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Birthday Calculator

Enter date of birth or your current age in the tool to calculate the days remaining till your upcoming birthday or your exact DOB.

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The best birthday calculator helps you to calculate months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining in your next birthday. In addition to that, this DOB calculator functions to determine your exact date of birth and the weekday you were born.

When Is My Birthday?

Calculating your birthday is as simple as cutting the cake with the free assistance of this online date of birth calculator. This tool requires a couple of simple values to reveal the amount of time that may be left until your nearest birthday.

How Many Days Until My Birthday?

Start using this birthday calculator that takes a couple of seconds to tell how many days there are left until your birthday. Now, there’s no need to count the remaining days manually, just make a few clicks to know when to celebrate your birthday! Simply enter the known month and day in the tool to find out how much duration is left until your next birthday arrives.

How To Determine The DOB of a Deceased Person?

You just have to make subtraction for years, months, and days for determining the date of birth of a deceased person. Quit worrying as the calculations are quite simpler:

  • Subtract the number of years from the current year
  • Subtract the number of months from the total months in the current year
  • Do the same for the number of days as well

For example:

If one of your ancestors died on December 03, 2022 and was 91 years old only, then you may count 91 years back or simply minus these from the death date. This will give you the date of birth of him/her.

Besides manual calculation, you can add the known values into the birthday year calculator to get precise calculations regarding age of the dead person. Alternatively, you can find the age from the birth certificate of the deceased person.

How Does the Birthday Calculator Work?

This birthday date calculator lets you calculate your exact birthday quickly by following the simple steps:


  • Select what you wish to calculate, either “Next Birthday” or “Date of Birth”
  • Now enter either your date of birth or age in years, months, and days based on your selection
  • Click on a Calculate button


  • Remaining days in your nearest birthday and weekday
  • Your date and day of birth
  • Interesting facts about you

You may utilise another half birthday calculator if you are willing to know remaining days until your nearest half birthday.


What Is My Date of Birth If I'm 18 Today?

If you are 18 years in 2022, then your birth year was 2004.

What Is My Date of Birth If I'm 21 today?

As of today (December 13, 2022), your birth date is exactly December 13, 2001.

How Do I Calculate My First Birthday?

When you are born, you are 0 years old and enter your 1st year. When the birth date arrives again next year, it is your 1st birthday as you have lived for 1 complete year from the day you were born.

What Is The Lucky Date of Birth?

If you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of a month, then upcoming birthdays on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 9th of any month may be a few lucky days for you.

What Is The Most Popular Day To Be Born?

September 09 is the most popular day of birth in America. This supposition is considered after detailed research of 20 years against real-time birth data of American births.

What Is Your Born Date?

The exact day of your birth is your born date. It also includes the year in which you were born.


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