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Date Calculator

Height Calculator

Select the calculator mode and input the required parameters in their fields. The tool will readily calculate child height when he/she will be grown to an adult.


Child's Age

Child's Sex

Child's Height (ft/in)

Child's Weight (lbs)

Mother's Height (ft/in)

Father's Height (ft/in)


Mid-Parental Height Calculator

Our calculator considers only parents' heights to predict the height of unborn child or infant. The calculation shows what the maximum height child will be grown to when grown to a full adult.

Mother's Height (ft/in)

Father's Height (ft/in)


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This accurate height calculator will estimate how tall the child will be when grows into an adult. You can get height measurements in multiple alternative units as well. This average height calculator uses a couple of scientifically proven methods to predict the maximum future height of your unborn baby.

How Does This Future Height Calculator Work?

Height prediction with this height estimator is quite fast and accurate as well. Let’s find out how!


  • Select the mode of this child height calculator
  • Now enter the required values in their respective fields as per the method selected
  • Tap Calculate


  • Child height (Future height for girl or boy)
  • Margin of error for height predictions

Note: If you’re worried about your child’s growth, you can use another height percentile calculator that will let you compare your child’s height with other children of the same height.

How Tall Will I Be?

Height is a genetic process and you can only estimate it. This is because it depends upon the DNA combinations of your parents and perfect calculations in this case are not guaranteed. But our height predictor calculator uses a couple of methods to predict your future height which includes:

Mid-Parental Child Height Method:

Now if the parents’ heights are known, you can predict the child’s height by using the following equations:

(Mother’s Height + Father’s Height)/2

Girl’s Future Height = Mid-Parental Height – 2½ in (or 6.5 cm)

Boy’s Future Height = Mid-Parental Height + 2½ in (or 6.5 cm)

Khamis Roche Method:

This is one of the most accurate methods used in the human height calculator that is above the age of 4 years. The basic formula that is used by the adult height calculator is given as follows:

Khamis Roche Height = Child Weight + (Mother Height + Father Height)/2

Margin of Error:

  • For boys – 2.5 inches
  • For girls – 1.7 inches

When Do Boys & Girls Stop Growing?

Most boys stop growing at the age of 16. On the other hand, girls usually stop growing when they are 15 or when menstruation starts.

The CDC growth chart below gives a clear picture of the growth cycle of boys & girls with respect to increasing age.

Boys Height:

Below are the average heights of boys according to their ages. You can also use a predicted height calculator boys to estimate your height in the coming few years.

Age (Years) Median Male Height
Feet & Inches Centimetres
4 3.4 102
6 3.9 115.5
8 4.2 128
10 4.6 138.5
12 4.11 149
14 5.4 164
16 5.8 173.5
18 5.9 176
20 5.9 177

Girls Height:

Age (Years) Median Female Height
Feet & Inches Centimetres
4 3.3 101
6 3.9 115
8 4.2 127.5
10 4.7 138
12 4.11 151.5
14 5.4 160.5
16 5.4 162.5
18 5.4 163
20 5.5 163

How to Get Taller?

Height is not something that is under the control of anyone but still, you can contribute to increasing your height or getting taller. We have mentioned some tips to increase your height, have a look at them.

  • Unprocessed foods are the key to getting taller, consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.
  • You need to avoid foods having high sugar in them.
  • Good posture is very much important, so maintain a good posture for getting a good height.
  • Take good sleep. No doubt, exercise or physical activities are important but keep in mind that having proper and complete sleep is also necessary.

Factors Affecting Height Prospects of Children

It is not wrong to say that genetics is the main factor affecting a child’s height but there are also some other factors and we have listed them down.

  • Hormones
  • Health Issues / Diseases
  • Nutrition
  • Generic Conditions


How Tall Will I Be at 14?

If you’re thinking that how tall am I going to be as a boy, then keep in mind that you will be 162.4 cm tall at the age of 14. If you are a girl, then your average height at 14 years of age will be 159.8 cm. You can also calculate by using a height prediction calculator

How Do You Calculate Height For Age?

When your age increases by 3.5 years, your height doubles. And after 12 years, it will triple. Using our 100 percent accurate height predictor calculator can let you know the actual difference in the height with every passing year.


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