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Moisture Content Calculator

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The moisture content calculator calculates how much moisture may be present in a certain food, wood, soil, etc. As the moisture content can never be directly measured manually, this is where the tool assists you to do that in seconds.

What Is The Moisture Content?

“Moisture content refers to the weight of the water in an object or a material.” 

It is usually expressed as the moisture percentage (%) in a substance.

Why Calculate Moisture Content? 

The moisture content calculation is critical in the processing and testing of foods. The moisture percentage is a detrimental factor in the life of a food or a product. The calculation has a direct economic impact on the processor and consumer. 

The Soil Moisture Content:

Irrigation and plant spacing is a constant challenge in the agriculture industry. The topsoil does vary in water content and moisture percentage. You need to calculate the water content in the soil for precise irrigation time. The moisture content calculator makes it possible to know the correct irrigation time.  

The table below describes the water content in various types of soil.

Soil Type No Irrigation Needed Irrigation to Be Applied Dangerously Low Soil Moisture
Fine (Clay) 80-100 60-80 Below 60
Medium (Loamy) 88-100 70-88 Below 70
Coarse (Sandy) 90-100 80-90 Below 80

The various soil types like clay, loamy, and sandy do require different frequencies of irrigation. Use the moisture content calculator to know the soil type and when irrigation is needed according to the soil type.

How to Calculate Moisture Content?

If you are willing to calculate the amount of moisture in a certain material, then you need to follow the moisture content formula given as under:

MC = [W - D)/W]100


MC = moisture percentage (%)

W = weight while wet

D = weight while dry

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose you have 2 kg of fresh apples! All of them got dry, which reduces the overall weight to 1kg. Now with respect to the remaining apples, how much moisture is present in them?


Weight while fresh = 2 kg

Weight while dried = 1 kg

Moisture calculation =?


Now the moisture content equation is:

MC = [W - D)/W]100

MC = [2 - 1)/2]100

MC = [1/2]100

MC = 50 %

Working of the Our Calculator:

Calculating moisture content by the moisture calculator is quite simple. Let’s find out how!


  • Enter wet content and dry content weight 
  • Tap Calculate 


  • The moisture percentage


Why Do We Calculate the Moisture Content of Soil?

Calculating the moisture content of the soil enables highly efficient irrigation, providing the water as and when required, and eliminating the wasteful use of water when irrigation is not needed.

How to Calculate Soil Moisture Content?

You can calculate water content in the soil by taking the soil from the earth and weighing it. Then dry up the soil in the oven and weigh it, then apply the soil moisture content formula to know the moisture percentage in the soil.


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