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Sod Calculator

Sod Calculator

Figure out the quantity of sod you need correctly with this free sod calculator by just providing the values of the length and width of the area.

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This sod calculator is solely designed to calculate the total square feet area of the lawn and the amount of sod rapidly, which will be enough to cover the whole area of the lawn.

What Is SOD?

When it comes to organizing the space reserved for the lawn, Sod (turf) plays a key role. It’s a special type of grass that you can use at the place where you have reserved the space for the lawn or golf ground.

Sod is the layer of grass that contains a layer of soil underneath. It can be a mixed form of various types of grasses. When it’s installed at the specified place, it starts growing over time and requires the user to cut it down. 

How Much SOD Do I Need?

Using seeds to grow the lawn is a tricky and time-consuming process but with the help of the sod, you can cover the whole area of the lawn instantly. The quantity of sod you need depends upon the area of the landscape.

Let’s see the following simple steps to calculate the quantity of sod you need:

  • First of all, determine how big is the area that you have to cover with the sod. Calculate the length and width of the area in feet
  • Now multiply the length of the area by the width to get the total area in square feet
  • Divide the square feet measurement by 10 to obtain roll numbers
  • If you need to get the number of pallets then divide the number of rolls by 45

Rather than performing this long calculation, you can simply get the assistance of an online Sod cost calculator. As it will let you calculate the quantity of sod that you need to cover the whole landscape in rolls and pallets. Additionally, you can also know the total cost of the sod swiftly. 


Let’s assume the Length of the Area is 100 ft and the Width is 50 ft. Now How to find the Sod Measurement?


Given that:

Length = 100 ft

Width = 50 ft

Area = Length x Width = 100 x 50

Area = 5000 ft^2

Now divide it by 10 to get the number of rolls:

Number of Rolls = 5000 / 10 = 500 rolls

Divide the number of rolls by 45 to get the number of pallets:

Number of pallets = 500 / 45 = 11.11 pallets

You can estimate how much sod is on a pallet with our precise sod calculator relative to sod piece size.

Working of Sod Calculator:

Get assistance from our easy-to-use SOD cost calculator to determine the quantity of sod that you will require to cover a specific landscape. Let’s see how it works:


  • Firstly, choose the “length and width” or “area” from the drop-down menu
  • Now if you have selected the first option, then add the values of “length” and “width” and price (optional) in the designated places
  • If you have chosen the second option, then just add the value of the “area” and “price” (optional)
  • Tap on the “calculate” button of the sod calculator square feet
  • Sod calculation and total area
  • Cost per sq ft and total cost


How Many Pieces of SOD On a Pallet?

It’s not the exact figure but probably there are 400 to 500 square feet sod on a pallet and each pallet contains 60 sod rolls or 100 slabs. You need to count SOD by the piece number of the pallet.

Can You Lay SOD Over Existing Grass?

Yes, you can do that but it’s good to remove the old grass to have a strong root. 

How Long Does It Take To Lay 1000 Square Feet of SOD?

If you have to lay 1000 sq ft of sod, then it will approximately take two to three hours. The time of removing the old grass is not included in it. 

How Much Are 500 Square Feet of SOD?

Keep in mind the size of sod piece is “16 x 24 inches which can cover a 2.66667 square feet area and according to this, the piece of 500 square feet contains approximately 187 pieces of sod. 


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