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Tip Calculator

Write down the total bill and tip percentage for the shared or combined bills and the calculator will readily calculate the actual tip amount.


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The tip calculator allows you to calculate tip for a combined and shared bill instantly and for various percentages of the cost of the service. Want to know how much should you tip to your service providers, when to skip and much more about gratuity? Don’t worry! The calculator works best for you!

What is Tip?

A tip is also known as gratuity, it is said to be as a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to certain service organization workers for they have performed.

How To Calculate Tip With The Calculator?


  • Select the option (Shared or Combine bill)
  • Enter the total bill amount into the designated box of a tip splitter calculator
  • Put the tip percentage into the designated field
  • Insert the number of people on which you want to split total amount along with tip
  • Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option from the drop-down menu, whether you want to round up dollars or not

Results for shared bill:

  • Total Tip Amount
  • Total Amount by adding total tip into a total bill
  • Tip Per Person
  • Total Amount Per person after paying

Results for combined bill:

  • Tip Percentage
  • Total tip according to different tip percentages
  • Total amount of bill after adding tip amount

Tip or Tipping Formula:

  • Total Tip = Total Cost of Service × (Tip Percentage / 100)
  • Total Amount = Service Charges + Tip Amount
  • Tip Per Person = Total / Number of People
  • Total Per Person = Total Amount / Number of People

For Example:

If total amount is $42.7, then you ought to round it down.

For 10%

You have to calculate 10% of this amount, doing so quite easy.

Move the decimal point to the left by one place. As such, 10% of $42.7 is $4.27.

For 15%

If you want to determine 15%, you ought to find the 10%, round it up or down, and then you have to halve the figure and add it back to the 10%.

10% of $42.7 = $4.27

Half of $4.27 = $2.135

15% of $42.7 = $4.27 + $2.135 = $6.405

For 20%

If you want to determine 20%, then simply you have to double the 10%:

$4.27 × 2 = $8.54

Well, if you have a tip percentage calculator with you then that's a great option! Did you know how much are you supposed to gratuity?

Don’t fret, just read on!

Who You Have to Tip?

Service Provider Percentage
Servers at Restaurants 15% - 20%
Bartenders 15% - 20%
Food Delivery Servers 15% - 20%
Hotel Housekeepers $1 - $2 per night
Hotel Valet Parking Attendants $2 - $5 per valet
Taxi Drivers 15% - 20%
Hair Stylists 15% - 20%
Nail Technicians 15% - 20%
Massage Therapists 15% - 20%

Who You Don't Have to Tip?

You can find several service professions in which you are not expected to pay. Generally, people who are salaried or paid well, you likely aren’t expected to provide additional gratuity. Take a look on the below table to know when it is appropriate to for go tipping!

Service Provider Reason
Doctors Salaried professionals
Technicians Salaried professionals
Accountants Salaried professionals
Lawyers Salaried professionals
Teachers Salaried professionals
Plumbers Salaried professionals
Music instructors Salaried professionals
Real estate agents Commission-based professionals
Insurance agents Commission-based professionals
Travel agents Commission-based professionals

Tipping in Different Countries:

In the different countries, a gratuity before the tax meal price is also varies.

So, it doesn’t matter in which country you are; try the tip calculator to evaluates quickly and split your restaurant charges with it!

Country Custom
United States 15 - 20% customary
Canada 15 - 20% customary
United Kingdom 10% appreciated
Australia 10% appreciated
New Zealand 10% appreciated
France Small gratuity sometimes left
Brazil 10% for good service
Mexico 10-15% for good service


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