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Accuracy Calculator

Accuracy Calculator

Select the method and enter the required variables to get value of accuracy with this calculator.

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Our accuracy calculator helps to find the accuracy of different kinds of tests using three basic methods. You may use the tool as the accuracy detector of diagnostics tests.

In addition to that, get step-by-step calculations that show how accuracy is being calculated.

How To Calculate Accuracy?

Calculating accuracy introduces different approaches depending upon the type of method we choose. Here in this section, we will highlight the widely used accuracy formulas that are also used by the accurate calculator:

Standard Accuracy For Diagnostic Test:

Accuracy = (TP + TN) / (TP + TN + FP + FN)


  • TP = True Positive
  • TN = True Negative
  • FP = False Positive
  • FN = False Negative

Accuracy Based on Prevalence:

Accuracy = ((Sensitivity) × (Prevalence)) + ((Specificity) × (1 – Prevalence))


  • Sensitivity = TP / (TP + FN)
  • Specificity = TN / (FP + TN)
  • Prevalence = Indicates the deceased population for a given moment in terms of the percentage

Percentage Accuracy:

Percent accuracy error = (|(Vo – Va)|/Va) × 100


  • \(V_{o}\) = Observed Value
  • \(V_{a}\) = Accepted value as truth

Accuracy Vs. Precision:

Accuracy tells you how close a certain measurement is to a true value. On the other hand, precision tells you how close two different measurements of a single quantity are.

Working of Accuracy Calculator:

This calculator functions with a few inputs being provided. Let’s learn how you can use it!


  • First, select the method of calculation
  • Now enter the required parameters in their designated fields (As per the selection)
  • Tap Calculate


  • Accuracy calculations of a test
  • Step-by-step calculations


What Is The Rate of Accuracy?

The rate of accuracy is its percentage value that depicts the correct predictions of the given data set of values. You can get this value either by using the percent accuracy formula or the best percent accuracy calculator.

Can Accuracy Be 100%?

Not at all! The accuracy can never be 100% as it indicates an ideal situation. For real situations, the accuracy rate keeps on changing which can easily be calculated through this accuracy calculator.


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