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Blog / Health / Understand Your Kids BMI for Their Optimal Health

Understand Your Kids BMI for Their Optimal Health

Understand Your Kids BMI for Their Optimal Health

Health is the most important matter in the world which should not be ignored at any cost. You might be familiar with the well-known proverb “A sound mind in a sound body”. You must take great care of your child’s health as much as possible. If your child’s health is not good enough, he would not be able to compete with the ups and downs of life. Health also plays a significant role in personality development, academics performance and career development of your child. So, parents should have to keep maintain a pathway of their children’ health beginning from now.

Your Kid’s BMI or Body Mass Index:

Today’s children spend lots of time in inactivity like watching TV, playing video games etc. This inactivity has an injurious impact on your children health. Keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle causes childhood obesity. Thus, BMI is the most advanced standardized calculation factor that tells you whether your kids are underweight and or overweight. No doubt, childhood obesity has become an epidemic issue on an international level. If your kid is also prone to obesity, you should be aware of your childs bmi,use simple bmi calculator for kids to calculate your kid’s bmi or body mass index. A kids bmi calculator is specifically best to calculate your kid’s bmi, it doesn’t matter whether you want to find it for his or her.
Various studies reported that kids who are overweight often prone to different health problems! So, being a parent you ought to find out your child’s bmi with bmi calculator children. Also, you should have to focus on your kid’s diet, although offers them a regular exercising tips.
A Body mass index calculation is same for both men and women. But, the body mass index for kids is completely different as the BMI of kids doesn’t follow the same rules as in adults. Quit worrying; get the ease of child’s BMI calculation using a bmi calculator for children. 

What does my child’s BMI mean?

For children, BMI is determined using age and gender specific charts that take into account the several growth patterns for gender. Remember that weight & the amount of fat is different for boys and girls – and even those levels vary as they grow older and taller.
However, the BMI charts assist health care providers to figure out how a kid’s particular BMI score compares to the scores of the other U.S kids his or her age. Well, the group is divided into percentiles, through which you come that indicate whether your kid is at healthy weight, underweight, overweight or obese. These are:
  • <5th percentile means your child is underweight
  • 5th to 85th percentile means your child is of normal weight
  • 85th to 95th percentile means your child is overweight
  • ≥95th means your child is obese
Also, the bmi calculator kids find your child’s bmi scores according to these percentiles. 

Ways to Prevent Obesity in Children:

Eating Tips to Prevent Obesity in Children:

  • You should try to eat healthier yourself means to set a good example for children.
  • You should make a weekly plan that what food is purchased and cooked at home, means being a parent use your control authority.
  • You should not promote restrictive diet for your child, without any PRO or doctor advice.
  • Being a parent you should encourage your child for leading healthy life rather than just focus on weight loss.

Exercise tips to prevent or reverse childhood obesity:

  • The prior thing is that make fitness a family affair; this is a splendid way for your child
  • Let your children organize the pace and intervals of family walks
  • Without being pushy you should encourage your child to play sports on daily basis

Mikey Rose

Last updated: November 28, 2022

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