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Function Operations Calculator

Enter functions in their designated field and the calculator will apply arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to them.

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The function operations calculator  helps us to implement the four basic like (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).When we are combining the functions by these operations, the domain and range  of the new combined function can’t cross the domain of the shared elements. We need to implement operations on functions and to combine the functions by the solving functions calculator. The whole process of the combining of the functions can be easy if we have learned the basic formulas to combine the functions. The operations on functions are essential to implement as you are calculating various arithmetic operations.

What is meant by the functions:

In mathematics a function is defined as a relationship between the dependent and independent variable and defined algebraic. The functions are joined by the addition, subtraction,multiplication or division operation. We can use the solving functions calculator to solve the functions.We can draw the  graph of the function  by finding x-intercept, y-intercept, slope value, and the curvature value. The solving functions calculator is best to find the solution of the algebraic functions, as it is simple to use.

The basic formulas of combining functions:

We need to determine the basic recognition of the basic functions we can implement in our operations. These are the formulas implemented by the operations of the functions calculator.  These functions are as follows:

  • For  sum  f and g: (f + g)(x) = f (x) + g(x).
  • For  subtraction f and g: (f - g)(x) = f (x) - g(x).
  • For product f and g: (fg)(x) = f (xg(x).
  • The  quotient of division f and g: ()(x) =
  • Here when  g(x) = 0, the quotient is undefined.

The function operations calculator implements the solution to the given problem.

The composition of two functions:

There is another way to define the basic operation, which is essential for the students to understand. This is known to be the fifth operation or the composition of the two functions.

Let consider two functions f (x) = 3x and g(x) = x + 3 Then (fog)(x)?,

We can find it as (fog)(x) = f (g(x)) = 3(x + 3) = 3x + 9. 

We can use the  operations of functions calculator for solving the composition of the two functions

Example 1:  

Consider two functions  

f(x)=9x-5 g(x)= 4x+1





For finding the addition of two algebraic functions, we can use the arithmetic operations on functions calculator. 

Example 2:


g(x)= 3x+1





Insert the values in the adding and subtracting functions calculator, and find the final result of the operation of the functions.

Example 3:


g(x)= x+1






Arithmetic operations on a function calculator swiftly finding the value of the arithmetic multiplication operation.

 Example 4:


g(x)= x+1



The quotient of two functions calculator is especially designed to find the quotient value when dividing the algebraic functions.

Woking of the function operations calculator:

We can utilize the solving functions calculator to find the addition, subtraction, multiplications and division of the algebraic functions. The working  of the operations of functions calculator is as follows:


  • Enter the values of two algebraic functions
  • Need to find the values a variable like “x”

Output: The arithmetic operations on the function calculator are helping us to find all the mathematical operations.

  • The solution all the arithmetical operation shown
  • Detailed solution is displayed


What are different types of the functions in algebra:

The different type of the functions are as follows:

  • Polynomial function
  • Logarithmic function
  • Linear function
  • Quadratic function
  • Power function
  • Exponential function

What are PEMDAS in algebra?

PEMDAS  is represented by the parentheses, exponents, multiplication/division, addition and subtraction.The function operations calculator is programmed to implement the  PEMDAS.  

What does BODMAS stand for?

The BODMAS stands for Bracket, order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and the subtraction. The functions calculator always correctly defines the BODMAS for the operations.


The function operations calculator is essential to find the answer to the length question of algebra. Sometimes we may need to find the answer quickly to reach the final solution of the algebraic function. This makes our calculations correct  and precise.


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