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Electric Field Calculator

Electric Field Calculator

The calculator will try to calculate the electric field created either from a system or point charge, with the steps displayed.

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This free electric field calculator helps you to determine the electric field from either a single point charge or a system of the charges. In this read, we will be engaging you with some technical terms that are related to the electric field and then giving you a proper guide about the use of the electric field strength calculator.

Let’s dive in!

What Is An Electric Field?

In physics:

“A specific field exerting a force on the point charges is known as the electric field”

Electric Field of Positive Charges:

The electric field of the positive charges always travels from the point charge to the surroundings.

positive charge

Electric Field of The Negative Charges:

The electric field lines of negative charges always travel towards the point charge.

negative charge

Net Electric Field Equation:

You can determine the magnitude of the electric field with the following electric field formula:

For Single Point Charge:

$$ E = \frac{k * Q}{r^{2}} $$

For Two Point Charges:

$$ E = \frac{k|Q_{1}*Q_{2}|}{r^{2}} $$


E = Electric Field at a point

k = Coulomb’s Constant

$$ k = 8.98 * 10^{9} \frac{N*m^{2}}{C^{2}} $$

r = Distance from the point charge

Q1 = magnitude of the first Charge

Q2 = magnitude of the second Charge

Beside this formula, you could speed-up the calculation process with a free electric potential calculator that calculates the strength of the electric strength among charges.

Electric Field Properties:

The nature of the potential field lines summarize that:

  • Electric field lines never cross each other
  • The direction of the field lines is always perpendicular to the surface of the charge
  • The magnitude of the charge is directly proportional to the strength of the magnetic field lines.
  • Large number of the field lines corresponds to a high electric field and vice versa.

How To Find Magnitude of Electric Field?

Let us resolve an example here to make your concept more deep and authentic.

Example # 01:

How to find the magnitude of an electric field when a charge of \(3*10^{2}\) is exerting it ata distance of 1m?


Using electric field strength equation:

$$ E = \frac{k * Q}{r^{2}} $$

$$ E = \frac{8.98 * 10^{9} * 3*10^{-6}}{\left(1\right)^{2}} $$

$$ E = \frac{8.98 * 3 * 10^{9} * 10^{-6}}{1} $$

$$ E = \frac{26.94 * 10^{9} * 10^{-6}}{1} $$

$$ E = \frac{26.94 * 10^{9-6}}{1} $$

$$ E = \frac{26.94 * 10^{3}}{1} $$

$$ E = \frac{2.694 * 10^{4}}{1} $$

$$ E = 2.694 * 10^{4} NC^{-1} $$

You can verify the results by putting all parameters in the free electric field strength calculator. When you are installing the electric appliances by measuring the electric field and the power of appliances. Then you can manage the electric cost of overall appliances and it affects the cost of the electricity. 

How Electric Field Calculator Works?

Take into account the use of this free electric potential calculator that displays answers in a couple of clicks. Let us guide you properly how it works!


  • Select either “single point charge” or “system of charges” from first drop down list
  • If you choose “single point charge”, choose whether you want to determine electric field, distance or charge itself
  • After that, write down the value of relative permittivity and other parameters
  • If in case you make selection of “system of charges”, go for writing values of relative permittivity along with all other parameters in designated fields
  • Tap the calculate button


Depending upon the input criteria selected and parameters added, the free magnitude of electric field calculator determines either:

  • Electric field due to a single charge
  • Electric field in between two charges
  • Distance from the charge
  • Charge that creates field force


What is the difference between electric field and electric force?

The electric field is always present in the surroundings of the charged body and exerts a force on the neighbouring charges as well. Whereas, the electric force depends on the electric field and does not exist in the absence of the electric force.

What do you mean by the term electrostatic field?

When the electric field is produced by a stationary charge, then it is known as the electrostatic field.

Why Electric field inside the conductor always zero?

In a charged conductor, the charges remain at the surface of it and there exists a strong lack of charges inside it. That is why the electric field of the charged conductor is always zero that could be easily checked using a free online electric field calculator. for instance, you can measure this field by putting parameters in electric field equation.

Why can never two electric field lines intersect each other?

When two electric field lines intersect each other, tangents are drawn there. It indicates two different directions of the electric field lines which is impossible. This is why two electric field lines can never intersect each other.

Does an electric field pass through an insulator?

Yes, of course! As we know, there are a few free electrons present in an insulator. So they can easily be polarized by electric field lines. Because of this, we can say that electric fields can pass through insulators.

Where is the electric field zero?

Along the line that connects the charges, there exists a point that is located far away from the positive side. At this particular point, the electric field is said to be zero.

What is an equipotential surface?

An equipotential surface is a surface that is made up of charges having the same potential.

Can electric field lines pass through a glass?

Yes, if we consider the container as glass, the electric field lines absolutely pass through it.

Where is the electric field strongest?

The magnitude of the electric field is directly proportional to the density of the field lines. Where the number of electric field lines is maximum, the electric field is also stronger there. The online electric potential calculator allows you to find the power of the field lines in seconds. You can make a strong comparison among various fields by subjecting to free electric field calculator.

What is meant by the term uniform electric field?

The uniform electric field means it remains the same at all the points. The field strength does not change at any point in a uniform electric field.

What is meant by the term radial field?

A radial field is a particular field in which the radii are the electric field lines. Masses, spheres, and point charges have radial field lines.

Can electric field lines curve?

No, the electric field lines never terminate on the same charge due to which it is impossible for them to make a curved shape.

Do electric field lines end?

Yes, as we know that the electric field lines are vectors having some particular directions. Their direction starts from the positive charges and ends at the negative charges.

Are electric field lines infinite?

The electric field lines are uncountable. However, the field becomes zero at infinity as well. The use of electric field calculator makes you capable of determining that how much the strength of the field lines be at infinity.

What is the electric field at the origin?

At the origin, the charge is assumed to be zero always. Moreover, the electric field vectors at this specific point have the same intensity and direction, but in the opposite directions. That is why they cancel each other‘s effect and the overall electric field becomes zero at this point.


Electric field lines exist everywhere around us, from utensils we use in the kitchen to the mobile phones. If you want to calculate the strength of the electric field during an experiment, an online electric field calculator is the best way to do so. That is why it is widely used by electrical engineers to find the intensity of the current and voltages.


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