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Dress Size Calculator

Dress Size Calculator

This calculator will try to calculate your dress size in various International sizes with your bust, waist, and hips measurements being provided.


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Are you planning to go seasonal shopping? If yes, then what you need to care for is the dress kind. A dress that best fits your body adds to the beauty of you. And keeping in view this aspect, we have designed this free to use dress size calculator that lets you know what dress you should look for while shopping. This what size am I calculator will let you estimate your costume dimensions according to different International sizes by only providing bust, waist and hips size.

To know more about the dress type, give a read to the article below!

What Is Dress?

Well, this is one of the most important terms that most of us are unaware of. A particular cloth piece that is worn to cover the body is known a s dress. Depending upon the moment or kind choice, every second person has his/her own dressing taste. And specially when it comes to ladies, the choice does matter more than for gents. This is why our free dress size calculator will help women to make a good selection for their clothes.

For women, there may be many kinds of dresses for women including tops, jeans, skirts, frocks, suits etc.

History of Dress:

In ancient times, people were used to dressing up according to their ancestors’ and cultural history. Also, most were choice makers on the basis of their sex, age, socioeconomic status, or area geography. If we talk about the 11th century, European women were likely to wear dresses with a loose hem. But in this modern age of fashion, the choice is mostly bound to tight costumes for both upper and lower parts of the body. The online clothing size calculator is exactly programmed to fulfil this need of girls or women so as to wear up the relevant dress as per the occasion.

Types of Dress:

Most of the time, ladies do like following kind of dresses to highlight their beauty:

Formal Dress:

It’s a kind of costume like a long gown along with long gloves. Nowadays, women do not like to wear this kind of dress as they use the free dress size calculator and plan to wear it according to the moment they are going to be a part of.

Basic Dress:

A basic dress is usually worn up with different eye-catchy jewellery accessories. Different types of jackets, hats, or shoes do come in such accessories.

Bodycon Dress:

The word “bodycon” is derived from the parent word “Body Confidence”. This kind of costume is stitched using a stretchy fabric that hugs the body and lets your body figure get prominent.

Party Dress:

As the name highlights, this kind of dress is worn at functions like parties or different kinds of shows. Being embroidered in heavy jewels, this dress creates a breadth taking sensation and makes you stand out in a function. If you also want to know what size am I for such a costume, you are basically in need of knowing your body type. And this can be best done by employing our online body dress calculator. Moreover, you should have a sound knowledge of your body shape as well that will make it quite easy for you to calculate your dress size measurements. And the best way to do so is the use of the online body shape calculator

How to Calculate Your Dress Size?

Dress Size Measurements
Before buying a particular dress, the first query that comes in most women’s minds is what size dress am I for the occasion. Well, no worries as we will be elaborating all measurements necessary for selection. Let’s get through these one by one!

Bust Measurements:

Take a flexible round tape and measure your bust circumference by rounding it to the most grown breast area. Here inputting your bust dimensions in our another bra size calculator will also let you estimate your actual bra size as well.

Waist Measurements:

Next step is to measure your waist, which is the body part just above the belly button.

Hips Measurements:

This is the last measurement required that is taken around the full-grown part of your seat (hips).

All of these measurements are also taken swiftly with this dress size calculator. Moreover, you may like looking at the below dress measurements infographics!

Dress Size Chart:

In different areas of the world, similar dresses are assigned different sizes. That is why to avoid confusion, we have arranged special size chart measurements that consist of the most popular dress dimensions currently in use around the globe. These include:

US Dress Size Chart:

Bust (Size Measurements) Waist (Size Measurements) Hips (Size Measurements) US (Size Measurements) EU (Size Measurements) International (Size Measurements)
74 cm (29″) 58 cm (23″) 80 cm (31.5″) 00 30 XXS
74-77 cm (29″-30″) 58-61 cm (23″-24″) 80-84 cm (31.5″-33″) 0 32 XS
78-81 cm (31″-32″) 62-64 cm (24″-25″) 85-89 cm (33″-35″) 2 34 XS
82-85 cm (32″-33.5″) 65-68 cm (25″-26.5″) 90-94 cm (35″-37″) 4 36 S
86-89 cm (33.5″-35″) 69-72 cm (26.5″-28″) 95-97 cm (37″-38″) 6 38 S
90-93 cm (35″-36.5″) 73-77 cm (28″-30″) 98-101 cm (38″-40″) 8 40 M
94-97 cm (36.5″-38″) 78-81 cm (30″-32″) 102-104 cm (40″-41″) 10 42 M
98-102 cm (38″-40″) 82-85 cm (32″-33.5″) 105-108 cm (41″-42.5″) 12 44 L
103-107 cm (40″-42″) 86-90 cm (33.5″-35.5″) 109-112 cm (42.5″-44″) 14 46 L
108-113 cm (42″-44.5″) 91085 cm (35.5″-37.5″) 113-116 cm (44″-45.5″) 16 48 XL
114-119 cm (44.5″-47″) 96-102 cm (37.5″-40″) 117-121 cm (45.5″-48″) 18 50 XL
120-125 cm (47″-49″) 103-108 cm (40″-42.5″) 123-128 cm (48″-50″) 20 52 XXL
126-131 cm (49″-51.5″) 109-114 cm (42.5″-45″) 129-134 cm (50″-53″) 22 54 XXL

