price and vehicle information 
  • If more than one person is traveling, you can also divide payment among them (optional)
  • Meanwhile, you can also compare the gas fuel costs for two vehicles
  • After you are done, tap Calculate 


  • The daily gas consumption and cost 
  • Per person cost of the gas
  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly gas consumption
  • Comparative gas consumption of two vehicle


How Much Gas per Kilometer?

To find the fuel consumption per Kilometer, divide the total distance by the total consumption of fuel in the trip. Our gas trip calculator is a simple way to identify the consumption of fuel per kilometer.

How Do You Calculate Gas for a Trip?

Find the per kilometer consumption of the gas and multiplied it by the total distance of the trip to find the gas for a trip. You may estimate the trip cost by this calculator in a matter of seconds.

What Is a Unit of Gas?

The unit of gas is either cubic meters (m3) or cubic feet ft3. The tool calculates the gas price in liters.


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