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Solar Panel Calculator

Solar Panel Calculator

Enter a few required parameters into the following calculator and estimate the number of panels, solar array dimensions, and area required to install a solar system.

Electricity Consumption:



I know my solar hrs per day:


Province/Territory (City):

State (City):

Solar hours per day:

Bill offset percentage:


Environmental factor:


Your roof area:


Area of one panel:


Power output per panel:



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Use the solar panel calculator to estimate the panel size, required panels, and the solar panel array size needed for your home energy usage.

With it, you can also calculate the solar power, the efficiency of the panels, and the area required for the installation of the solar panels. 

Benefits of Solar Energy — Why Solar?

Solar energy allows you to produce electricity free of any pollution and pure. A huge public is following this modern trend of installing solar panels because of its diverse benefits such as:

  • Contributes to improving the quality of the air
  • Produces green energy that lowers your carbon footprints
  • Allows you to enjoy cheap electricity
  • If you install net metering, you can also sell extra free solar energy produced which is a benefit
  • Installing solar panel systems may nullify the chances of any additional tax amounts

How Do I Calculate How Many Solar Panels I Need?

Well, it is indeed very important to know the exact number of solar panels because it helps you to calculate solar power to run the load you want. 

The number of solar panels you need relies upon the following factors. Let’s take a look!

  • Useable Roof Area
  • Solar Panel Needs
  • Solar Panel Size
  • The Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells 
  • Solar Panel Wattage

Use the following equation to find the number of panels you need:

\(\ Number\ of\ Panels =\dfrac{System\ Size}{Single\ Panel\ Size}\)

The size of the system refers to the actual solar power calculations a person may hope to get from the panels. 

Calculating solar array output with a solar power calculator or the following equations, gives you an idea about the units needed to obtain the desired electricity.

\(\ Solar\ Array\ Output =\dfrac{Electricity\ Consumption}{365\times\ Solar\ Hours\ In\ a\ Day}\)

\(\ Solar\ Array\ Size =\ Solar\ Array\ Output\times\ (\dfrac{Bill\ Offset}{Environmental Factor})\)

Now it is time to calculate the exact panel quantity you need to install on the roof. It can be done by using the following formula:

\(\ Required\ Panels =\dfrac{Solar\ Array\ Size\times\ 1000}{Solar\ Hours\ Per\ Day\times\ Panel\ Output\ In\ Watts}\)

Calculate the area being covered by the number of panels you will install on your roof. This can be done by following the equation below:

\(\ Required\ Area =\ Required\ Panels\times\ Panel\ Width\times\ Panel\ Length\)

Solar Panel Cost Per Watt:

Today, solar panels are available in different sizes, and power ranges. Below we have discussed the prices for various types of solar panels. Let’s have a look at these!

Grid-Tie Solar System Costs:

The prices vary for every different type and model and solar panel dimensions. So whenever you make up your mind to invest in buying these, you must check and verify the prices of the panels you wish to buy. It will let you make a proper investment strategy.

Grid Tie means that your home is connected to the utility company’s grid. By using it your home electricity consumption will remain the same but you will be able to cut down the electricity bill. You can do solar savings by investing in the batteries.

Off-Grid Solar System Costs:

These solar panels are considered the most reliable choice for a layman who wishes to install a proper system for his house. 

Off-grid solar systems require a charge controller (inverter) to convert the direct current(DC) to an alternative current(AC) so you can use it to power your electronic devices.

Solar Panel Installation Costs:

The Solar Panel Installation Costs range approximately from $0.75 to $1.25 per watt. With the help of a solar panel cost calculator, you can easily figure out the total cost that you will have to pay as a lump sum amount.


How To Figure Out Your Average Sun Hours Per Day?

All the parts of a country receive different amounts of sunlight in a day. To get to know the average solar hours per day in your location determine the peak hours of the sun. Here peak sun hours mean the time at which the light of the sun equals 1000 watts per square meter. 

In most parts of the United States, you will probably get six peak hours in a day. For more precise information on solar hours, use an insolation map or an insolation meter.

How Many kWh Can 1 Solar Panel?

On average, a single panel can produce a solar estimate of about 170 to 350 watts per every single hour. However, the solar panel efficiency also changes with varied climatic conditions like extensive hot summer or too much cold.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For 1000 kWh Per Month?

You need 24 to 25 solar panels kwh to get a solar panel output of 1000 kWh.