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Solar Panel Calculator

Solar Panel Calculator

The calculator will estimate the panel number, solar array dimensions, and area required to install a solar system.


Electricity Consumption:



I know my solar hrs per day:


Province/Territory (City):

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Solar hours per day:

Bill offset percentage:


Environmental factor:


Your roof area:


Area of one panel:


Power output per panel:



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Make use of this best solar panel calculator that lets you calculate the bill offset and number of panels required to cover a certain roof area. Not only this, but this free solar powered calculators help in calculating solar power efficiency of the panels.

So if you are thinking of installing solar panel setup for your home, it’s time for you to give your precious time to the article below.

Let’s go!

Size of The Solar Panel:

Whenever you think of buying solar panels to run your property energy, you must know the dimensions of your roof area. It will help you to estimate the exact number of panels that would not only be able to produce enough voltage but also fit the roof area. To calculate the roof area required for the fitting of the panels, you may subject to this solar calculator for instant estimations.

Now what if the roof area is so small or has uneven dimensions? It would definitely put you in trouble. But do not worry as we have a couple of solutions for thai. One is definitely the use of our free solar system calculator and other include the following solar installation guide:

Solar Array Output:

Calculating solar power output gives you an idea about the units needed to obtain the desired electricity. So follow the expression below to calculate the solar energy production:

Solar Array Output = Electricity Consumption / (365 * Solar Hours In a Day)

Environmental Factor:

The percentage of the electric voltages being produced and saved before as not affected by any environmental happenings like moisture in the air, pollution in the surroundings etc is known as the environmental factor.

You must keep in mind what is your actual solar energy demand and the environmental factor of your location. It will provide an edge in calculating the electricity bill offset right away. You can make use of the equation below to calculate your bill offset:

Solar Array Size = Solar Array Output * (Bill Offset / Environmental Factor)

Roof Area:

What you need to do here is to look for those sections of your house roof which are not hit by the sunlight. This is because installing panels in such a place would produce no electricity voltage. So by doing so you would be able to get a proper estimation regarding the actual number of the panel you need. And in case you feel a hurdle, you may use our online solar power calculator for full fledged assistance.

Quantity of Panels:

Now it is time to calculate the exact panel quantity you need to install on the roof. It can be either done by using this free solar panel calculator or by using the formula below:

Required Panels = Solar Array Size * 1000 / (Solar Hours Per Day * Panel Output In Watts)

Occupied Area:

This is the last step you indeed have to keep in mind. You should calculate the area being covered by the number of panels you have installed. This can be done by following the equation below:

Area Occupied = Required Panels * Panel Width * Panel Length

Working of a Solar Panel:

Did you know!

“The energy consumption on the Earth for a full year can be handled easily only from half an hour of sunlight striking the planet. How astounding!”

working of solar system

Basically, solar panels work when photovoltaic cells (PV) transform the sunlight into electrical voltage that you can also estimate by using this best solar calculator. Let’s get through the point below to get a sound knowledge of solar panels working!

  • When the sunlight strikes the surface of the panel, it is converted into the electric field
  • A conductive wire is attached at the edges of the panels. The electric field that is created flows through the surface of panel and flows through the wire in the form of the converted voltage
  • This converted voltage travels through the wire to the inverter connected. From there, it is converted to the Alternating Current (AC) voltage. This voltage is then provided to power the buildings
  • With this all, another wire is also connected through the circuit that carries the AC voltage back to the solar panel from where it gets distributed to the whole building

With the assistance of our free solar panel calculator, you can actually get an instant power, current, and voltage ratings for any solar panel selected.

Pros And Cons of Solar Panels:

Like every other power generation system, the solar system also has its pros and cons. These include:


  • Produces green energy that in actual lowers your carbon footprints
  • If you install net metering, you can also sale extra energy produced that is a benefit
  • Also, installing solar panel system may nullify chances of any additional tax amounts


  • The installation and maintenance charges for a solar system are still very high
  • Solar system only works when there is sunshine striking at panels’ surface
  • You need to replace major parts of the system every few years

That is why we suggest you using our online solar power calculator to choose those panels that produce maximum electricity.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Well, it is indeed very important to know the exact number of solar panels according to the roof area. This is because it helps you to calculate solar power to run the load you want to. No doubt our free solar panel calculator is a definite advantage to do such calculations in seconds but you must understand the way you can do it manually. So for such computations, get through the generic expression below:

Number of Panels = System Size / Single Panel Size

Here let us code one fact that the system and panel size do not correspond to the actual dimensions. The size of the system refers to the actual solar power calculations a person may hope to get from the panels. So if you want to get an estimation about the solar panel output, you may use this best solar calculator.

Cost of Solar panel:

Here we will discuss the lower-Average-Higher prices for various types of solar panel in different states. Let’s have a look at these!

Solar panel Cost (Type Wise):

On an average, the cost of the solar panel lies in the range of $3500-$35000. These prices vary for every different type and model of the panel. So whenever you make up your mind to invest in buying these, you must check and verify the prices of the panels you wish to buy. It will let you make a proper investment strategy. Moreover, if you feel any hurdle in doing this, you may fetch the type of panel along with other required parameters in this free solar cost calculator to get precise estimation. Let’s check average cost of different solar panel type:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels:

These solar panels are considered the most reliable choice for a layman who wishes to install a proper system for his house. Per wattage cost of this panel lies among the range$1 to $1.50. It means that installing a solar system of about 6kW will cost nearly $6000 to $9000. For further verification, you may get instant estimates by using this best solar panels kwh calculator.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels:

This type of solar panel is less efficient and thus less costly than monocrystalline ones. Price range lies between 0.90-$1 which means installing a 6kW system will cost you almot $6000 at a maximum. For further accurate calculations, this cost of solar energy calculator is the best choice to utilise.

