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tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

Write down the total bill and tip percentage for the shared or combined bills and the calculator will readily calculate the actual tip amount.


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The tip calculator is the smart tool that allows you to calculate tip for a combined bill and shared bill instantly. Want to know how much tip you have to pay for a service? Don’t fret! The above tipping calculator works best for you!

No doubt, with a rising number of tip calculators in recent years, there have been growing complications and lots of confusion associated with tipping. So, how much should you tip to your service providers, when to skip and much more about tip or gratuity.

Well, before knowing about our tipping calculator, lets start’s with some basics!

About Tip:

A tip is also known as gratuity, it is said to be as a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to certain service organization workers for they have performed – (this sum is in addition to the basic price of the service). A tip is an acronym for (To Insure Proper Service) for instance, if an individual tip someone such as a waiter in a restaurant, then he/she give them some money to thank them for their good services.

Paul Bagdan is a hospitality professor at the College of Hospitality Management at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island – he depicts that there is no true norm for tipping. If you ask 100 people about tipping, you can get 100 different answers. In the United States (U.S), typically, a tip of 15% of the before tax meal price is expected. Well, it doesn’t matter in which country you are; try our tip calculator to calculate tips quickly and split your restaurant bills with tip!

Tip or Tipping Formula:

  • Total Tip = Bill Amount × (Tip Percentage / 100)
  • Total Amount = Bill Amount + Tip Amount
  • Tip Per Person = Total Tip / Number of People
  • Total Per Person = Total Amount / Number of People

The above calculator also uses these formulas to calculate tip for you!

Reasons for Tipping:

Michael Lynn is a tipping researcher who identifies five motivations for tipping:

  • Showing off
  • To get better future service
  • To avoid disapproval from the provider
  • To make server’s happy and supplement their incomes
  • A sense of duty

Some countries like Australia, Japan and different others where tips are not given, the service of tipping are found to be as good as in the United States of America (USA).

Well, if you are excited to know about the proper tipping etiquette that including how to tip and who to tip, give a read to this article!

About Tip Calculator:

The tip calculator is the simple tool that allows you to calculate a tip for restaurants, pizza delivery, dinner, an uber, a taxi, a hair stylist or anything that you aim to tip someone for! Apart from it, this simple tipping calculator calculates your total tip amount, total amount of bill including tip, tip per person, and total bill per person after adding tip according to your total bill, tip percentage, & number of persons.

How to calculate tip with this tip calculator:

There are different tip calculators available online, they mostly offers limited calculations. But, when it comes how tip calculate, and how to split it, then this tipping calculator might works best for you! Read on!

Tip: Calculate for shared bill


  • First of all, you have to select ‘shared bill’ option form the drop-down menu
  • Next, you have to enter the total bill amount into the designated box of this tip splitter calculator
  • Very next, you ought to enter the tip percentage into the designated field
  • Now, you have to enter the number of people on which you want to split your bill along with tip
  • Then, you have to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option from the drop-down menu, whether you want to round up dollars or not


Once you added all the above parameters, hit the calculate button, this tip percentage will show:

  • Total Tip Amount
  • Total Amount by adding total tip into a total bill
  • Tip Per Person
  • Total Amount Per person after adding tip

Tip: Calculate for combined bill


  • First of all, you have to choose the ‘combine bill’ option from the drop-down menu
  • Right after, choose the option ‘Yes’ or “No’ from the drop-down menu, whether you need to round up dollars or not


Once you fill the above fields, hit the calculate button of the above simple tips calculator to get tip chart that includes:

  • Tip Percentage
  • Total tip according to different tip percentages
  • Total amount of bill after adding tip amount

How to calculate tip (Manually):

If you have a bill in a restaurant, but don’t have access to the simple tip calculator or tip chart, then there’s a quick and easy way to calculate tip in your head:

First of all, you ought to remove all the pennies from the total bill.

For Example:

If your bill is $42.65, then you ought to round it down to $42.60

You have to calculate 10% of this amount, doing so quite easy. Simply, you ought to move the decimal point to the left by one place. As such, 10% of $42.60 is $4.26. To get ease, you can then round this figure up or even down, to $4.20 or $4.30 respectively.

