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Actual Cash Value Calculator

Find out the exact worth of an item based on the current price, age and expected life by using this simple actual cash value calculator.


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Calculate the exact value of an insured property or item on the expected lifetime and current age through this easy-to-use actual cash value calculator.

What is Actual Cash Value?

This is the price or the value of an item at the present time upon which it can be sold. This calculation is widely used by insurance companies because they do not pay the whole amount. They pay the variable cost based on the item's expected lifetime and replacement cost so that the client can repair it or buy a used item.

Actual Cash Value Formula:

Let's take a look at the following ACV (Actual Cash Value)


ACV = P x (E−C) / E


  • P represents the price of the item or the current cost at the present time.
  • E shows the expected life of the item.
  • C represents the current life of the item in years.

How is Actual Cash Value Calculated?

The actual cash value of an item is calculated by determining the replacement cost and deducting the depreciation from this cost in the insurance sector.

Have a look at the following steps to calculate the ACV precisely:

  • Determine the cost of changing the item with the same quality item.
  • Calculate the expected life span of the item. 
  • Find out the number of the year for which you have used the item. 
  • Calculate ACV by putting the values into the above-mentioned formula. 

Instead of going through this calculation, you can instantly calculate the ACV with the help of an online actual cash value calculator car. Now you know, How to Determine Actual Cash Value.


Let's suppose you have purchased an LCD for $20,000, having the expected lifetime of 10 years but it broke down in 2 years because of an incident. Now how to calculate actual cash value?


Given that:

Purchase Price = $20,000

Expected Lifetime = 10 years

Current Lifetime = 2 years 

ACV = P×(E−C) / E

ACV = 20,000 x (10-2) / 10 = 20,000 x 8 / 10

ACV = 20,000 x 0.8 = $16,000

Instead of dragging yourself into this manual calculation, simply use the car actual cash value calculator. As it will let you perform the whole calculation swiftly. 

Working of Our Actual Cash Value Calculator:

Utilize our quite straightforward ACV calculator car to perform the calculation without much manual intervention. Let's see how it works:


  • Enter the “purchase cost”, “expected life of the item” and the “current life of the item” in the specified fields
  • Now, make a click on the “calculate” button


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