Thin-Film Solar Panels:

These solar panels are installed in industrial zones, where a large amount of energy production is required that could be determined by this solar power calculator in seconds. Per wattage price for these panels is about $1.50 at a maximum.

Solar panel Cost (State Wise):

Below we have a detailed price chart for installing solar panels in different states of the USA. Remember these costs include all labour and tax charges as well.

State Starting cost for 6-kW system* Average cost per watt** 2020 federal tax credit value (26%) 2021 federal tax credit value (22%
Alabama $13,706 $2.45 $3,564 $3,015
Alaska $13,454 $2.41 $3,498 $2,960
Arizona $13,680 $2.67 $3,557 $3,010
Arkansas $14,713 $2.63 $3,825 $3,237
California $15,240 $2.68 $3,962 $3,353
Colorado $17,100 $2.44 $4,446 $3,762
Connecticut $15,540 $2.86 $4,040 $3,419
District of Columbia $15,720 $2.88 $4,087 $3,458
Delaware $15,300 $2.65 $3,978 $3,366
Florida $13,920 $2.41 $3,619 $3,062
Georgia $15,840 $2.33 $4,118 $3,485
Hawaii $19,560 $2.67 $5,086 $4,303
Idaho $17,100 $2.52 $4,446 $3,762
Illinois $16,740 $2.57 $4,352 $3,683
Indiana $15,300 $2.49 $3,978 $3,366
Iowa $14,160 $2.53 $3,682 $3,115
Kansas $13,353 $2.39 $3,472 $2,882
Kentucky $13,101 $2.34 $3,406 $2,882
Louisiana $15,660 $2.38 $4,072 $3,445
Maine $16,073 $2.87 $4,179 $3,536
Maryland $15,540 $2.74 $4,040 $3,419
Massachusetts $16,440 $2.87 $4,274 $3,617
Michigan $16,020 $2.66 $4,165 $3,524
Minnesota $17,280 $2.74 $4,493 $3,802
Mississippi $14,763 $2.64 $3,838 $3,248
Missouri $14,461 $2.59 $3,760 $3,181
Montana $16,560 $2.42 $4,306 $3,643
Nebraska $15,820 $2.83 $4,113 $3,480
Nevada $14,760 $2.61 $3,838 $3,247
New Hampshire $17,460 $2.83 $4,540 $3,841
New Jersey $14,520 $2.77 $3,775 $3,194
New Mexico $16,680 $2.44 $4,337 $3,670
New York $15,900 $2.86 $4,134 $3,498
North Carolina $14,040 $2.49 $3,650 $3,089
North Dakota $13,555 $2.42 $3,524 $2,982
Ohio $14,400 $2.50 $3,744 $3,168
Oklahoma $14,667 $2.62 $3,813 $3,227
Oregon $15,060 $2.50 $3,916 $3,313
Pennsylvania $15,420 $2.38 $4,009 $3,392
Rhode Island $16,200 $2.69 $4,212 $3,564
South Carolina $16,500 $2.62 $4,290 $3,630
South Dakota $13,535 $2.39 $3,519 $2,978
Tennessee $13,909 $2.49 $3,616 $3,060
Texas $14,820 $2.60 $3,853 $3,260
Utah $15,420 $2.66 $4,009 $3,392
Vermont $16,620 $2.85 $4,321 $3,656
Virginia $15,780 $2.66 $4,103 $3,472
Washington $14,040 $2.73 $3,650 $3,089
West Virginia $14,763 $2.64 $3,838 $3,248
Wisconsin $17,580 $2.60 $4,571 $3,868
Wyoming $14,360 $2.57 $3,734 $3,159

This free solar calculator can also let you know about the most updated price of any solar panel in any state of the world in a fragment of seconds.

How Solar Panel Calculator Works?

Let’s go through the usage guide of this free solar panels calculator that allows you to estimate the power production, roof area, and solar array!


  • In the first field, write down the electric consumption. Also from the list next to it, select whether this consumption is monthly or yearly
  • From the next list, select whether you know your solar hours or want to choose location
  • Now write down solar hours per day and bill offset percentage value in designated fields
  • After doing so, write down the environmental factor and roof area. Do not forget to select the unit of the area.
  • After you are done with it, fetch in the value of panel array and output along with selected units
  • Now tap the calculate button


The free solar calculator does the following calculations:

  • Estimate the solar array size
  • Calculate the exact number of panels needed for required energy production
  • Calculate the roof area covered by the panels
  • Inform you whether your house roof area is sufficient to install solar panels or not


How many kWh can 1 solar panel?

On an average, a single solar panel can produce a solar estimate of about 170 to 350 watts per every single hour. However, the efficiency of the solar panel also changes with varied climatic conditions like extensive hot summer or too much cold.

What can a 300 watt solar panel run?

A small 300 watt solar panel can only drive small home appliances just like a medium sized refrigerator or a couple of fans etc. you can also verify it by using this free solar powered calculators in a matter of seconds.

How many solar panels do I need for 1000 kWh per month?

You exactly need 24 to 25 solar panels to get solar power output of 1000 kWh.

How many solar panels to charge a Tesla?

If you are having a Tesla Model S car, then you need to remember that its full power efficiency is about 14kWh. So if you use half of the capacity of it, you will need exactly 13 solar panels with a solar array of about 14kW. You can also determine it by using this solar calculator.

How many solar panels are needed to run a home?

If the roof area of your house is about 1500 square feet, you will need 15 to 18 solar panels to run all electrical appliances in your home.


Solar energy allows you to produce electricity free of any pollution kind and being pure. As a huge public is following this modern trend of installing solar panels, that is why we have developed this free solar panel calculator so that the exact estimations regarding solar energy production could be done instantly and more precisely.


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