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Resistance Calculator

Resistance Calculator

This calculator will convert the colour codes to resistance values and calculate the overall serial or parallel circuit resistance.

To Calculate:

Number of Bands:

1st Band Color:

2nd Band Color:

3rd Band Color:

Multiplier Color:

Tolerance Color:

Temperature Coefficient Color:

Provide all of the resistance values in series separated by a comma:








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This ohm resistance calculator will readily calculate resistance and tolerance of an electrical circuit based on colour codes. Also computes conductor’s resistance based on conductivity and size values entered. Moreover, you could estimate the combined series or parallel resistance with the tool.

What Is Resistance?

Something that forces the electric current not to flow is known as the resistance.

How To Calculate Resistance?

Following are the standard voltage current resistance formulas to measure resistance:

Colour Codes:

Colour codes correspond to the ratings that define the potential of certain electrical components. But we have considered the codes for resistances only.

  • Hold the resistance in your hand with tolerance bands to the most right
  • Start noticing bands one by one from left to right and pick a value from the table (against colour) to estimate the desired ohm value.

For instance, the following pictures will let you understand pattern to calculate ohm value that you are holding:

3 Band Resistor:
4 Band Resistor:
5 Band Resistor:
6 Band Resistor:

Our electrical resistance calculator takes into account the table below to decode the colour code into value:

Color 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Band Significant Figures
Multiplier Tolerance Temperature Coefficient
Black 0 × 1 250 ppm/K (U)
Brown 1 × 10 ±1% (F) 100 ppm/K (S)
Red 2 × 100 ±2% (G) 50 ppm/K (R)
Orange 3 × 1K ±0.05% (W) 15 ppm/K (P)
Yellow 4 × 10K ±0.02% (P) 25 ppm/K (Q)
Green 5 × 100K ±0.5% (D) 20 ppm/K (Z)
Blue 6 × 1M ±0.25% (C) 10 ppm/K (Z)
Violet 7 × 10M ±0.1% (B) 5 ppm/K (M)
Grey 8 × 100M ±0.01% (L) 1 ppm/K (K)
White 9 × 1G
Gold × 0.1 ±5% (J)
Silver × 0.01 ±10% (K)
None ±20% (M)

Serial Resistance:

\(R_{total} = R_{1}+R_{2}+R_{3}+R_{4}+R_{5}+…+R_{n}\)

Parallel Resistance:

\(R_{total} = \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{1}{R_{1}}+\dfrac{1}{R_{2}}+\dfrac{1}{R_{3}}+\dfrac{1}{R_{4}}+\dfrac{1}{R_{5}}+…+\dfrac{1}{R_{n}}}\)

Conductor Resistance:

\(R = \dfrac{L}{A*C}\)


L = Length of Conductor
A = Cross Sectional Area of the Conductor
C = Material’s Conductivity

How Does Our Circuit Resistance Calculator Work?

Calculating resistance with our calculator is quite easy and swift. Let’s learn its usage!


  • Please select the resistance method from the top list there on tool
  • Once you are done with your choice, go by entering the values or selecting colour combinations for your resistances
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Resistance calculations for conductors and circuits


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