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Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity Cost Calculator

Enter the power consumption, energy usage, and run time to estimate the cost and wattage expenditure of an electrical appliance through this calculator.




Daily Usage:


Cost per kWh:


Power Consumption:


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The Electricity cost calculator is used to figure out the utilization of the energy  and our cost. It is easy to find the utilization, cost of various appliances the cost per kWh calculator. Even when you are utilizing an electrical appliance, it is costing you, whether it is AC or even a light bulb that is DC.

Cost of Electricity?

We can calculate energy consumption by multiplying the home’s energy utilization (kWh/month). The electric cost estimator takes the power consumption, and utilization time, and also adds the cost of the electricity. 

Electricity Costs in USA?

The cost of electricity is impacted by the amount of energy consumed per month. There are variable electricity costs in various states of America, for example, we take the State of Texas. The Texas apartment normally costs $89 per month while a house would cost $154 per month. The electricity cost would fluctuate when calculating electricity costs for various states. The electric cost also increases due to the power factor of the various appliances. The voltage drop can be a factor to increase the overall electricity cost and we can use the voltage drop calculator to determine the overall voltage around the clock.

Cost of Electricity Per kWh:

According to the EIA (Energy Information Administration) average electricity is around 12 cents per kWh in Texas. The average electricity is around 12 cents per kWh of the cost of the electricity calculator. An electricity cost estimator is used to figure out the total cost we require for the monthly cost of the electricity. The Electric field is another source of current through the circuit that causes a certain magnetic field. Now this electric field affects the amperage of the circuit, when it is double or half that is why to compare your circuit’s electric field with that of the ideal one, we better recommend using another electric field calculator. It reduces and helps to control the electricity cost of the apartment.


Square Footage Avg. Monthly Electricity per kWh Avg. Electricity Cost
Less than 1,000 773.67 $92.84
1,000 – 1,4999 1,022.08 $122.65
1,500 – 1,999 1,208.67 $145.04
2,000 – 2,499 1,195.75 $143.49
2,5000 – 2,999 1,272 $152.64
3,000 or greater 1,453.75 $174.45

The electricity bill calculator utilizes historical energy information. 

Avg Electricity Cost:

Calculating electricity cost can be easy if we are going to figure out the number of members of the home. Utilizing the electricity price calculator made it easy for us to find the electricity cost for a family.  It can be quite refreshing if you are able to find the electricity cost when you are observing the data given below in the table.

You can use the energy cost calculator for various appliances and use their power factors.  It is better to find the resistance of the various appliance circuits  by Ohm’s law and select a circuit according to your particular resistance apartment wiring.It can be quite helpful to  use the Ohm’s law calculator for determining the resistance of various appliances.

 Then it would be quite easy to extract all the information. It is best to find the electric cost of various appliances by the electric cost calculator. The table below has listed estimated monthly costs from 1 member family to 6 member family.

Number of Household Members Avg. Monthly Electricity Consumption per kWh

Avg. Electricity Cost

1 Member 819.58 $98.35
2 Members 1,103.25 $132.39
3 Members 1,189.58 $142.75
4 Members 1,394.92 $167.39
5 Members 1,425.92 $171.11
6 or More Members 1,519.92 $182.39

You may require an energy cost calculator to make it simple to the estimation of your consumption

KWh Cost for an Apartment?

Consider we have the power consumption of 13 watts of an appliance is 3 hours per month. The energy price is $ 9 kWh. Then we need to find the energy price and the power consumed per month.

Power consumption = 13 watts 

Utilization time = 3 hours/month

Energy price = $9 kWh


We know that the power consumption formula is:

Power consumed= [(power consumption) /(usage time)] /100

Power consumed= [(13) /(3)] /100=0.043

Cost per month =(Power consumed)(Energy price)

Cost per month =(0.043)(9)

Cost per month =$0.36 per month

It is quite convenient to use the kWh calculator cost for various values of different appliances by the electric cost calculator. It best to find the amperage per hour around the clock in your area, then you can determine  the amp per hour by the amp hour calculator and manage your electricity cost.

Various Appliances Power Factor:

The power factor of various appliances is different like motors, lamps, ovens, and most other common appliances. We have estimated the cost at 100% of their efficiency. The cos φ and the cos φ show the power variation of these appliances. We can calculate the energy consumption of these appliances and adjust their utilization accordingly. Calculating electricity costs is simple when you are using the electricity cost calculator.

We need to find the power tan φ

tan φ=[Q(Kvar)/P(kW)]

The same 

tan φ=[Q(Kvarh)/P(Kwh)]

If the reactive energy level is less than 40% of the active energy, then(tan φ<0.4) for a maximum of 16 hours per day. From 0-600 to 22-00h). We find the energy consumption in the most loaded periods.

Find the amp per hour by the amp hour calculator and manage your electricity cost.

Equipment cos φ tan φ
Common induction motor 0.85 062
Incandescent lamps 1.0 0
Fluorescent lamps (uncompensated) 0.5 1.73
Fluorescent lamps (compensated) 0.93 0.39
Discharge lamps 0.4 to 0.6 2.29 to 1.33
Ovens using resistance elements 1.0 0
Induction heating ovens (compensated) 0.85 0.62
Dielectric type heating ovens 0.85 0.62


You may find it quite easy to find the utility cost of various appliances by the utility cost calculator.

Appliances and Power Consumption:

The power used by the various appliances in Watt can be measured by the electric bill calculator. Being a homeowner in Texas can be hectic if you are not able to find the power for various appliances. It can be convenient to calculate the power consumption by the power cost calculations.


Eclectic Appliances Power in Watts “W”
Fans  80
LED Light Bulb 25
AC Air conditioner  900
Refrigerator  250
Electric Heater  2000
Water Heater  4000
Hair Dryer 1500
TV 120
Water Pump  800
Washing Machine 1500
Laptop computer  100
Blender  500

Electricity Cost Calculator, Working:

The electricity bill calculator requires following input values:


  • Enter the consumption of electricity 
  • Enter the per unit per of electricity
  • Enter the daily utilization of electricity
  • Hit the calculate button to find 


The electricity cost calculator generates the following result:

  • The Power consumed in kWh 
  • Cost per unit


What are the Factors Affecting the Electricity Cost?

The electricity cost is affected by the power and utility of appliances. Calculate energy consumption, according to the following list:

  1. Power factor of the appliance
  2. Time duration of utilization 
  3. Per unit cost of electricity

How do I Find out What Utility Company Delivers Electricity to my Property?

The best way to find out which utility company services your property is to look at your current electricity bill. If you can’t find the information on your bill, then it is best to call your current energy provider and ask them for the utility company’s information. It’s important to know your utility company for electricity and gas in the case of a power outage or other emergency in your area. We can estimate the electricity cost of the electricity cost calculator in simple steps.

How to Calculate the Cost of Electricity?

To calculate electricity cost, you need to find the power consumed by appliances and use the online electricity cost calculator.
To estimate electricity costs:

  1. Find out power consumed by multiplying the power consumption of devices by usage time.
  2. Multiply the power consumed by energy price to obtain the total cost.


The power cost calculator is a simple way to find electricity costs, it can be easy to avoid the extra burden of expenses by the calculation. You may reduce costs by knowing their power factor and the energy consumption in watts.


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