From there, you can readily calculate both 20% and 15% of your bill.

If you want to determine 20% of your bill, then simply you have to double the 10%: $4.30 × 2 = $8.60 or $4.20 × 2 =$8.40.

If you want to determine 15%, you ought to find the 10%, round it up or down, and then you have to halve the figure and add it back to the 10%. So, for instance:

10% of $42.60 is said to be as $4.26. Half of $4.20 (i.e., 5 percent) is said to be as $2.10. As such, 15% of $42.60 is roughly $4.20 + $2.10 = $6.30.

Well, if you have simple tip percentage calculator with you then that’s a great option! Did you know how much are you supposed to tip?

Don’t fret, just read on!

Who You Have to Tip:

Give a read to know how much you have to tip.

How much to tip restaurant servers:

According to the Emily Post Institute, when it comes to restaurant tip, an individual could tip 15% to 20%, pre-tax. Brian Warrener, an associate professor who is specializing in service theory at the College of Hospitality Management at Johnson & Wales University depicts that leaving a 20% tip is standard. Brian reveals that there’s evidence that the standard tip percentage was 10% as far back as the 1920s. By the late 1980s, this tip percentage increased to 15% and now it’s around 20%. He says, as the minimum wage has not gone up, the dinners have picked up the slack with higher tips. In recent years, the list of individuals who will gladly accept a tip at has skyrocketed.

Dining in a Group – How to Manage tipping here:

No doubt, some restaurants don’t allow separate checks. Make sure individuals leaving cash along with tip in addition to what they owe for their meal. Nicolas Graf, PhD, associate dean at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality at New York University depicted “anyone paying with a credit card should tip on their portion of the full/total bill, not the lesser amount that appear on their credit card receipt, which has the cash portion taken out! Try the above restaurants tip calculator if you want to calculate tip for shared bill.

Should Restaurant Tax Accounts Into Your restaurant tip:

Etiquette experts depicts that tipping pre-tax on a restaurant check is usually fine – even there’s no point-mentioned in tipping on part of the bill that’s not going to the server or restaurant, right! Graf says, servers could account it as a cheapskate move. If you can afford it, you ought to tip on the total with tax.

How much to tip bartenders:

If you are only ordering drinks at a bar, let’s go for the flat amounts instead of the percentages: Salvatore Tafuri (bar director of the Times Square Edition Hotel in the New York City, advises leave $1 for a beer and $2 for a cocktail. However, if an individual order a bar snack or the service was especially good, then tip 20%.

How much to tip baristas:

According to the Emily Post Institute, people could tip $0 to $1.

Brain Warrener says, tips for coffee aren’t really necessary, but you can leave your change up to a dollar for your favorite barista.

How much to tip for a food delivery service:

According to the Emily Post Institute, people could tip 10% to 15%.

April Masini (an etiquette & relationship expert in Boca Raton, Florida (FL), who depicts that a safe rule for tipping a food delivery service is 20%.

Julia Esteve Boyd (an etiquette consultant in Lausanne, Switzerland said that a fair amount is $3 to $5 per delivery. So, when there’s raining or sowing, this consider tipping a few extra dollars. Bigger orders, like for a family party or an office get-together will typically include gratuity. So, check out the receipt before you hand a delivery guy anything more! If you still confused or want to tip more for your food delivery service, then try the above delivery tip calculator to calculate tip percentages amount!

How Much to Tip for a Taxi or Rideshare:

The rule of thumb for tipping in cabs is 15% to 20% per taxi ride that typically equates to a dollar or two. Jonathan Cousar (a former Uber driver & the director of outreach at Ridester says that for rideshares like Uber & Lyft, tip minimum $2 on per ride.

How much to tip hotel valet staff:

According to the Emily Post Institute, people could tip $1 to $5.

The Emily Post Institute suggested that the attendant of the hotel’s valet parking receive between $1 to $5 once your car is returned to you!

