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Blog / Informative / Safety Tips For Online Debit Card Transactions

Safety Tips For Online Debit Card Transactions

Safety Tips For Online Debit Card Transactions

Where Debit Cards Actually Get Used? 

Nowadays, every other person holds a card which is mostly provided by any bank. It is usually known as a debit card. You can utilize it to do different kinds of purchases which could be offline or even online. A debit card offers following advantages:
  • Shopping with a debit card can turn out more convenient and safer.
  • It helps a person in putting hands on extra bonuses, perks as well as various rewards.
  • Use a debit card online to limit your purchases and budget 

Few Common Security Risks:

Here are some debit card security risks a person faces while doing transactions through it. 
  1. Having an easy and simple PIN code
  2. Not giving attention to the in and out transactions of your card
  3. Fake debit cards during bulk transactions 
  4. Not bearing any proper training to put hands on a secure debit card 
  5. Matched ID or signatures with someone else
  6. Recklessly providing card information to everyone 
  7. A fraud could save your card’s data and use it later
  8. Stolen or a lost debit card

How Can I Use Debit Card Online Safely? 

The usage of debit cards is completely safe, whether it is for online orders or any other purpose. Additionally, you can be safe by keeping in mind the above-mentioned risks as well as by applying our 8 security tips given below.

8 Security Rules For Encrypted Debit Card Transactions: 

Using a debit card for online shopping is surely a comfortable line but it brings many risks alongside. Because your card data could be saved and reused by different vendors! 
These are a few rules you need to look after because your debit card security matters!! 

1. Keep Check Of Your Credit Statement Provided By The Bank:

Banks tend to notify you even if a slight change happens. But to rest assured, you need to direct your complete attention toward the security concerns of your account. Moreover, I suggest you make yourself habitual in checking your account’s activities. You can repeat the same cycle on weekends or most preferably, daily! 

2. Rely On The Best VPN Of The Recent Era:

Bank transfers are not smooth rather they sometimes work as a sword of double edges! So, there is a huge risk of getting bank hacked by numerous scammers especially if you are basing on a public Wi-Fi. So, a VPN can save your account from these threats and shield your online steps. 
Moreover, does a VPN slow down your internet? You can continue reading this and get some more information about a banking VeePN. In addition to that, a free VPN trial for the IOS plus Android mobile is waiting for you there.  

3. Protection of PIN Is A Basic Understanding: 

PIN is safe until you have it limited to yourself only. 
  • Avoid giving out your PIN to anyone, no matter if the person is someone you trust a lot!
  • Never write it on any paper or notepads 
  • Try to use cash in public places and make sure no one sees you typing your PIN code! 
When it comes to security PIN, a question usually comes to the mind of the readers that “can someone use my debit card without my pin?” The answer is quite obvious. Of course not! It is impossible to take advantage of your debit card until or unless, the person knows the code, by any chance. 

4. Try Online Credit Card Usage Technique: 

There are a lot of users who prefer an online credit card strategy to bypass facing other transaction issues. Your bank start processing your complaint about fraudulent card usage and there is a total possibility of it taking a lot of time. Mostly, you lost your cash before the process completes. So, to dodge such tensions, use a credit card and secure yourself with the billing act for credit! 

5. Trust Only Bank Linked ATMs:

You might come across a lot of ATMs in different amenity marts, airfields as well as subways. But my suggestion is that try to stay our of their zone. Because such machines have higher risk rates than the bank ones. There is a huge probability of the attachment of some skimming device by a hacker or a thief. So, give your debit card security more value and stay cautious. 

6. In Case Of Any Issue, Report To The Bank Instantly:

As you always report your missing credit and debit cards, report faulty transactions as well! In this way, you can grab the opportunity of getting refunds from the relevant bank. Because most banks are now taking different precautions to make their debit cards more secure and reliable. All you have to do is report the issue within a few days of receiving a bank statement. Otherwise, you will have to take the responsibility for any faced impacts! 

7. Go For The Police Report If Needed:

Sometimes, your bank does not take the situation into its consideration and you lost your credentials in case your card is stolen or an illegal transactions. So, the best way to drive your case even stronger is to report the theft to a police station. The FIR will support you while standing in front of the bank. 

8. Creation Of A Strong And Secure Personal Profile:

Last but surely not the least option is securing your debit card through different methods like setting a strong password, backup your mobile phone data, and adding some surprise queries. You just need to remember the answers, otherwise, you are free to come up with any security question you want!

How Do I Keep My Debit Card Transactions Safe? 

The process of having a safe transaction is totally dependent on your secure debit card plus your dedication to staying invulnerable. You can follow the above-mentioned rules and focus on various signs of warning if you want your transactions to be processed protectively. 

Final Words:

Card fraud is a really serious crime committed by anyone who illegally tries to get a ticket to your bank information. But, you do not need to worry anymore! Because now you know how a VPN for your android as well as iPhone could be a trump card in these security measures. You can also enjoy the free trial before buying your favorite banking VeePN.
Good Luck! 

Shelby Steve

Last updated: November 28, 2022

Shelby Steve is a skillful writer and an Engineer; He has taken a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a professional Research analyst and writer. He is a passionate writer and expert in Niches like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. He is an expert in communicating his point of view in the most descriptive manner.