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GDP Per Capita Calculator

Get the GDP Per Capita of a nation by just entering the GDP and Population Size in this handy tool.

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Estimate the gross value of the domestic output per individual by using this online GDP per capita calculator. Perform unlimited and flawless calculations in seconds.

Understanding GDP Per Capita:

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita is a very useful metric that helps in breaking down the economic output of a country. With it, economists can easily analyze the condition, growth and prosperity of the nations.  Generally, GDP per capita indicates how much value each citizen is adding as an individual to the economic growth of the country. 

Real GDP Per Capita Formula:

Take a look at the below-mentioned formula to calculate this useful metric: GDP Per Capita = GDP of the Country / Population of that Country

How To Calculate GDP Per Capita Growth Rate?

Let's see the following steps to perform the manual calculation of GDP Per Capita:
  • Determine the GDP
  • Know the total population
  • Put these values in the above-mentioned GDP per capita equation and divide the GDP by the total population.
  • Keep in mind If you are dealing with small measurements, then multiply the total by 100,000. 


Let’s suppose that country “A” last year declared its GDP around $400 million, and the population of the country is 190,000. Now how to calculate real GDP per capita.


Given that: GDP = $400 million Population = 190,000 Put values in the real GDP per capita formula: GDP Per Capita = GDP of the Country / Population of that Country GDP Per Capita = 400,000,000 / 180,000 = 2105.3 GDP Per Capita = 2105.3 Now you know how to calculate per capita GDP. If it still seems difficult, then get the assistance of a per capita growth rate calculator. Through it, you will be able to perform instant calculations without any risk of human error. Now the question is which countries have the highest GDP Per Capita? These are the developed countries of the World where unemployment rate is very low. Countries with the highest GDP per capita are:
Rank Country/Territory GDP per Capita (US$)
1 Monaco 234,317
2 Liechtenstein 169,260
3 Luxembourg 133,175
4 Bermuda 112,653
5 Ireland 101,109
6 Switzerland 93,525
7 Norway 89,242
not a country Cayman Islands (UK territory) 85,250
8 United States 69,185
9 Iceland 69,133
10 Denmark 68,037

Working of Real GDP Per Capita Calculator:

Utilize our simple per capita growth rate calculator to calculate GDP per capita without much effort. Simply add a couple of inputs and get the GDP Per Capita calculated in no time. Let's see how it works! Inputs:
  • Enter the value of the “real GDP” and “population” in the designated fields. 
  • Set the “measurement units”
  • Tap on the “calculate” button
  • GDP Per Capita
  • Step-by-Step Calculation


What Is The GDP Per Capita In The United States?

In the United States, the GDP per capita is approximately $70,248.63. Utilize a GDP per capita calculator to calculate GDP per capita effortlessly.

What Is The Difference Between GDP And GDP Per Capita?

GDP is the measurement of the gross domestic product. On the other hand GDP per capita measures the same factor but according to the population size. It is used to measure the standard of living. 

Can GDP Per Capita Be Negative?

Yes, it can be negative but t it’s not a good sign, because when it happens, then it means that the output of goods and services has gone too much down. Mostly, it happens in the case of natural disasters. 

Which Country Has Highest GDP Per Capita?

The total population of Luxembourg is 634,000 and is the richest country that has the highest GDP of approximately $130,000. 


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