How much to tip a hotel concierge:

According to the Emily Post Institute, you could pay $5 or $10.

According to the Emily Post Institute, you could pay $5 or $10, but if an individual ask how much should I tip to pay for a questions answered, then he/she don’t need to pay! And, if you ask a concierge to get you restaurant or tickets reservations, then $5 to $10 is said to be as a good tip; you could pay $15 for hard-to-get ticket or even 10% to 20% of the ticket price.

How much to tip hotel housekeeping:

According to the Emily Post Institute, you could tip $2 to $5 per day.

How much to tip your hairdresser or nail technician:

Simply, you could tip 10% to 20%.

Bonnie Tsai (a founder & director of Beyond Etiquette, a Los Angeles-based consulting agency specializing in full-service etiquette) said that tipping 10% to 20% is standard.

How much to tip a parking attendant:

Only a few dollars to tip – Bonnie Tsai depicted that giving a few bucks to parking attendant is acceptable.
Well, the story is not over yet, swipe down to know about the people you should never tip.

Who You Don’t Have to Tip:

You can find several service professions in which you are not expected to pay a tip. Generally, people who are salaried or paid well, you likely aren’t expected to provide additional gratuity. Give a read to know when it is appropriate to forgo tipping!

Accountants, Financial Advisors and Lawyers:

There is a no need to pay them additional gratuity as you’re likely already paying them handsomely through fees or commissions.

Doctors and Nurses:

Well, allow your health insurance worry about paying them, but you can worry about paying your health insurance. However, shows your appreciation verbally, or even write a heartfelt card to express what their care meant to you!

Mechanics & Plumbers:

In fact, you likely already pay the mechanic or garage and plumbers for their labor & expertise, thus no need to pay additional amount!

Teachers and Little League Coaches:

According to April Masini, it is a understood that teachers deserve to be paid more, but don’t ever tip them. If you tip someone like your child’s teacher, there can be inference that you’re just paying a teacher to give your child good grades.
Masini says, the only exception is when every parent is contributing in the same $10 or $20, and get a gift, this gift is from the entire class, not just from single! And, the same scenario with the little league coaches!

Tipping Etiquette and Considerations You Needs To Know:

  • Keep in mind, not every country has a culture of tipping. Bonnie Tsai said that tipping etiquette can change when travel abroad. So, before travelling you should have to do your research. For instance, typically, in countries like China, Japan, Denmark or Belgium, or just few other in which consumers don’t tip
  • Brian Warrener advises that if you are concerned that an individual in your party is under-tipping, you ought to make up the difference. Being known as a good tipper is beneficial, especially if you plan to return to the same place
  • Generally, if the service is bad for you, then you can skip tipping. Brain Warrener said that small tip or no tip at all determine the cause of your dissatisfaction with your meal, remember that it might not be your server’s fault

It is true that people often punishing those who don’t deserve it. Bonnie Tsai recommends that leaving some money behind is good, even if the service was bad, you ought to tip a 10%.

Tip or Tipping in Different Countries:

Tip or tipping associate with different countries are as follows:

Tipping in Japan:

No doubt, travelers from the America and Canada may be used to tipping servers, but what about Japan. In Japan, leaving a tip is considered as in inappropriate.

Tipping in without any good reason could come across as rude and there are only few times when a tip might be appropriate.


In Japan, sometimes tipping is acceptable in upscale western hotels, most of the hotel staff will trained to politely refuse tokens of gratuity and tips.


When in Japan, you can check out the bill to see if a service charge 10% and 15% has been added. If you don’t see a service charge, it’s still not recommended you to tip. If you decided to tip, then simply left your tip in the table, hand-to-hand isn’t suitable as sometimes the staff gets panic and run down the street to catch you and return the money.

If there is a occasion that you actually need to give a tip in Japan, then simply putting the money inside of tasteful, decorative envelope and seal it. No doubt, pulling cash out of pocket in the front of the recipient is the worst way as it seen as arrogant and flashy. Remember that the tip or gratuity should be presented more like a gift than just additional cash or payment for services.

