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Body Shape Calculator

Body Shape Calculator

The calculator determines the body type category in which your body falls. Enter your bust/chest, waist, and hips measurements and know your body shape.







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Body shape calculator considers the relative measurements of your bust, waist, and hips to classify you into one of the ideal body types. The suggestions of the tool are not subjected to any kind of fitness risks. The calculator only reveals your actual body shape and the way you can better dress up to look perfect.

How To Take Measurements?

You can take body measurements with the measuring tape. Just take the maximum circumference reading by rolling tape around the chest, waist, and buttock. The bodyshape calculator also use these three determinants and tells you which body shape you have. Let’s learn how to do things!

  • Bust Measurements: Make sure you wear a bra and and stand straight against the wall. Now measure the bust by rolling the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast.
  • Waist Measurements: To measure waist circumference, make sure you roll the tape just above the belly button and just below the lower the trunk (chest). Make sure you do not compress your torso region too much as it can make measurements inaccurate.
  • High-Hip Measurements: Measure just above the pelvic region that is in between waist line and hips.
  • Hip Size Measurements: Stand straight and measure the widest part of your buttock and note down the reading.

Above measurements play a significant role in identifying body type. Not every woman has similar figure type. Basically, your body type depends upon the skeletal structure and overall fat distribution.

Waist To Hip (WHR) Ratio:

WHR is the ratio of waist and hip circumference measurements.


WHR = Hip Measurement/Hip Measurement

According to World Health Organization (WHO), your waist to hip ratio is a key element that defines your health. For example, if you are male and have WHR of 0.85, you are obese with Body mass index (BMI) falling above the range of 30. On the other hand, if you are female, then WHR of 0.9 will make your an obese lady.

Ideal Body Types:

Following are the seven most popular body shapes for men and women:


hourglass body type                 hourglass female body
Individuals with this body type have their buttock and shoulder measurements within 5% of each other. With that, the waist measurements are 25% less than shoulders, hips, and bust/chest.

This body shape is also named as the curvy figure. Moreover, it is titled because of its similarity with an hourglass. In simple words, we can say that Upper and lower halves are wide and circumference in the middle is very low that maintains a wide-narrow-wide body pattern.

People having this body figure are less likely to become ill of Diabetes 2, heart disease, and others because the fat is overall distributed in the body that makes a shape of an hourglass.

Top Hourglass:

For individuals with this body type, everything is same as mentioned before except the fact that bust measurements are slightly larger than the hips.

Bottom Hourglass:

For people having bottom hourglass body, they have hips measure a little larger than the bust circumference.


For Men: (Rare, but Possible)

If (chest – hips) ≤ 2″ AND (hips – chest) ≤ 2″ AND (chest – waist) ≥ 5″ AND (hips – waist) ≥ 5″

For Women:

Bottom Hourglass:

If (hips – bust) ≥ 3.6″ AND (hips – bust) < 10″ AND (hips – waist) ≥ 9″ AND (high hip/waist) < 1.193

Top Hourglass:

If (bust – hips) > 1″ AND (bust – hips) < 10″ AND (bust – waist) ≥ 9″

Triangle or Pear:

triangle body type male            triangle body type female
In this type of body hips and butts are heavier but bust and shoulders are narrow. The waist is properly well defined that slopes out to the thighs. Bust and shoulders are 5% slimmer than the hip. The weight is distributed in the leg.

This body type is mostly seen for women instead of men. Females have a well-defined pear shape because of uniform fat distribution around the buttock area. When it comes to men, they have apple body figure.

Women with this shape of the body do not have any cardio-related issues, but men mostly face this medical condition becasue fat accumulated in the abdominal region causes heart attack risks.


For Men:

If (hips – chest) ≥ 2″ AND (waist – chest) < 7″

For Women:

If (hips – bust) ≥ 3.6″ AND (hips – waist) < 9″

Rectangle or Banana or Straight:

rectangle body shape male            rectangle body shape female
If you have a straight and well-defined figure just like an athlete, you body shape is rectangle. However, your waist should be 9% less than the shoulder, bust, and hips measurements that are almost same. These dimensions give your body a shape of rectangle.

In addition to that, people having rectangular figure are considered to carry more weight around the abdominal cavity.


For Men:

If (chest – hips) < 2″ AND (hips – chest) < 2″ AND (chest – waist) < 7″ AND (hips – waist) < 5″

For Women:

If (hips – bust) < 3.6″ AND (bust – hips) < 3.6″ AND (bust – waist) < 9″ AND (hips – waist) < 10″

Inverted Triangle:

inverted triangle body type male            inverted triangle body type female
Inverted means exactly opposite to the triangle/pear body type. Both men and women with this body have their thighs measurement 5% smaller than that of the bust and the shoulders. They have a narrower waist line.

But remember that if your body falls within this type, you have increased health risks like osteoporosis development.


