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The box plot is a graphical way of representing the numerical data. It is a way to systematically show the data distribution. We can find the minimum, lower quartile, Median, Upper Quartile and Maximum value of our statistical data.

What is a Box Plot ?

The plot box is a simple way of finding the ascending order, descending order, maximum and minimum numbers.

A box plot is perhaps the easiest method for visualizing a dataset without listing the individual values. The box plots are also known as the Whisker diagram.

Box Plot Chart:

“The box plot is a type of chart that describes a group of numerical data”.

It is one of the easiest ways to visualize the meaning of the range of dataset. We can understand our data by the simple graphical representation. By the help of the box and whisker plot maker, we can understand the dataset and can evaluate the following concept.

  • We can understand the components of statistical data.
  • What are the mean, median, and the quartile of our dataset.

For the creation of a box and whisker plot, we can use the box plot maker. 

We do require the following information about the statistical data.

  • Minimum value:
  • Maximum value:
  • Range of the data:


How to Make a Box Plot?

There are following steps, we need to follow the box plot.


The first step to create a box plot is to arrange the values in the dataset from the least to greatest or in the ascending order.

Consider the following dataset, and we have arranged the values from the least to greatest:


Step 2:

Identify the upper and the lower extremes or the limits of the dataset.

The lower extreme: The lower extreme or the smallest value in “5” in this example

The upper extreme: The upper extreme value is 32 in our dataset.

Step 3:

Identify the median, or the middle of dataset, In our example the median values is “17”

Step 4:

Identify the median of lower and upper quartiles of the dataset. For finding the lower and upper quartile start splitting the dataset from the median into the lower and the upper regions.

In our dataset the median of the upper quartile is 20 and the maiden of lower quartile is 10.

Step 5:

Create a box and whisker plot:

Ascending Order: 5 , 10 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 20 , 32 ,
Descending Order: 32 , 20 , 18 , 17 , 16 , 10 , 5 ,
Maximum Number: 32
Minimum Number: 5
Third Quartile: 20.0
First Quartile: 10.0
Median: 18

Graphical Representation of the Box Plot:Graphical representation of the box plot

The first step in constructing a box and whisker plot is to find the median, the lower quartile(Q1) then the upper quartile (Q2) of a given set of data.Then you need to find the interquartile range or the (IQR).

The (IQR) is the difference between the lower and the upper quartile. The box and whisker plot calculator can be used to find the IQR and the upper and the lower quartile.

Working of Box and Whisker Plot Calculator:

The boxplot calculator require the following input values:


  • Enter  the range of dataset
  • Press the calculate button to find box plot


  • The minimum,maximum, median of lower and upper quartile
  • The graphical presentation of the box plot 


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