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Electric Flux calculator

Enter the required elements to get the total, inward, and outward flux enclosed in a closed surface through this calculator.

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This advanced electric flux calculator will help you to calculate the electric flux produced by an electric charge. The tool considers the surface area and flux angle to calculate the inner, outer, and overall flux crossing the given area.

What Is Electric Flux?

Electric flux is supposed to be the maximum number of field lines that cross a given surface area.

Electric Flux

You may calculate the electric flux through Gauss’s Law which is an important concept to determine the flux passing through any surface.

Gauss’s Law:

This law states that:

“The electric flux that comes out of an enclosed surface is directly proportional to the charge and is inversely proportional to the free space permittivity”

Gauss’s Law Equation:

To calculate the electric flux, you need to use the following Gauss law formula: \(𝜙 = \dfrac{Q}{ε_{o}}\)


  • 𝜙 = Total electric flux
  • \(ε_{o}\) = Permittivity of free space and is equal to \(8.85 * 10^{-12} F/m\)
  • Q = Total charge enclosed within the surface

Not only this, but our calculator also uses the same equation to calculate the total charge as follows: \(\text{Total Charge} = Q * ε_{o}\)

How To Calculate Electric Flux?

Calculating flux enclosed in the surface is quite straightforward if you use this calculator. But if you are interested in manual calculations, follow the lead: Suppose the charge enclosed within the surface is about \(1.05 * 10^{2}\) Coulombs. What is the flux due to charge?


Using Gauss law formula:

\(𝜙 = \dfrac{Q}{ε_{o}}\)

\(𝜙 = \dfrac{1.05 * 10^{2}}{8.85 * 10^{-12} F/m}\)

\(𝜙 = \dfrac{105}{8.85 * 0.000000000001 F/m}\)

\(𝜙 = \dfrac{105}{0.00000000000885 F/m}\)

\(𝜙 = 105,000,000,000,000 \dfrac{Nm^{2}}{C}\)

Which is the required flux enclosed within the surface and can also be verified by putting in the values in our electric flux calculator.

Working of Electric Flux Calculator:

Our Gauss calculator functions to provide you with complete flux calculations. Its user-friendly interface requires you to enter the following inputs to get results:


  • Enter the magnitude of the electric field and surface area
  • Likewise, enter the angle of field lines and charge value (Do not forget to select the unit of the charge)
  • Enter the vacuum permittivity value if it is changed with respect to the standard value


  • Total flux crossing the surface area
  • The inward and outward flux
  • Step-by-step calculations


Does Electric Flux Depend On Shape?

No, the electric flux is totally independent of the shape of the surface. It mainly depends upon the density of field lines that passes the surface at a particular angle.

  • At an angle of 90 degrees, the flux will be maximum. For 180 degrees, it will be a minimum.

Is Electric Flux Scalar or Vector?

The electric flux is a scalar quantity. As from the Gauss law formula, it is clear that flux is the dot product of two vector quantities, which will always be a scalar quantity.

How Many Types of Electric Flux Are There?

Following are the types of flux that you need to remember:

  • Luminous Flux
  • Mass flux
  • Heat Flux
  • Momentum Flux
  • Acoustic Flux
  • Electric flux
  • Magnetic Flux
  • Radiant Flux


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