For Men:

If (chest – hips) ≥ 5″ AND (chest – hips) < 15″ AND (chest – waist) ≥ 7″

For Women:

If (bust – hips) ≥ 3.6″ AND (bust – waist) < 9″

Apple or Round:

This body shape describes a large measurement of waist line than bust, shoulders, and buttock. And this is the reason such persons are at greater risk of obesity

Individuals with an apple shape body type have a waist measurement that is greater than their hip and bust measurements. This means that they have higher levels of abdominal obesity.


For Women:

If (hips – bust) ≥ 3.6″ AND (hips – waist) < 9

No matter what shape you have, just take help from body shape calculator to determine yours. The tool intentionally functions to let you know what is your figure based on your bust, shoulders, waistline, and buttock measurements.

A study was conducted at North Carolina State University in the year 2005 with a sample of 6000 women; to assess the proportion of existed different body types women.

Results revealed that 46% of women were banana-shaped; only 20% pear type and 14% apple-shaped body. The occurrence of the hourglass Ideal female bodies types was only 8%.


Does a Woman’s Body Shape Change With Age?

Yes, it does! The changes of hormones in women’s body will cause body shape to change. The principal changes happen at adolescence. Young men and ladies have an almost similar hip-waist ratio.

But with time estrogen causes a female’s hips and breast to enlarge. Estrogen makes fat in the thighs and hips with age. Pregnancy causes estrogen levels to rise more, causing more weight gain.

Can You Change Your Body Figure?

After puberty, it is difficult to change your body. Remember that only there are a few changes that can be made. Picking up or losing fat will change the size of your thighs and hips.

Picking up more fat is another method for changing your shape. By focusing on specific muscles, you can highlight them by gaining weight, e.g., your shoulders, chest, etc.

What Is The Meaning of 36 24 36 Figure?

A 36 24 36 figure is identified as an hourglass figure. The three numbers represent the 3 parts of the ideal body measurements. The first is the bust, second is abdomen, and the last is the waist.

The 36 24 36 figure is estimated in inches. In the case of centimeters, it is known as the 90 60 90 figure.

What Is a Zero Figure?

A zero figure is basically a dress size that is used by the natives of Unites States. The dress mostly fits to the individuals having body measurements within the following range:

30 22 32 inches (76 56 81 cm) to 36 28 36 inches (90 71.5 90 cm)

How Can I Reduce My Waistline?

A healthy diet including fruits and vegetables can help you to reduce the waist. Other than that soluble fiber, vitamin D, and probiotics are also recommended. Quitting the use of carbohydrates and sugar will help you to reduce the waistline more quickly.

What Does a Size 8 Body Look Like?

The following are the characteristics of the body size 8:

  • The shoulders are as wide as the hips are
  • Shoulders are also curved in shape
  • The waist is narrower than the hips and thighs in general

With the help of the calculator, you can more precisely calculate body measurements by plugging in the required values.

What Body Type Am I?

Many different body types vary from person to person. At the most basic level, body shapes real people can be divided into three categories. You can find out your body type by following some simple steps explained below, take this test!

How do your shoulders look like?

  • The shoulders are bigger than hips
  • Shoulders are smaller than hips
  • Shoulders are same as hips

Well-fitting pants with the accurate waist size:

  • Becomes Loose around your thighs
  • Becomes extra Fitted around your thighs
  • Picture-perfect around your thighs

How Your forearms are?

  • They are Big
  • They are small than usual
  • They are normal or Average

You tend to:

  • I Carry some additional fat
  • I Stay skinny always
  • I am fit and muscular

How Your body looks like mostly?

  • It looks like a Pear
  • It looks like a rectangle
  • It just like an Hourglass

Now use your finger and thumb to make a circle around your wrist:

  • My fingers don’t touch each other.
  • My fingers overlap.
  • A circle is perfectly complete.

How you gain weight?

  • I Gain weight easily but a long time required to lose it.
  • It is difficult for me to gain and maintain my weight.
  • I can gain and lose weight easily.

Get your answer here:

  1. If you have selected mostly 1: Endomorph
  2. If you have selected mostly2: Ectomorph
  3. If you have selected mostly 3: Mesomorph
  • Ectomorph: If you are slim and have good height but it’s so demanding for you to shape perfect muscle then you’re possibly having an ectomorph body.
  • Endomorph: If you are obese or overweight and it is very difficult to lose fat then you are having an endomorph body.
  • Mesomorph: if muscle building and losing fat are not a problem for you then you have a mesomorph body. Females in this category find it easy to gain an
  • hourglass Ideal female bodies’ shape.

Note: Different body shape’s women exist within these three categories as they act like a triangle.

Moreover, the body measurement calculator is the best way to identify the perfect  body measurment at the lowest time with less effort. Understanding body type is the first step to decide what kind of clothes work best for you.

Body Measurements Chart (Explore):

With the help of a body measurement chart, you can have a quick look at different female body shapes. The female body types chart will also help to find out your body shape. So let’s move on and have a look at this ideal female body measurements chart:

Body Type Widest part Narrowest part
Hourglass Bust, Hips Waist
Pear Hips Shoulder, Bust, Waist
Inverted triangle Shoulder, Bust Waist, Hips
Rectangle Shoulder, Bust, Waist, Hip
Apple Bust, Waist Hips


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