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Circle Skirt Calculator

Circle Skirt Calculator

Skirt Fullness:



Skirt Length:


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The full circle skirt calculator calculates the size of clothes that you need to sew a perfect circle skirt. Our calculator makes your double circle skirt yardage calculations easy and accurate so you do not have to do maths on your own.

Working of Mood Circle Skirt Calculator:

Our calculator makes your circle skirt drafting very simple and straightforward. Let’s explore how to use it!


  • Select the skirt fullness
  • Enter the skirt waist and length in their respective fields
  • Select units
  • Tap Calculate


  • Skirt waist and length in different units of length

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Circle Skirt Maths:

Calculating the size of your skirt becomes very easy if you use our half circle skirt calculator. But if your goal comes up with manual calculations, you need to stick to the circle skirt formula.

But before you further move on, a couple of things are here that you need to consider:

  • Your waist circumference
  • Length of your skirt that is measured from waistband to below

Decide The Type of Skirt You Want:

The next task is to decide what skirt type you want. It can be either:

  • A full-circle skirt
  • A half-circle skirt
  • A 3/4 circle skirt
  • A quarter-circle skirt

Our skirt size calculator can perform circle skirt measurements for all of these circle skirt sizes and makes your skirt maths so easy and fast.

Calculate Radius:

Full Circle Skirt:

R = waist / 2π – 2

3/4 Circle Skirt:

R = 4/3 × waist / 2π – 2

Half Circle Skirt:

R = 2 × waist / 2π – 2

Quarter Circle Skirt:

R = 4 × waist / 2π – 2


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