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Battery Life Calculator

Battery Life Calculator

Enter the required parameters and the calculator will calculate the expected battery life time for any battery.

Battery capacity:


Discharge safety:


Device consumption:


Awake time:


Sleep Mode

Device consumption:


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Get an accurate estimate of battery life with the help of this free battery life calculator seamlessly. As this online tool is solely designed to calculate the average consumption and the battery life. 

What Is The Purpose of Battery Life?

Battery life refers to a specific period in which it keeps working and after that time, it needs to be recharged. It is the lifespan of the battery that lasts until you have to replace or recharge it. The life of a battery is affected by several factors such as moisture, high temperature, dirt, vibration and more.

Terms In Battery Run Time Calculation:

Either you are performing the battery life calculation manually, or with the help of the battery life calculator, you will have to determine the following terms for performing the correct calculations.

The most vital terms related to battery life are:


It means the total capacity of the battery in ampere-hours. You can find it on your battery. Mostly, it is printed on the battery.


This is the average amount of current in amperes that has to go out towards the electronic devices connected to the battery.

Discharge Safety:

This is the percentage of the battery capacity that is never gonna be used. 

Battery Life Formula:

Let’s see the following formula to calculate the battery life manually:

Battery life = Capacity / Consumption × (1 – Discharge safety)

Why Sleep Drain Battery?

In sleep mode, your device is still ON and it consumes power of the batter but this consumption is lower than the awake time. If you need to find out the average consumption then use the following formula that is based on the awake and sleep time. 

Average consumption = (Consumption1 × Time1 + Consumption2 × Time2) / (Time1 + Time2).

If it seems difficult to perform the calculation then get the help of a battery drain calculator. As it will let you perform the calculation instantly. 

Awake Time:

This is the amount of time in which the electronic device is not sleeping during one operational cycle of the battery.

Consumption in Sleep Mode:

The amount of consumption in amperes that your devices consume in sleep mode.

Sleep Time:

This is the time that your device spends in sleep mode during one cycle of operation. 

Why Calculate Battery Life?

The life of a battery is the most important factor in a circuit. It is very essential to estimate how long the battery will last according to the amount of consumption. You can perform battery run time calculation, manually with the help of the above-listed formula or can get the assistance of a good online battery life calculator. 

How to Calculate the Battery Life?

Follow the below-listed steps to calculate the battery life manually:

  • First of all, determine the capacity of the battery by checking the battery or with the help of a battery capacity calculator
  • Determine the consumption of the electronic device
  • Now assume the discharge safety is 20%
  • Put these values in the above-mentioned formula to find out the battery life

If you are not good at calculations, then don’t worry, simply get the assistance of a battery runtime calculator. By using it, you will be able to know the battery life effortlessly. 

Working of Our Battery Calculator:

Calculating the battery life with our battery run time calculator is much easy and straightforward. You just have to add a couple of inputs and it does the rest calculation instantly. Let’s see how it works:


  • Enter the values of the “battery capacity”, “device consumption”, “discharge safety”, “awake time”, and “sleep time” in the designated fields
  • Tap on the “calculate” button


  • Average Consumption
  • Battery Life in Hours
  • Battery life in Other Units
  • Average Consumption in Other Units

Rechargeable Batteries Properties Table:

Battery run time calculation depends on the following characteristics:

Type of Battery Electrolyte Operating Temperature
Open Cell Voltage
Energy Density
Charge / Discharge Efficiency
Power Densities Life Cycles
Theoretical Achievable Peak
Lead-Acid H2SO4 -20 – 60 2.1-2.2 171 30-40 70-90 120 25 200-2000
Nickel-Iron KOH 20 – 30 1.2 267 60 65 2000
Zinc-Iron KOH 50 – 60 1.65 1084 90 45 600
Sodium-Sulfur β-Al2O3 300 – 400 1.76-2.08 664 120 70 240 120 2000
Lithium-Iron Sulfide LiCl-KCl 400 – 450 1.6 869 150 75 1000
Nickel-Cadmium KOH -40 – 60 1.2 40 – 60 70-90 300 140 500 – 2000
Nickel-Metal Hydride KOH 10 – 50 1.2 60 – 80 50 440 220 < 3000
Nickel-Zinc 60
Lithium Ion LiPF6 -20 – 60 3.6 100 – 200 70 720 360 500 – 2000
Lithium-sulphide AIN 430 – 500 130 75 200 140 200
Zinc-chlorine ZnCl2 120 65 100
Lithium ion polymer Li-β-Alu -20 – 60 3.7 130-200 70 >1200


How Long Does 5000mAh Battery Last?

Today’s smartphones having 5000 mAh battery can last up to two days while performing basic tasks, but if you will run music and videos then the battery life will be reduced according to the use and consumption of the device. 

How Long Is Normal Battery Life?

The normal battery for your car lasts approximately three to four years. It depends upon the consumption and the way of usage. 

How Do You Calculate How Long a Battery Will Last Based on Watts?

Follow the below-mentioned formula to calculate the battery life based on watts:

Battery Life in Watts=(10 x battery capacity in amp hours) / (appliance load in watts) 

If you don’t want to perform the calculation, then you can utilize the battery amp hours calculator to know how long will a battery last. 


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