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Tesla Charging Cost Calculator

Tesla Charging Cost Calculator

Select the Tesla Model and add the distance and cost and the tool will calculate the Tesla charging cost.

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The Tesla charging calculator assists to estimate the cost and the mileage of the Tesla model. You need to calculate the charging cost and expenses of a Tesla vehicle before purchasing a specific model.

How Much to Charge a Tesla?

The cost to charge a Tesla vehicle is the main thing while you are selecting the Tesla vehicle. You need to select the initial and desired level of your battery. The other thing is the charging current capacity required for a particular Tesla model. 

Note: Tesla Model X and Y have different charging capacities specific to their model. 

The Tesla supercharger cost calculator is specially designed to manage the mileage and the cost per trip. When choosing a Tesla model, the main thing is calculating the charging cost. Tesla’s charging cost is variable for various models and it is going to change as the model of the vehicle.

Tesla charging costs of the different models is variable and depends upon the engine performance and efficiency.

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla’s various models?

Model 3 Model S Model X Model Y
$10.95 $17.83 $17.99 $14.39

The Tesla calculator is specifically designed to figure out the cost of a particular model and its relative efficiency.

Tesla Charging Cost:

The changing cost of a battery having a capacity C and Charge $R per KWh. Then 

P = CR


P = Cost of fully charged battery 

Ec = X × E × R / 100

E = Efficiency of the Tesla car

R = Charging cost Car

X = Trip distance

When purchasing a Tesla vehicle, the main thing is to estimate the cost to charge Tesla vehicle which can easily be managed by using the online Tesla charging calculator.


Calculate Tesla charging cost having a battery capacity of 90 kWh, and the unit cost is $0.2 per kWh. Estimate the electric cost of the 100 miles per trip, the given efficiency is 160 KWh/100 miles.


Enter the battery capacity = C = 90 KWh


The cost to charge Tesla battery= P = CR 


Enter the per unit cost of battery = (90 KWh)*($0.2) = $0.18


The cost of fully charged battery= $0.18


Trip Cost of the vehicle  = XER/100


Vehicle efficiency = (90) *(160) * (0.18)/100 


How much is it to charge a Tesla = (90) *(160) * (0.18) /100 = $ 25.92

The cost to charge a Tesla is different for various vehicles and it is done by applying the mileage of the vehicle. The  Tesla charging price is even variable in the various states of the US due to variable electric costs in the states.

Working of the Tesla Charging Calculator:

The Tesla charging cost calculator can be handled by the following procedure:


  • Select the model of the Tesla
  • Enter the price per kWh and driven distance
  • Hit the Calculate Button


  • Charging cost of millage
  • Other detail and specifications of the model 


What is the Tesla Mileage in kWh per Mile?

It is 21.75 kWh per mile, or about 112 MPG equivalent when doing 100 miles. The cost to charge a Tesla vehicle is variable due to engine capacity.

Are Tesla Charging Stations Free?

Tesla stations were free in the past, but no it is not free of cost anymore. Tesla charging costs can be calculated for various models by the Tesla supercharging cost calculator.

How Long Do Tesla Batteries Last?

The Tesla charging costs and battery span is different according to 2021. Tesla reports the batteries are roughly the last 200,000 miles in the U.S. And 150,000 miles in Europe due to Tesla’s electric cost. You need to calculate the electric cost with the Tesla electric bill calculator.

How Far Can a Tesla Travel on a Full Charge?

The mileage of the Tesla is 405 miles and it is around 651.784 Km in full charge. You may find it quite amazing to determine the mileage by the Tesla charge price list.


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