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Box Plot Calculator

Enter the dataset values into this box plot generator, and click “Calculate” to create your box and whisker plot statistically.

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Box Plot Calculator: Make Box and Whisker Plot 

This boxplot calculator generates the visual box-whisker plot representation of the given dataset values. It makes the plot by pin-point five different statistical parameters such as (minimum, maximum, first quartile Q1, median Q2, and third quartile Q3)

What is a Box Plot?

“A box and whisker plot is a graphical representation that summarizes a set of data. It can be displayed along the number line, horizontally, or vertically”

The plot is a straight-forward way to compare the distribution of different data sets by representing the values side-by-side on a single graph. The box and whisker plot generator is the best tool that makes insightful comparisons and visualizes your data distribution. 


  • Comparing the test scores across different classrooms
  • Age distribution across the various departments in a company 
  • Height variation of multiple plant species 
  • Information from before and after a change in the process


Box-and-Whisker Plot Components:

This graph comes from the five statistical terms below:

  • Minimum value: Smallest value in the dataset
  • Maximum value: Highest value in the dataset 
  • First quartile: Value that separates the lowest 25% of data points
  • Median quartile: The middle value in the given set of data 
  • Third quartile: Value that separates the highest 75% of data points

How to Make a Box & Whisker Plot?

  • Arrange your given data set values
  • Calculate the five number summary
  • Draw the number line and label the axis
  • Create a box connecting the quartiles
  • Find the interquartile range and draw the whiskers
  • Plot the outliers beyond the ends of the whiskers

Solved Example (Step-by-Step):

Let us suppose a dataset that is given as follows. So make a boxplot of this given set of values. Data set = 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5

Steps to Create a Box Plot

# 1: Order the dataset

The given values are already arranged in ascending order 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5 

# 2: Find the 5 number summary

Maximum Number 5
Minimum Number 1
First Quartile 2.5
Median 4
Third Quartile 5.0

# 3: Draw, label, and create a box 

whisker and box plot

Rather than sketching the plot manually, our online box and whisker plot maker is a valuable tool that takes a matter of seconds to show a graphical analysis of your dataset.

How to Read a Box Plot?

In the box and whisker plot:

  • The box shows 50% of the data known as the interquartile range
  • The left side of the plot shows the first quartile 'Q1'
  • The right side of the boxplot indicates the third quartile 'Q3'
  • The verticle line inside the box is the median 'Q2'. Sometimes, it is also indicated by the dots or cross
  • There are two lines outside the box known as the whisker. It shows the range of the remaining data points that fall outside the middle 50%


What are outliers?

Outliers are data points that fall significantly outside the whiskers, typically beyond 1.5 times the IQR from the quartiles. 

How many data values can I enter in the box plot calculator?

You can enter unlimited numeric values in this box and whisker plot calculator. 

What do the whiskers show?

The whiskers extend from the outside of the box and go from minimum to lower quartile and maximum to upper quartile.

How many data points for a boxplot?

  • Minimum 
  • Maximum 
  • First quartile Q1 
  • Median Q2
  • Third quartile Q3


BBC Bitesize: Box and whisker plot

Khan Academy: Reading and Constructing a box plot 

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