Tipping in Spain:

Why tipping is fairly uncommon in Spain? As while several industry professionals earn lower wages and they depends on tips for living in countries like the U.S – however, their Spanish counterparts usually earn comparatively higher salaries.


In Spain, tipping is not expected in the majority of sit-down restaurants. For instance, if the bill for your meal is 19 euros and you pay with a 20 euros, then go ahead and leave the extra coin as a tip – or don’t. Means, it’s all up to you, and even the server won’t feel offended, if they see you leave the change!

So, when it’s a larger group meal at more tremendous restaurants, the tipping is more common. However, in this situation most Spaniards leave about 5% of the total bill as a tip.

Hotel Staff:

Yes, in Spain, tipping hotel staff is most common; even you will see travelers from different parts of Spain leaving tips at hotels when visiting a new city.

  • Porters: Tip around 1 euro per bags
  • Housekeeping: Tip between 2 & 5 euros each day, left in the room after your stay or paid up front
  • Concierge: Tip 5 to 10 euros for exceptional service
  • Room Service: Tip 1 or 2 euros to the person who delivers you meal
  • Doorman: Tip 1 or 2 euros if they assist you with luggage or hail a cab

Tipping In France:

In the country like France there is already a Value Added Tax (VAT) tacked on to your bill. Usually you find it at the end of your bill marked as TVA (taxe sur le valeur ajoute). That’s the well-known reason why it is not necessary to leave a tip.


Unlike in United States, restaurants & café in Paris and all around France include a 15% service charge in the check that is required by French Law. The words service compris (SC) is referred to as the tip has been already included, so take a proper look at your bill when it arrives.

  • Remember that if you like to tip on the top of the service charge, a small amount is said to be as a nice gesture. Yes, anything between 5% to 10% is considered generous
  • If there is a coat check at the restaurant, or anyplace else, the customary approach is to tip 1 euro for every large item when you come back to receive your belongings
  • If you order a drink at a café or bar, then a tip of 1 to 2 euros on each drink is optional if you get good service


Tipping at hotels in France is not mandatory, but it can up to you!

  • If a bellhop brings your bags to your room, then you could tip 2 to 3 euros on each bag is the norm – and add a bit more if they are very polite and helpful
  • For a spotless stay, you could tip 1 to 2 euros per night for the housekeeper
  • If the hotel concierge provides you an extra service such as booking tickets or making reservations, you could tip between 8 to 20 euros, that’s depends on how elegant your hotel is

Tipping in the United Kingdom:

Tipping in London and the rest of the U.K is similar to the way of tipping in most other places, means it can be awkward and embarrassing if you get it wrong.

In the sense of saving your money (especially if you are a traveler who is habitual to tipping at 20%) and make sure you well know that when and who to tip in England.

Restaurants and Bars:

When you dinning out, a service charge of 12% to 15% may be added to your total bill, but this practice is not universal in the U.K. restaurants. So, if you find the service charge on your bill, then straight-forwardly there’s no need to tip.

  • If there is no service charge added to bill, then tipping at 10% is the standard
  • At pubs, people are not expected to tip. If the barman provides you with a good service, then you could offer a small sum (said that the price of half a pint of beer), with the words, ‘and have one for yourself’ or something like that. Here, the bartender may pour a drink on the spot for themselves or may put the money aside to have a drink later
  • In pubs, you are not expected to tip for food either, but with the growth of gastropubs, this has become something of a ‘Grey Area.’ If you feel that the pub is more of a restaurant with a bar than a pub that provides food, then you could leave a tip similar to what you would leave in a restaurant
  • You might see a tip jar (a small amount jar) on the counter when getting takeaway. Remember that there is no such a pressure to top it up but people usually leave the small change after they have paid


In the U.K, most hotel staffs don’t expect to be tipped unless they do something special for your or even if you are staying at a luxury hotel. However, some hotels have added optional service charge to your bill, this mostly at hotels with Spa & Gym facilities, in such hotels many workers are required to keep things in tip-top look.

