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Salvage Value Calculator

Enter the original value, depreciation rate, and age of asset in tool to calculate the salvage value.


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The salvage value calculator evaluates the salvage value of an asset on the basis of the depreciation rate and the number of years. The salvage value is calculated to know the expected value or resale value of an asset over its useful life. 

What Is the Salvage Value?

The salvage or the residual value is the book value of an asset after all the depreciation has been fully expired.

The salvage or the scrap value is estimated when the useful life of an asset is over and can’t be used for its original purpose. 

How to Calculate Salvage Value?

You can calculate salvage value by knowing the original price, depreciation rate, and the age of the asset.  The net salvage value formula is given by:

S = P(1-i)^Y


S = Salvage value

P = Original price

i = Annual Depreciation Rate

Y = Age in years

The salvage calculator reduces the loss and assists in making a decision before all the useful life of the assist has been passed.

Practical Example:

Let's suppose the purchasing price of a car is $20000, and its depreciation per year is 21.4 %. Then what is the salvage price or scrap value calculation of the car after each passing year and after 10 years passed?


P = $20000

i = 21.4 %

Y = 10 years

S =?


S = P(1-i)^Y

S = $20000(1- 21.4%)^10

S = $1799.93

The car salvage value calculator is going to find the salvage value of the car on the basis of the yearly depreciation value.

Year Beginning Book Value Depreciation Percent Depreciation Amount Accumulated Depreciation Amount salvage value
1 $20000 21.4% $4280 $4280 $15720
2 $15720 21.4% $3364.08 $7644.08 $12355.92
3 $12355.92 21.4% $2644.17 $10288.25 $9711.75
4 $9711.75 21.4% $2078.31 $12366.56 $7633.44
5 $7633.44 21.4% $1633.56 $14000.12 $5999.88
6 $5999.88 21.4% $1283.97 $15284.09 $4715.91
7 $4715.91 21.4% $1009.2 $16293.29 $3706.71
8 $3706.71 21.4% $793.24 $17086.53 $2913.47
9 $2913.47 21.4% $623.48 $17710.01 $2289.99
10 $2289.99 21.4% $490.06 $18200.07 $1799.93

How Does the Salvage Value Calculator Beneficial?

The salvage calculator serves the business in the following ways:

Original Price of Asset:

You can find the asset's original price if the salvage price and the depreciation rate are known to you with the salvage calculator.

Depreciation Rate:

A car salvage value calculator can be used to implement the various depreciation rates on the original price and salvage value

Salvage Price: 

The salvage price of the asset and scrap value calculation are based on the original price and depreciation rate. The salvage value calculator cars and vehicles is useful when you are suspicious about the price of the car while including the depreciation of the asset.


What Is the Loss for Tax Value?

If the asset is sold for less than its book value then the difference in cost will be recorded as the loss of the tax values. In this situation, the salvage values calculated are less than the book value.

What Is Before-Tax Salvage Value?

When an asset or a good is sold off, its selling price is the salvage value if tax is not deducted then this is called the before tax salvage value.

What Is After-Tax Salvage Value? 

If the salvage value is greater than the book value then income added after deducting the tax, the value/ amount then left is called after-tax salvage value. The after tax salvage value online calculator provides us the after-tax value of the salvage of the asset.


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