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Blog / Health / The Complete Guide to Safely and Healthily Losing Weight Fast

The Complete Guide to Safely and Healthily Losing Weight Fast

The Complete Guide to Safely and Healthily Losing Weight Fast

Nowadays, it’s very crucial to lose weight to maintain a healthy life. Well, if you want to know the tips for losing weight as fast as possible, here we discuss some important points that you need to understand. There are multiple ways or tips that let you lose weight rapidly, but remember that it doesn’t provide you the body that you desire. The reason behind that the bulk of the rapid weight loss are “crash diets” that allow you to burn as much muscle as fat and then you are looking “skinny fat.” However, it is not your aim to understand how to lose maximum weight quickly, but also how to lose fat and not muscle as fast as possible. Then you become lean, toned, not skinny, flabby, and weak. Let’s read below to understand the complete guide for losing weight. 

How to Lose Weight Fast the Wrong Way (Don’t Do This!)? 

Following are some things that you should not do. These are: 
  • Don’t take very low-calorie and low-protein diet 
  • Don’t do a number of cardio 
  • Don’t follow low-weight resistance training 

Fast Weight Loss Mistakes: 

Well, let’s start to know the quick weight loss mistakes: 

Eating a Very Low-Calorie and Low-Protein Diet:

Most people think that taking a few calories and very little protein will help to lose weight fast. However, this concept is wrong as calorie and protein restriction doesn’t just result in fat loss but also results in fast muscle loss.  

Not Lifting Weights:

Majority of the people thought that weightlifting is only good for building muscle, but not for losing fat. On the other hand, some people think that weightlifting is valuable, but when trying to lose weight fast, you should focus on high-rep, low-weight weightlifting. However, both of these ideas are totally wrong. According to the research, the best and reliable way to maintain or gain muscle when you are losing weight and fat burning is to increase your metabolism.

Doing Lots of Cardio:

When you are doing cardio, then it assists you to burn calories but remember that this activity loss fat much more that causes harm than good. Research tells that if you do excessive cardio, then it not only interferes with your capability to gain strength and muscle but it also accelerates muscle loss which makes it harder to recover from your workouts.  

The Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast: 

If you want to lose weight fastly while maintaining muscle, and without scraping with hunger, cravings, or lethargy. Let's discuss some points that will assist you to do this.  

1. Use An Aggressive (But Not Reckless) Calorie Deficit of About 25%: 

According to the studies, the best way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn. The reason is that you are taking in excess body fat over time and you regularly eat more calories than you burned. And then you are eligible to get rid of that excess fat. In simple words, we can say that you eat less than you burn. 

2. Eat a High-Protein and High-Carb Diet: 

When it comes to talking about body composition, protein is the most important macronutrient. Studies tell that if you eating adequate protein, then it will helps as:
  • Get fast from your workouts 
  • Entirely attain muscle and lose fat faster
  • Keep muscle better while limiting your calories for weight loss
It’s important for you to know that high-protein dieting beats low-protein in every way, especially when you are trying to lose weight fast. 

3. Take Supplements Proven to Accelerate Fat Loss:

Generally, there is no amount of pills and powders that are going to assist you lose weight quickly. It is a fact that most fat-loss supplements are entirely worthless. However, if you want to know how to diet to lose weight fast, there are some particular supplements that can help. These are: 
  • Caffeine 
  • Yohimbine 
  • Phoenix

Mikey Rose

Last updated: December 6, 2022

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