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Watt Calculator

Determine the power you need to run an electrical system within seconds by using this simple wattage calculator.

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Estimate the correct power consumption of your electronic appliances by using this online watt calculator.

Understanding Watt:

Watts is the unit of power that is used to represent the rate of energy transfer to the electronic appliances. Generally, it is defined as the 1 joule per second. Watt and Kilowatt are the SI unit of power. 1000 watts is equal to one kilowatt. In electrical devices, a watt is used to show the power a device uses per second.

How To Calculate Watts Using Amps and Ohms?

Through Ohm’s law, you can easily find out the power in watts. Let's see how:

Watt Formula According To Ohm’s Law:

P(W) = I(A)^2 × R(Ω) Rather than performing manual calculations, make it easy with the help of a watt calculator. This tool will let you proceed with precise calculations without much manual intervention.

What Are Amps, Volts, And Watts?

Watts, voltage, and ampere are all related factors that are used for the measurement of electricity.
  • P = V * I
  • P = V² / R
  • P = I² * R


Volt represents the electrical potential difference between two edges of a conductor.
  • V = I * R
  • V = P / I
  • V = √(P * R)


It is the rate of flow of electricity.
  • I = V / R
  • I = P / V
  • I = √(P / R)


Resistance is the opposition to the current flow inside a conductor.
  • R = V / I
  • R = V² / P
  • R = P / I²
  • R represents the resistance in the flow of the current
  • I is the total current
  • P indicates the power
  • V shows the voltage
If the manual calculation seems difficult, then it's good to get the assistance of a watts calculator. As it will allow you to perform the correct calculation in a matter of seconds.


Let's suppose that the resistor has a voltage of 8 volts and a resistance of 10 ohms. Now how to calculate watts?


Given that: Resistance = 10-ohm Voltage = 8 v Now put the values in the formula for calculating watts: Watts = P = (V)^2 / R = (8)^2 / 10 Watts = 64 /10 = 6.4 Watts = 6.4

Amps To Watts Table (120V):

In the following table, we have listed some current and voltage values and their corresponding values of the power in watts.
Current (A) Voltage (V) Power (W)
0.1 amps 120 volts 12 watts
0.2 amps 120 volts 24 watts
0.3 amps 120 volts 36 watts
0.4 amps 120 volts 48 watts
0.5 amps 120 volts 60 watts
0.6 amps 120 volts 72 watts
0.7 amps 120 volts 84 watts
0.8 amps 120 volts 96 watts
0.9 amps 120 volts 108 watts
1 amps 120 volts 120 watts
2 amps 120 volts 240 watts
3 amps 120 volts 360 watts
4 amps 120 volts 480 watts
5 amps 120 volts 600 watts
6 amps 120 volts 720 watts
7 amps 120 volts 840 watts
8 amps 120 volts 960 watts
9 amps 120 volts 1080 watts
10 amps 120 volts 1200 watts
If your values are not in the table, then perform the manual calculation or get the help of an online volts watts amps calculator to know the exact usage of power.

Working of Watt Calculator:

With the assistance of our wattage calculator, you can easily determine the consumption of power in watts effortlessly. Just stick to the following simple steps: Inputs:
  • Firstly, enter any two values from “resistance”, “current”, “voltage”, and “power” in the specified fields
  • Tap on the “calculate” button
  • Watts
  • Amps
  • Resistance
  • Find Power


How Do You Calculate Power Capacity?

The power capacity of a battery refers to the energy that is stored in the battery. This power is defined in watt-hours. Watt hours = Wh = voltage x amps x hours.

Does Higher Wattage Mean More Power?

Yes, if an appliance consumes higher wattage then it means it is using a high amount of energy in running or performing any task.

How Much Is 1000 Watts Of Power?

The power consumed by an appliance is determined by wattage. If an appliance is using 1000 watts then it means that the appliance is consuming 1 kWh (kilowatt hour). Meanwhile, if you keep it running for one hour, then it will consume one unit of electricity. To know how much each appliance is consuming, use an online watts amps volts calculator

How Many Watts Is a 20-AMP Breaker?

A 20-amp breaker is 2400 watts at 120 volts(120 x 20) but at 240 volts (240 x 20), it is 4800 watts. You can easily calculate this for any breaker with the help of a watts volts amps calculator.


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