  • If a bellhop brings your bags to your room, you can tip 1 to 2 pounds
  • If the doorman hails you a cab, then you could tip between 1 to 5 pounds, it also depends on how luxurious the hotel is
  • Usually, housekeepers are not tipped, but you can leave extra pounds in the room before you check out
  • Valet parking services are uncommon in the London and usually there’s a charge, so tipping is unnecessary

FAQ’s (Tip or Tipping):


What is a good tip for 30$?

It depends on the place where you are, if you are at restaurant, you could tip 20%, it consider generous. Means, here your bill is 30$, you have to pay total 36$. But, some restaurants have suggested that 25% or 30% is the good tip.

Is 15 percent a good tip?

In 2008, an Esquire tipping guide stated that 15% tip for a good service is still the norm at the American Restaurants.

How much do you tip on a $50 bill?

You could pay 20% tip on a 50$, means you ought to tip 10$ extra on a 50$.

How much should I tip on a 100 bill?

You could pay 15% or 20%, if you decided to pay on 15%, then your total amount after adding tip is 115$, and if 20%, then it’s 120$.

What is a 10 percent tip?

  • 10% tip on $1 = 0.10
  • 10% tip on $2 = 0.20
  • 10% tip on $3 = 0.30
  • 10% tip on $4 = 0.40
  • 10% tip on $5 = 0.50

What’s a 20% Tip on a $33 Bill?

The 20% tip on a $33 bill is $6.60; your total amount with tip is $39.60.

Is it bad to tip 10 percent?

No doubt, 10 percent tip is/was entirely acceptable, but if the service is above average, then you should consider tipping more. According to the standard tipping method, you should tip 15 to 20 percent.

Is a 10 percent tip good?

Generally, people could tip a waiter or waitress 15% for good service, 20% for exceptional service and no less than 10% for a poor service.

How do you tip 15 percent?

If you decided to leave a 15% tip, then use the simple fact that 15% = 10% + 5% – You can readily calculate 10% of the bill by moving the decimal point one position to the left. Very next, you have to take that number, divide it in half, and now add the new amount to the original 10%.

How much do you tip on a 35 bill?

Generally, you could tip 20% on a $35; means add $7.00 in your total bill, so it becomes $42.

Do you tip on tax?

Technically, only you have to tip on the amount of the bill before tax. But, practically, the difference between both tipping on the pre-tax total and the total with tax is negligible. So, it’s recommended that tip on the total just!

Why do we have to tip servers?

Some people are just tip to show off. Some people tip as to assist the server, to supplement their income and make them happy. People often tip to get a better future service. And, only few people tip to avoid disapproval, means they don’t want the server to think badly of them. And, other people tip out of a sense of duty. You can find some people who tip to reward servers for service.

Why do servers expect a tip?

Under the federal law, tips are something that belongs to front-of-house staff like servers and bartenders. No doubt, they earn a lower base pay than the back-of-house staff such as cooks and dishwashers. So, tips covering the difference. However, the federal minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, and it is $2.13 an hour for tipped workers.

Is it rude to not tip for takeout?

According to the Toronto-based etiquette expert Lisa Orr depicted that just like at coffee shops, tipping on takeout orders is said to be as optional. There is not expectation at all that people tip since they haven’t (received service).

Where is it rude to tip?

There are some countries where you don’t need to tip, giving tip may be considered rude in such countries, and these are:

  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • France
  • Italy

Why should you tip a waitress?

You should tip a waitress as tip is their primary source of income. You can find some states where people who work in the food service establishment don’t even make an enough hourly wage; so, they depend on their tips to manage a living.

Is it rude to ask for a tip?

Yes, obviously it is understood in America region that one is expected to tip, so it’s really considered impolite to ask for it. In fact, in many regions employees will fire if they are caught asking for tips.

Do you tip on alcohol?

Simply, don’t skip tipping on alcohol. Many people believe that there is a no need to tip at all on alcohol or even you can tip a smaller percentage. That’s not the good approach. However, if you can afford a $2500 bottle of wine, then you can also afford to tip 20%.

Well, use the above tip calculator to know  exactly how much you and your friends should tip, every time! Good Luck


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