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Blog / Health / Simple Methods Of Detecting Upcoming Ovulation

Simple Methods Of Detecting Upcoming Ovulation

Simple Methods Of Detecting Upcoming Ovulation

 If you want to get pregnant, it’s immensely important to know whatever you can about ovulation. In fact, misinformation on ovulation can decrease your chances of conception. Simply, get the ease with ovulation calendar or try advanced ovulation calculator that estimates the best time of conceiving.
Researchers make survey around 1,000 women ages 18-40 and asked them questions concerning the basic female reproduction. But, the surveyed were confused just because they don’t have enough information regarding female fertility.
Don’t fret, if you don’t have an idea about ovulation and conception. You can use ovulation day calculator to know your exact date of ovulation. So, read on to know facts about ovulation!
 Do you know when you are most fertile & ovulation is approaching? Well, in this blog post, we are going to mention some methods of detecting upcoming ovulation.

Methods of Detecting Upcoming Ovulation:


Fertile Quality Vaginal Discharge: 

If you are approaching ovulation, your vaginal discharge can let you know! Experts reveal that increase in estrogen leads to increased production of cervical mucus. Also, your cervical mucus changes in form & even goes from a stickier, or even clumpy texture to look more like raw egg whites. You can figure out when you are most likely to get pregnant by checking your cervical mucus manually yourself.

Ovulation Estimator test strips:

You can buy ovulation estimator test strips at the supermarket, drug store or online to know when ovulation is approaching. But remember that there are pros & cons to ovulation test kits, and they are not suitable for everyone.

Ovulation Monitor: 

Well, this is little fancier form of ovulation test strips. The biggest benefit of using an ovulation monitor over using test strips is that monitor will tells you about the most fertile days – while with the test strips you have to interpret the results yourself. Keep in mind, ovulation monitor can be expensive and even not easy to do.

Check Your Cervical Opening:

Sound strange, but true, you can check your own cervix! Studies depict that your cervical changes throughout your cycle. Keep in mind, when ovulation is getting close, the cervix moves higher up, open slightly, and even becomes softer to touch. Remember that when you are not fertile, the cervix is lower, harder, and even closed.

Track your basal body temperature and use a fertility charting (software):

Your basal body temperature can figure out when you ovulated each month. If you enter your temperature into fertility charting app, it will predict your most fertile days, which based on previous months. But, remember that this works well if you have regular menstrual cycle.

Ovulation Calendar based on previous cycle lengths: 

Yes, you can try an ovulation calendar or ovulation calculator online to guess your most fertile dates. These tools considering few parameters, and then estimates when you are most likely to ovulate based on previous months. No doubt, this isn’t by any means accurate, but if your menstrual cycles are regular, then the outcomes are good enough!

Mikey Rose

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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