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Decile Calculator

Enter the ungrouped data in the online tool and the calculator will find the decile value

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Use the decile calculator to calculate the decile value of any ungrouped (raw) data. Deciles are the arrangement of the data of ungrouped data in ten equal parts 

What is Decile?

In statistics, a decile is part of any nine values that divide the sorted data into ten equal parts. Each range of the data represents 1/10 of the sample or population. The decile calculations are quite similar to the quartile measurements.

How to Calculate Deciles?

The statistical data of or the ungrouped 11,12,13,14,14,15,15,17,18,19,20,9,23. You need to find the 5th decile value of the statistical data.


The tabular representation of the dataset values is given below:

The decile calculation makes the data more simplified and easily understandable.

Observation X
1 11.12
2 13.14
3 14.15
4 15.17
5 18.19
6 20.9
7 23

To find the indicated decile of the following data set, we arrange the data in ascending order.

For reference, follow the table below:

Position X (Asc. Order)
1 11.12
2 13.14
3 14.15
4 15.17
5 18.19
6 20.9
7 23

Decile formula for the fifth value:

Now how to find deciles for the fifth position?

The decile formula for the fifth value is:

\(DP= \frac{(n + 1)P}{100} = \frac{(7 + 1) × 0.5}{100} = 4\)

DP = 4

Since the position found is an integer and it is 4, the 5 decile corresponds to the value in position 4 in the data organized in ascending order.

Calculate the decile directly from the table as the 5th decile position is 15.17.

D5 = 15.17

Working of Decile Calculator:

The decile calculation can be done in a couple of steps with the online decile calculator. The simple steps of calculating deciles are given below:

Let’s see how?


  • Enter the data values and the decile value number
  • Tap the calculate 


  • Decile values 
  • Step-by-step calculation


What does Decile Mean in Class Rank?

The class ranks are the ten equal parts of the decile values or subsections of the decile calculations. Each part of the decile calculation represents 10 % of the dataset


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