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Enter the equation and the calculator will determine the value of x in it, with the steps shown.



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Solve for x calculator is useful for solving the linear and quadratic equations in a matter of seconds. It helps to find the real and complex roots of polynomials. It is necessary to add the value of “X” when using the calculator. When solving the polynomials you need to solve with respect to the values of the “X”. If you are solving polynomials w.r.t to other variables like Y, Z, etc.  There would not be any result shown by the solving for x calculator. You will receive an error message on the output window.  Solving for x calculator only works when you are adding the polynomials having the values of “X”.

The Value of “X” for  Linear Equation:

The linear equation involves only one variable whose highest power is “1” which is known as a linear equation due to power one. The roots of the linear equation are the solution of the linear equation. The linear equation can be solved with the solve for x calculator. If you are facing any difficulty in how to solve for x of the linear equation. Then simply put the values in the calculator with x.

Examples of the Linear equation:

  • x + 4 = 19
  • x + 13 = 27
  • 11x + 5 = 6

Solution of linear equations:

11x + 5 = 6 Then take constant on right side 11x=6-5 Subtraction of constants provides us: 11x=1 Then we get the linear equation root.  x=1/11 ( Root of the linear equation) When using the  solving for x calculator we are able to find the roots in a couple of seconds: 

Value “X” for  Quadratic Equation:

The roots can be real or complex especially when you are solving the quadratic equation. There can be three possibilities of the roots of the quadratic equation  ax2 + bx + c = 0 for x where a ≠ 0. The quadratic formula calculator  is convenient to produce a quadratic equation by inserting the coefficient values:

Examples of quadratic equations:

  • X2+6X+9=0 (one root real root)
  • X2+6X+9=2 (two real roots)
  • X2+6X+9=-2 (two complex roots)

Discriminant of Quadratic Equation:

Let's use the discriminant  (b2-4ac) of the quadratic formula. The discriminant (b2-4ac) of the quadratic formula represents the real or the complex roots of the quadratic equation. Calculator that solves for x values may face the following possibilities of the discriminant. The discriminant may be less than, greater than, or equal to 0. If you're finding any issue in the implementation of discriminants then it can be great to insert values into the discriminant calculator The three possibilities are:
  • b2-4ac=0 There is one real root
  • b2-4ac>0  There are two real roots
  • b2-4ac<0 There are two complex  roots

The Quadratic Formula:

$$ x = \dfrac{ -b \pm \sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{ 2a } $$ Where (b2-4ac) is the discriminant of the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 and “a”, “b” and “c” are coefficients of the quadratic equation. Find the x calculator only finding the value of the algebraic expression if we are using “X” as a variable.

Solution of Quadratic Equations:

x2+6x+9=0 Now the roots are real, we are solving the quadratic equation by factoring in the equation. The    x2+3x+3x+9=0 By taking common terms, we have vggf x(x+3)+3(x+3) (x+3)(x+3) Then we get the roots of the quadratic  equation: x=-3( The root of the quadratic equation)

Checking the Roots Nature by Discriminant:

When we are putting the values of the coefficients in the discriminant of the quadratic formula we get  The discriminates is b2-4ac=0  The values of the coefficient from the  x2+6x+9=0,  Here a=1,b=3,c=9 The discriminates is b2-4ac=0 Putting (6) 2-4(1)(9)=0 we get : 36-36=0 then the discriminant is  b2-4ac=0 We know that when b2-4ac=0 Then there is one real root.It is convenient to use the solve for x calculator with steps to elaborate on all the steps.

Working of solve for x calculator:

The working pattern is elaborated by the following steps: Input:
  • Insert Linear or Quadratic equation in the menu.
  • Add values on both sides of the equation.
Output: The solve calculator for "X" is just too quick to find the solution for any  polynomials:
  • Roots are displayed.
  • Roots can be real, or complex 
It is easy to use the solve for x calculator as it is the most interactive online calculator.


What is the value of x in the algebraic expression?

X is an algebraic variable that has no defined value. It can be convenient to solve values of x by the solve x calculator.

What is the golden rule of algebra?

Remember the algebraic golden rule: What you do to one side of the equation, you must do to the other side. That's how the equation stays equal! The value of x calculator automatically balances the equation on both sides.

How do we solve quadratic equations in place of factoring and quadratic formula?

It is the Completing Square method.In this method we use the completing square to find the roots of the quadratic equation. It is most efficient to find the solution of the quadratic equation by the value of x calculator.


Finding values of the polynomials with respect to variable x is essential in Mathematics. Value of x calculator helps to solve the polynomials in the most efficient and convenient way. It can be a great asset for the students and also for the basic algebraic learners.


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