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Visa Chance Calculator

Visa Chance Calculator

Enter your name, nationality, and residency and the calculator will let you know the visa success chances for Azerbaijan or Maldives.

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An online visa chance calculator is specifically designed for those people who wish to travel either Azerbaijan or Maldives. Being historical and attractive destinations, many restrictions are employed on tourist visas of both the countries.

This content is packed with important requirements that are required to become eligible for travelling in either of these countries.

Read on!

What Is A Visa?

“A particular permission that is granted to any foreigner by a certain state to enter, stay within, and leave that state is called a visa”.


Govism is one of the most trusted online websites to apply for an e-visa of any country. Applying for an tourist e-visa is an easier way that you can adopt to get your visa in short span of time. This is why most people prefer to take advantage of this opportunity.

Steps To get an e-visa via Govism:

In particular, the following are the legal practices that are followed by Govisum to issue you a valid e-visa for either azerbaijan or maldives.

Apply the visa using an online form. This form is very easy to fill and straightforward so that you may not feel any hurdle while filling it.
After you do so, the company will make sure of all terms and conditions and process your visa within the specified time.
After the confirmation, you will receive an email from the company regarding your visa approval.


Republic Of Azerbaijan is a country that is located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

International Boundaries Of Azerbaijan:

  • The country of Azerbaijan is bounded by the following lands:
  • In the east of Azerbaijan, there is Caspian sea
  • To the west, there are Armenia and Turkey
  • In the north, there is Russia
  • In the south, there is Iran
  • While in the northeast, there is Georgia


Maldives is a country that lies in the south Indian ocean and comprises 1190 islands. Out of these islands, only 185 are considered for living purposes. Due to the charming sea view everywhere and climatic changes, people come to visit this beautiful state due to its eye-catching natural beauty.

How To Apply For A Tourist Visa For Azerbaijan And Maldives?

Before you apply for a visa for any of these countries, you must check your visa confirmation chances by using a free visa chance calculator. After you do that, you must be eligible to apply for a visa. The eligibility criteria for both of these countries is as under:

Azerbaijan E-Visa Requirements:

Being rich in historical culture, Azerbaijan has great attraction for tourism. Azerbaijan is considered the home for nine out of eleven climate zones. Ecological tourists mostly visit this country.

In Azerbaijan, a proper tourist industry with well-trained staff, hotels, and more than 200 tourism agencies have been structured. That is why Azerbaijan is a very interesting country to visit.

E-Visa or electronic visa is obtained through an online process. The visa requirements vary from one type to another. If you wish to visit this country, you need to fulfill these requirements to enter this territory.

Valid Passport:

You must be a valid passport holder before you apply for Azerbaijan tourist visa.

Visa Process:

It takes 3 to 20 working days for the embassy to issue a tourist visa for Azerbaijan. This may vary depending upon your current location and nationality as well.

Visa Fee:

Normally, you must have to pay 20 to 35 USD for Azerbaijan tourist visa.

Visa Duration:

Normally, you are only allowed to stay for one month(30 days) in Azerbaijan as a tourist.

Maldives E-Visa Requirements:

Tourist visa is issued to all those nationality holders who want to visit Maldives. The basic visa requirements include:

Valid Passport:

You need a valid passport for at least one month before you apply for the Maldives tourist visa.

Visa Duration:

The maximum number of days you can stay in Maldives as a tourist is 30 days.

Maldives Visa Fee:

You do not need to pay a single penny for Maldives tourist visa as it is arrival based visa. But if you wish to extend it to enjoy more holidays, you need to pay approximately Rufiyaa 750.

How Visa Chance Calculator Works?

Our visa estimator is the best calculator that you can use to estimate your visa approval chances. What you need to do is:


  • Write down your full name in name box
  • From the nationality list, select yours
  • After doing so, select your current location
  • At last, select which country you wish to visit
  • After you do so, hit the calculate button


The free visa calculator estimates:

  • Exact chance of your visa approval


What is the processing time of Azerbaijan work permit?

You can easily get Azerbaijan’s work visa within 30 days you apply from.

How much period of stay is required for permanent residence in Azerbaijan?

Legally, you need to stay for almost five continuous years and do a well-paid job if you want Azerbaijan permanent residency.

Why is Maldives so expensive?

Because of the import of everything, high real estate prices, and taxes applied on international tourists, Maldives is considered a very expensive country to visit.


No doubt, rather than any other developed country, it is a little bit easier to get tourism plan for both of these con tres. Tourists also make use of free visa chance calculator to estimate their visa conformation chances absolutely for free.


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