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Unit Rate Calculator

Unit Rate Calculator

Write down the quantities along with their units and the calculator will readily compute the unit rate.





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Get an accurate unit rate or unit price for various quantities by using this free online unit rate calculator math.

Let’s discuss how a unit rate affects the price or change in values and how the calculations could be fastened with the assistance of this best ratio and rate calculator.

Let’s move on!

What Is A Unit Rate In Math?

To understand the meaning of unit rate, you must first know what a rate is.


A particular ratio that represents the comparison of quantities is known as the rate.

Rate Example:

  • The price of 6 oranges is $55.
  • The car is running at the velocity of 34 kilometre per hour.

Unit Rate:

Now if the denominator in rate comparison becomes 1, the yielding result will be considered as the unit rate.

Unit Rate Example:

If the rate of 20 apples is $58, then the price of one apple will be $2.9. Let’s discuss how it is calculated!

Unit Rate Formula:

If you have two values say x and y and you are wondering about how to find unit rate for these values, then you are actually supposed to follow the expression below:

Unit Rate = x/y = c/1

The free fraction unit rate calculator also goes for determining the ratio of two numbers for a single thing by using this formula

Unit Rate and Proportionality Constant Relationship

Both of the terms are quite similar. The reason is that both of them represent the comparison among quantities. Also, both are displayed in particular units. Moreover, this best constant of proportionality calculator allows you to determine the constant ratio defined for a single unit of something.

How To Find Unit Rate?

This section of the read is packed with some concept related examples that will let you comprehend the difference among rate and unit rate. Let’s go through!

Example # 01:

How to find the unit price for 1 kg of sugar if it is being sold in the market as a 3kg bag for $5?


Since the price of 3kg sugar is $5, the price for one kg is determined as follows:

x = 5

y = 3

Unit Price = x/y

Unit Price = 5/3

Unit Price = 1.66 approx.

For verification of results, you can let our unit price calculator do that in seconds.

Example # 02:

Jack drove the car between London and Berkshire by covering a distance of about 49 miles in 1.5 hours. How to find the unit rate for the velocity of the car?


Here we have:

x = 49

y = 1.5

Unit Rate = 49/1.5

Unit Rate = 32.66 miles per hour

Example # 03:

How to calculate rate if the unit rate of water flow is about 3000 litres per hour?


Here we have:

Unit rate = 3000 l/hr

y = 1 hr

So we have:

Unit Rate = x/y
3000 = x/1

x = 3000 litres per hour

Here we see that rate and unit rate are the same.

How Unit Rate Calculator Works?

Use the best ratios and rates calculator to enter a couple of quantities and calculate their unit rate in a couple of seconds. Let’s learn how it could be done actually!


  • Enter both quantities in their designated fields
  • Also, write down the corresponding units as well
  • At last, tap the calculate button


The free unit rate fraction calculator calculates:

  • Exact unit rate along with proper ratio calculations


What is another name used for the unit rate?

You can define a unit rate as a special ratio as well. This is because it describes the fractional analysis of quantities per 1. Moreover, this particular analysis can also be sped up by using our best unit rate calculator.

How can unit rates be helpful when solving problems?

Whenever a process like ratio comparison is involved, unit rates are considered a useful means to compare them. Actually, the unit rate allows you to compare one value per one unit of the second value.

What’s unit rate if the price of 6 litres of milk is about $56?

The unit rate will be equal to 9.33 per dollar that could also be found by subjecting to our best cost per unit calculator.

How is unit rate used in everyday life?

Unit rates are widely used in everyday life. The prices of various items per one kg represents the unit rate. Also, the unit rates are used in paying the employees on an hourly basis, setting prices for tickets per one item, and others like that.


Unit rates make it possible for you to do a direct comparison among the things. And our best price per unit calculator makes it far possible to speed up the comparison. So stop your research and start using this free calculator for immediate outputs.


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