UK Dress Size Chart:

Bust (Size Measurements) Waist (Size Measurements) Hips (Size Measurements) UK (Size Measurements)
74 cm (29″) 58 cm (23″) 80 cm (31.5″) 2
74-77 cm (29″-30″) 58-61 cm (23″-24″) 80-84 cm (31.5″-33″) 4
78-81 cm (31″-32″) 62-64 cm (24″-25″) 85-89 cm (33″-35″) 6
82-85 cm (32″-33.5″) 65-68 cm (25″-26.5″) 90-94 cm (35″-37″) 8
86-89 cm (33.5″-35″) 69-72 cm (26.5″-28″) 95-97 cm (37″-38″) 10
90-93 cm (35″-36.5″) 73-77 cm (28″-30″) 98-101 cm (38″-40″) 12
94-97 cm (36.5″-38″) 78-81 cm (30″-32″) 102-104 cm (40″-41″) 14
98-102 cm (38″-40″) 82-85 cm (32″-33.5″) 105-108 cm (41″-42.5″) 16
103-107 cm (40″-42″) 86-90 cm (33.5″-35.5″) 109-112 cm (42.5″-44″) 18
108-113 cm (42″-44.5″) 91085 cm (35.5″-37.5″) 113-116 cm (44″-45.5″) 20
114-119 cm (44.5″-47″) 96-102 cm (37.5″-40″) 117-121 cm (45.5″-48″) 22
120-125 cm (47″-49″) 103-108 cm (40″-42.5″) 123-128 cm (48″-50″) 24
126-131 cm (49″-51.5″) 109-114 cm (42.5″-45″) 129-134 cm (50″-53″) 26

How Dress Size Calculator Works?

Now we will discuss the working of this clothing size calculator in brief detail.


  • Select the units of measurement
  • After you do this, go for entering the bust, waist, and hips measurements in their respective boxes
  • At last, hit the calculate button


The calculator lets you know:

  • What size dress am I in US, UK, Europe, and Internationally


How much weight do I need to lose to drop a dress size?

As a consequence, you need to lose approximately 10-15 pounds of your weight. And this could happen better if you try to reduce your bust and hips measurements by 1 to 2 inches. Also, we recommend you use the free weight loss calculator to plan your diet so that you may easily shed pounds within days.

How many inches are between dress sizes?

If we consider US size measurements as reference, your dress size gets increased for every 2 inches increase in body measurements. That is why you must know your body measurements to better determine your dress size. And for a better approximation in this respect, you may prefer using the online waist to hip ratio calculator.

What is my dress size if I’m a medium?

Well, it depends upon the brands and country. Where there one brand considers size 10 as medium, the other may choose 12-14 size as medium one. But no worries as you are visiting different stores and feeling a hurdle in choosing your dress size. This is because our dress size calculator is specially designed for this that could help you in estimating your size of costume.

Is a size 16 fat?

No it’s not! Basically, the weight measurements per class are given as follows:

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (Normal)
  • 25 – 30 (Overweight)
  • Over 30 (Obese)

Should you size up or down in dresses?

A better approach is to always increase your size rather than to shed it. This is because there are more opportunities regarding dress selection if you are obese but not so much (normal range).

Is it easier to make a dress bigger or smaller?

Usually, tailors found it quite easy to stitch a dress that is smaller rather than a bigger one. This is because they found it easy to stitch a smaller amount of fabric.

How tight should a dress fit?

You should try to choose a costume that best fits but not tightens your body. It means you should always look for the dress after earring which you may not free; any hurdle in sitting, standing, and bending. If you feel any hurdle in estimating a good dress size for you, then why do not you utilise this online dress size calculator.

How do I know if a dress is too big?

The only step to know this is to measure what is my dress size. And it can be calculated if you properly measure your shoulders, bust, and buttock. Once you know these measurements of you, you can get to know which dress is bigger and which is smaller.


Measuring the correct size for your dress will no doubt let you stand out in a function. And our online dress size calculator will always assist you in calculating the proper costume size according to different International sizes that will always help you to highlight your presence.


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