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Wedding Budget Calculator

Enter the wedding expected expenses in the wedding budget calculator and tool will estimate the breakdown cost of wedding function.

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The wedding budget calculator calculates and provides a real-time estimation of the wedding cost and specific expenses. You can estimate the pre, post, and wedding-day expenses by the wedding budget breakdown calculator.

Why Estimating Wedding Costs?

The wedding is a costly business these days, and you need to estimate the cost of the wedding well before time. Otherwise, it would become just too difficult to arrange the wedding ceremony in most of the states. It is a precious occasion and you don’t want to annoy any of the guests at least in your wedding ceremony. The wedding budget calculator free makes it possible to prepare for the hectic wedding budget well before time. You can take many steps like going for a savings or mutual fund for the wedding ceremony. The wedding insurance program is not a bad option for most of us. With the help of the online free wedding calculator cost is manageable and you can enjoy the beautiful Honey Moon time.

Wedding Cost Estimation in US States:

The average wedding cost estimates in the US States are different due to wedding accessory prices. The other major factor is the taxes imposed by the State government, this is the main reason even within the US. We have presented the average wedding cost estimates in various US states in 2022. The wedding cost widely differs in various states of the US. The main reason is that the urban areas require more budget for weddings. When you are estimating wedding costs in various states, consider their demographics.

The Wedding Cost in Various US States:

US State Average Cost
Alabama $25,500
Alaska $24,037
Arkansas $21,800
Arizona $29,400
California $39,000
Colorado $30,000
Connecticut $41,000
Delaware $34,900
DC $40,600
Florida $30,600
Georgia $30,900
Hawaii $32,900
Idaho $19,800
Illinois $39,700
Indiana $22,800
Iowa $22,600
Kansas $22,400
Kentucky $23,900
Louisiana $33,900
Maine $33,500
Maryland $33,800
Massachusetts $43,600
Michigan $29,700
Minnesota $28,800
Mississippi $23,800
Missouri $26,600
Montana $23,000
Nebraska $23,300
Nevada $22,500
New Hampshire $32,100
New Jersey $53,400
New Mexico $25,600
New York $48,600
North Carolina $29,500
North Dakota $29,200
Ohio $29,300
Oklahoma $21,200
Oregon $22,400
Pennsylvania $35,900
Rhode Island $49,800
South Carolina $30,600
South Dakota $29,200
Tennessee $26,900
Texas $30,200
Utah $19,700
Vermont $38,300
Virginia $33,300
Washington $25,600
West Virginia $26,500
Wisconsin $27,800
Wyoming $19,80
If you are living in various states of America, estimating wedding costs can be hectic. You need to use the online wedding cost calculator free for all and easy to operate. Everybody can operate it as the wedding venue cost calculator prepared to serve the masses.   

How to Calculate Wedding Budget?

The wedding costs estimates are different from your own demographics like the area’s location and income level. The wedding calculator is developed to estimate the average cost of the wedding, including pre-wedding, Wedding day, and post-wedding expenses.

Pre-Wedding Expenses:

The pre-wedding expenses are around 30% of all the wedding expenses. The online free wedding budget calculator assists in deciding how to calculate a wedding budget and what to include in the pre-wedding expense list. The pre-wedding expenses include the dress of the bride and bridegroom. The wedding rings and photography and wedding planners payments. The wedding budget breakdown calculator is specifying each particular event by the percentage of the total expense.

Wedding-Day Expenses:

The wedding day budget is around 60% of your wedding budget. You can add a separate category for the wedding day in the wedding budget breakdown calculator. The wedding day expenses include the venue rent, catering,  floral, transportation and  photography expenses, etc You need to specify each expense of the wedding with the wedding budget estimator to prepare mentally for the expense.

Post-Wedding Costs: 

The 10% of your wedding budget includes the post-marriage expense.  You can estimate wedding costs precisely by adding 10 % of the total cost for the post-marriage expense. The post-wedding expenses are Honeymoon, Photography, Paper expenses, etc. The free wedding budget tool estimates wedding costs by adding 30 % pre-wedding cost, 60 wedding day cost, and 10 % post-wedding day cost.. The Wedding cost estimates are different in various regional and areas.

Working of the Wedding Budget Calculator:

Let’s learn how to calculate wedding budget with the wedding savings calculator in the following steps: Input:
  • Enter your budget for the wedding 
  • Enter the bride and groom's dress expenses
  • Enter the required values in the various fields 
  • Hit the calculate button
  • Total average cost per guest
  • Wedding budget balance


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