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Treadmill Calorie Calculator

Enter the gradient percentage, your weight, speed, and distance. The tool will calculate the calories burned while running on a treadmill.


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The treadmill calorie calculator helps you to estimate the calories burned while you run on a treadmill. Get the time it will take for you to run a particular distance by maintaining a proper treadmill running pace. Our tool also suggests meal plans that help you lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

How Many Calories Does Treadmill Walking Burn?

It depends upon a number of factors. Our calories burned treadmill calculator also considers these factors that include time, speed, gradient, and distance. The gradient is the deciding factor that if high, leads to more caloric burn. On the other hand, if the gradient is negative, it means you are likely to burn fewer calories. For instance, a normal adult weighing 150lbs will burn approximately 100 calories by running at a mild pace. To better calculate calories burned on treadmill, our calculator certainly helps you track your progress. Furthermore, the tool also detects how your running workouts affect your overall health.

How Calories Burned Treadmill are Calculated?

Certain factors include the calories burn treadmill calculations. These include:

Your Body Weight:

The weight of your body is in direct relation to the treadmill calories that you burn. The more you weigh, the more calories you will shed while running and vice versa. The calories burned on treadmill calculator pace also supports this fact.


The more the floor of treadmill is inclined, the more effort you have to do to cover the distance in a specified time. You may also adjust the incline or gradient of the running machine according to the calories you want to burn. For further assistance, using our calories burned incline treadmill calculator also tells how much treadmill calorie loss you will be bearing afer a running session at a given incline.

Intensity of Exercise:

Intensity of the exercise is another key factor that adds to the calorie shedding rate. Increased intensity will demand more oxygen for th lungs to operate. And this is why your heart pumps blood at its maximum capacity to ensure the blood flow to all parts of the body.


Setting running goals yields more positive results if completed within specified duration of time. A rule of thumb states that you should increase the treadmill running time by 10% every week so that more calories could be burn out.

How To Use This Treadmill Calorie Calculator?

The treadmill calorie burn calculator is quite simple to use and helps you to achieve your fitness goals. It requires a few inputs to calculate the treadmill calories burned which include: Inputs:
  • Enter your treadmill running gradient, weight, speed, and weight in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate
Outputs: Our treadmill calories calculator displays the following results:
  • Your treadmill training schedule
  • Calories burned during a treadmill run
  • Activity and diet suggestions


How To Burn More Calories On a Treadmill?

Adding hills or inclines to your treadmill surface lets you burn more calories. The more the surface is inclined, the more hard it will be for you to push your muscles to cover the distance in time. Using this treadmill calorie calculator helps you to estimate how many more calories you need to burn so that you could achieve your weight loss aim. Instead, you may also utilize another jumping rope calorie calculator to estimate the calorie burn rate while you jump a rope.

Treadmill Walk Calories Burn Chart:

The following chart is summarized to let you know how many calories you burn after walking a certain mile/s:
Calories Burned at a Typical Walking Pace
Weight (lbs) 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 250 275 300
Mile 1 53 cal 64 74 85 96 106 117 133 146 160
Mile 2 106 128 149 170 191 213 234 266 292 319
Mile 3 160 191 223 255 287 319 351 399 439 479
Mile 4 213 255 298 340 383 425 468 532 585 638
Mile 5 266 319 372 425 479 532 585 665 731 798
Mile 6 319 383 446 510 574 638 702 798 877 957
Mile 7 372 447 521 595 670 744 819 931 1023 1117
Mile 8 426 510 595 680 766 850 936 1064 1170 1276
Mile 9 479 574 670 765 861 957 1053 1197 1316 1436
Mile 10 532 638 744 850 957 1063 1170 1330 1462 1595


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